Adding the DXMAPS log search script to your own pages

The online log search script is copyrighted by DXMAPS.COM, however you are granted permission to add it to your own Internet WEB pages according to the following terms:

All uses of the script are logged and monitored in order to detect abuses and misuses.

To add the script to your pages simply copy the text below and paste it in the BODY of your HTML page, just replacing the XXXXX with your own callsign.

Remember that you must copy&paste the whole text, including the copyright lines.

<!-- Online log search script . Copyright by DXMAPS.COM -->
<!-- =================================================== -->
<!-- You can add this script to your own Internet WEB pages, however using it in ANY other way -->
<!-- (in programs, applications, etc.) is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. All uses of this script are -->
<!-- logged and monitored in order to detect abuses and misuses. -->
<!-- To download the code you have to add to your pages, go to -->
<iframe name="DXMAPSls"
marginwidth="1" marginheight="1" scrolling="no" height="620" align="middle" width="500" border="0" frameborder="1" style="border-style: solid;border-color: #c8e3ff;border-radius: 10px;background-color: #ECF5FF;">
Internet browser does not admit floating frames or it's not configured to show them.

NOTICE that users of VQLog and WSJT DX Aggregator can take advantage of the real-time log update feature, that automatically synchronizes the local log with the online log in real-time.

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