Request a 144 MHz sked with EA6VQ

Do you have a directional antenna, a 2m SSB transceiver with 50 W output and a PC?
If your answer is YES, then believe it or not, you are capable of making a QSO with EA6VQ using the Moon as a reflector (More information).

When I'm active on 2m Moon bounce from the EME QTH I'm always calling CQ on 144.139 MHz, taking the first sequence. If you can copy  me don't hesitate to answer my CQ, or look for me in the JT65 EME chat or in the ON4KST EME chat, or contact me with Windows Messenger at, for arranging an on-line sked.

Apart from the Moon Bounce, if you are closer than 1800 km from JM19mp we could also try a Meteor Scatter contact.

PLEASE use the following form to request a sked with me on 144 MHz (I don't run skeds for the other bands so far). I will very pleased to receive your request, I will calculate the best date and time for the QSO attempt and I will answer you by E-Mail usually in less than 24 hours. If you have problems using the form below you could optionally send me an E-Mail

Your callsign:
Your name:
Your grid square: (If you don't know it, leave it blank)
Your E-Mail: (Make sure you enter it right. This will be the E-Mail address the answer will be sent to)
Your 2m. antenna:  
Can you elevate the antenna?
Your output power:
Operating restrictions:
Any other comments you would like to add:

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