Summary of activity for year 2005

All these summaries have been generated based on information provided by the VQLog program.


After having rebuild the 144 MHz EME array of 8 antennas by the end of 2004 this year I have mainly concentrated my activity on this band and mode. I'm very satisfied with the performance of the array and it's great to be able to work single-yagi-150w stations easily via the Moon, even on random, thanks to the JT65B digital mode. I have also made some QSO on 50 MHz by Sporadic-E, but I haven't been really very active on six. The remote control PC of my HF/50 MHz station was damaged (again)  in a electric storm in summer and this has also prevented me from being QRV on those bands in the second half of the year. I have beaten my personal terrestrial distance record on two meters thanks to a 2951 km. sporadic-E QSO with US5II (KN88wa). I have also made my longest 2m. EME QSO with ZL1IU RF64VF (19089 km). Additionally I have also made my first EME QSO on 70 cm with HB9Q using a single 21 elem. Yagi and 100w.     

Squares worked on 144 MHz

Squares worked on 144 MHz via Sporadic-E

Squares worked on 144 MHz via Tropo

Squares worked on 50 MHz

Squares worked on 432 MHz

Squares worked on 1296 MHz

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