First ever QSO from EA via satellite
Last update on 01/07/2016
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This is a summary of the fist-ever DXCC's worked from EA (Spain). I know the list is neither complete nor exact, but it contains the most accurate information I have. If you know of former QSO not listed here or any additional info than can help keep this listing updated please let me know by E-Mail . I need your collaboration !

Important: Only legal QSO between stations properly authorized by the government of their respective countries will be listed here. 

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I have just started collecting data. Please send me your infos of first QSO

Satellite Firsts from EA (Spain)

DXCC Country Callsign EA-Callsign Date UTC Satellite Source
3B6 Agalega & St. Bran 3B6RF EB3GEK 14-May-2001 07:29 AO-10 EB3GEK
4K Azerbaijan 4K6D EB3GEK 29-Jun-2001 18:40 UO-14 EB3GEK
4X Israel 4X6IA EB3GEK 28-Jun-2003 06:43 UO-14 EB3GEK
5B Cyprus 5B4AZ EB3GEK 2-Dec-2001 17:06 FO-29 EB3GEK
5N Nigeria 5NOEVR EB4AFK 16-Aug-2003 05:41 AO-40 EA4WT
9A Croatia 9A/DO1MDE/P EB3GEK 23-May-2003 21:36 UO-14 EB3GEK
9H Malta 9H1EJ EB3GEK 22-Mar-2001 08:37 AO-10 EB3GEK
9V Singapore 9V1XE EB3GEK 17-Feb-2001 07:10 AO-10 EB3GEK
9Y Trinidad & Tobago 9Y4AT EB3GEK 29-Nov-2000 15:12 AO-10 EB3GEK
CN Morocco CN8BO ? Between Jan-74 and Feb-75   AO-6 W7FG (CN8BO)
CT Portugal CT4KQ EA1BLA 14-May-1983 08:55 RS-7 EA1BLA
CU Azores CU2AHD EB3GEK 8-Jun-2000 12:17 UO-14 EB3GEK
DL Germany DB2FB EA1TH 25-Dec-1980 09:45 AO-8 DM2FB
EA Spain EA1KV EA1YV 7-Apr-1984 09:05 AO-10 EA1YV
EA6 Balearic Isl. EA6VQ EA1NU 1-May-1985 18:05 RS-8 EA6VQ
EA8 Canary Isl. EB8AZF EA1YV 24-Mar-1996 10:38 AO-13 EA1YV
EA9 Ceuta & Melilla EA9IB EA4CMV 12-Jun-1991 20:38 RS-10/11 EA9IB
EI Ireland EI7GL EA1AUS 17-Mar-1994 18:54 RS-12 EI7GL
ES Estonia ES1RF EB3DYS 15-Jan-1999 18:59 FO-20 EB3DYS
EU Belarus RC2WBH EA1YV 20-Dic-2000 10:13 AO-10 EA1YV
EX Kyrgystan EX8MLT EB3GEK 18-Apr-2004 06:59 AO-7 EB3GEK
EY Tajikistan EY8MM EB3GEK 27-Mar-2001 05:02 AO-7 EB3GEK
F France F1SAC EA1YV 6-Mar-1994 14:24 AO-13 EA1YV
FG Guadalupe FG5GI EB3GEK 19-Mar-2001 23:28 AO-10 EB3GEK
FP St. Pierre & Miquelon FP/N1JEZ EB3GEK 14-Jul-2000 11:54 FO-20 EB3GEK
FR Reunion Isl. FR1AN EB3GEK 22-Mar-2001 08:08 AO-10 EB3GEK
FY French Guyana FY5DG EB3GEK 13-Feb-2001 00:17 AO-10 EB3GEK
G England G6VHZ EA1BLA 23-Jul-1984 21:03 RS-5 EA1BLA
GI Northern Ireland GI0IJB EB3GEK 31-Mar-2002 21:03 UO-14 EB3GEK
GJ Jersey GJ7DNI EA4WT 18-Aug-2007 20:52 VO-52 EA4WT
GM Scotland MM1EAT EB3GEK 23-Jun-2000 11:22 UO-14 EB3GEK
GU Guernsey GU6EFB EB3GEK 13-Feb-2001 00:08 AO-10 EB3GEK
GW Wales GW8TBG EA1BLA 12-May-1985 16:07 RS-5 EA1BLA
HA Hungary HG40B EA1BLA 12-May-1985 17:57 RS-7 EA1BLA
HB Switzerland HB9RQZ EA1YV 3-Nov-1984 21:15 AO-10 EA1YV
HB0 Liechtenstein HB0/DL6NDI EA2AGZ 11-May-1991 21:10 ? EA2AGZ
HZ Saudi Arabia 7Z1SJ EB3GEK 11-Apr-2004 06:31 AO-7 EB3GEK
I Italy IW3QBN EA1YV 21-Oct-1984 21:05 AO-10 EA1YV
