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Thanks to the data collected by DXMAPS in its VHF and UHF QSO database, now you can receive by E-Mail personalized alerts of the propagation openings on the bands you are interested in. Differently from other propagation alert systems DXMAPS will only send you alerts that are meaningful for you. For instance, if you whish, you won't receive sporadic-E or tropo alerts of openings that take place in another part of the continent. This is a global alert system, what means that it works either if you are in Europe, or in America, or anywhere else in the world.

As a demonstration you can see some examples of the E-Mails that DXMAPS would generate for a station located in JM19 square.

If you have already subscribed the alert system you can change your settings or unsubscribe entering below your E-Mail and your Password. If you have not subscribed yet you can do it easily now.

If you want to change the E-Mail address where you receive the alerts, you have to log in and unsubscribe with your old address, then subscribe again with a new E-Mail.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Subscription to propagation alerts is totally independent from DXMAPS login.  The E-Mail and password with which you subscribe don't need to be the same.  Even if you are a DXMAPS user, you will have to subscribe to the alerts before you can login here.
E-Mail:          (Read Important notices below) (I'm a new user and I want to subscribe.)
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Important notices:

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