IS0 Sardinia IS0KEB EB3GEK 10-Feb-2002 19:34 AO-10 EB3GEK
JA Japan JA4CPY/1 EA1YV 27-Oct-1984 11:50 AO-10 EA1YV
K USA K3SZH EA1YV 21-Jun-1984 09:53 AO-10 EA1YV
KH6 Hawai NH6YK EB4GIA 12-Dec-1995 20:55 AO-13 NH6YK
KL7 Alaska KL7IYK EB3GEK 12-Feb-2001 14:48 FO-20 EB3GEK
KP4 Puerto Rico KP4E EA1YV 17-Dic-1994 20:38 AO-13 EA1YV
LA Norway LC2NBT EB3GEK 29-May-2000 12:06 UO-14 EB3GEK
LU Argentina LU1EXC EA1YV 29-Oct-1984 18:20 AO-10 EA1YV
LX Luxemburg LX2GF EB3GEK 26-May-2002 11:48 UO-14 EB3GEK
LY Lithuania LY3BH EB3GEK 31-May-2000 11:09 UO-14 EB3GEK
LZ Bulgaria LZ1JH EA1YV 3-Dic-1994 21:00 AO-13 EA1YV
OE Austria OE3APC EA1YV 27-Oct-1984 14:36 AO-10 EA1YV
OH Finland OH3KLJ EB3DYS 16-May-1998 18:03 FO-20 EB3DYS
OH0 Aland Is. OH0/VE7RKK EB3GEK 16-Jul-2002 10:22 UO-14 EB3GEK
OK Czech Republic OK2VMU EA1YV 23-Nov-1994 20:50 AO-13 EA1YV
OM Slovak Republic OM7AQ EA7PN 6-Mar-1995 21:58 RS-10 OM7AQ
ON Belgium ON1KE EA1YV 24-Jun-1984 08:30 AO-10 EA1YV
OX Greenland OX/VE7RKK EB3GEK 5-Jul-2002 19:20 UO-14 EB3GEK
OZ Denmark OZ6QX EA1BLA 14-Apr-1985 11:22 JO-12 EA1BLA
PA Netherlands PA0ADL EA1BLA 30-Jul-1984 19:57 RS-7 EA1BLA
PY Brazil PY4AJ EB3DYS 27-Feb-1998 21:46 AO-10 EB3DYS
S5 Slovenia S54G EB3DYS 4-Mar-1999 17:44 FO-20 EB3DYS
SM Sweden SK?J EA1YV 22-Oct-1984 19:03 AO-10 EA1YV
SP Poland SP5HEJ EA1YV 4-May-1996 14:25 AO-10 EA1YV
ST Sudan ST2NH EB3JT 10-Oct-2006 14:53 FO-29 EB3JT
SV Greece SV1OE EA1TH 22-Feb-1983 14:40 RS-6 SV1OH
SV5 Dodecanese SV5BYR EB3GEK 21-Mar-2001 21:10 FO-29 EB3GEK
SV9 Crete SV9FBL EB3GEK 30-Nov-2000 20:16 UO-14 EB3GEK
HZ Saudi Arabia 7Z1SJ EB3GEK 11-Apr-2004 06:31 AO-7 EB3GEK
T7 San Marino T72EB EA1YV 23-Mar-1996 11:06 AO-13 EA1YV
TA Turkey TA1D EB3GEK 30-Nov-2000 20:16 AO-10 EB3GEK
TF Iceland TF3MLT EB3GEK 25-Jun-2000 21:54 UO-14 EB3GEK
TK Corsica TK1CX EB3GEK 1-Dic-2000 22:23 FO-20 EB3GEK
TR Gabon TR8CA EA1YV 3-May-1996 13:59 AO-10 EA1YV
TZ Mali TZ6RD EB4AFK 17-Aug-2003 02:54 AO-40 EA4WT
UA European Russia RA1ASK EA1BLA 12-May-1985 15:54 RS-7 EA1BLA
UA0 Asiatic Russia UA0FC EB3GEK 8-Nov-2001 13:08 AO-10 EB3GEK
UM Uzbekistan UM3WIA EB3GEK 13-Jun-2000 19:23 UO-14 EB3GEK
UN Kazakhstan UN3G EB3GEK 29-Nov-2000 15:52 AO-10 EB3GEK
UR Ukraine UT5UAR EB3GEK 23-May-2000 19:44 UO-14 EB3GEK
VE Canada VE6FN EA1YV 6-Apr-1996 10:38 AO-10 EA1YV
VK Australia VK3XDQ EA3RR 2-Sep-1993 01:35 AO-10 VK3XDQ
VS Hong Kong VR2XMT EB3GEK 23-Mar-2001 08:04 AO-10 EB3GEK
VU India VU2MKP EB3DYS 31-May-1999 07:48 AO-10 EB3DYS
XE Mexico XE1GRR EB3CDC 26-Sep-1992 10:12 AO-13 XE1GRR
Y2 German Dem. Rep. Y23TI EA1YV 23-Oct-1984 19:10 AO-10 EA1YV
YL Latvia YL3GDF EB3GEK 25-Feb-2003 07:21 UO-14 EB3GEK
YO Romania YO2LAM EA1BLA 28-Mar-1997 22:15 RS-12 EA1BLA
YU Yugoslavia YU2RYX EA1BLA 18-Jul-1985 11:20 RS-7 EA1BLA
YV Venezuela YV4BBK EA1YV 29-Oct-1984 08:21 AO-10 EA1YV
ZD8 Ascension Isl. ZD8DB EB3GEK 23-Jan-2002 20:32 AO-10 EB3GEK
ZS South Africa ZR6JRN EB3GEK 3-Jan-2001 14:53 AO-10 EB3GEK

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