This map of 6-July-2005 covers from 15:25z to 18:55z. DX everywhere along this day! At 15:30 a huge cloud above nortern France rises MUF over 144 MHz, 10 minutes later a second huge cloud appears above southern France. At 16:00 both clouds began to merge in a incredible one covering almost all the country. At 16:25 two new clouds appear above the Slovak Republic and western Bulgaria and at 16:50 another one at the south of Norway. At 17:10 two new clouds appear above Lithuania and Bulgaria and only 15 minutes later yet another one above nortwest Italy. Finally, at 17:45 a huge cloud formed abover northern Poland and lasting for about one hour. MUF was over 200 MHz several times and some QSO were made above 2500 Km.

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This map shows the evolution, size and MUF of the sporadic-E cloud that caused the opening on 144 MHz. and it is an estimation based on the information I have picked up here and there of QSO and reports of European stations and basically from DX-spots collected by DXMAPS. I don't claim it to be accurate but just an estimation that could help understand what happened that day.

Also please notice that sometimes you will see MUF rise very quickly.  This is because of the almost complete lack of data for frequencies between 51 and 144 MHz. that leads to shown MUF rising almost 90 MHz in one minute.  You should understand that this is not the usual behaviour of MUF, but the result of that lack of data.

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This are some of the logs received:

EA5AGR, IM88wv
Estaba en 50MHZ a las 18:00h de qso,s y tenia la radio en 144.300 tambi? en RX y y de sorpresa escucho muy fuerte a OM4EX llamado cq en 144.300 muy fuerte pero de momento se cerraba y se abr? la espor?ica y los dem? qso realizados con bastaste qsb la mayor distancia 2.302km con SP8RHP-KO10FF,continuaci? paso los siguientes qso:
15/07/2005 17:28 OM4EX JN98HN 1973 km
15/07/2005 17:28 HA6ANQ JN98WA 2034 
15/07/2005 17:30 OM3TZZ JN88TI 1897
15/07/2005 17:36 SP8RHP KO1?F 2302
15/07/2005 17:42 OE3OKS JN87AR 1760
15/07/2005 17:58 SP6IQW JO8?K 1950

This is my log of ES-opening at 6th july 2005. I?m not sure did DL5ROB get my report. My locator KP31PQ. 
1755 I4YNO JN56KP 1973km SSB
1756 I4RHP JN54QL 2176km SSB
1758 IK4ADE JN54OE 2211km SSB
1759 OE2UKL JN68LA 1767km SSB
1800 IW4EHZ JN54ML 2186km SSB
1806 IK4WMA JN54WC 2200km SSB
1811 IK4DRY JN64BL 2153km SSB
1816 DL5ROB JN68HG 1753km FM NC maybe?
1819 IW4BET JN54QL 2176km SSB
1829 DL3MAV JN57?? ?????km SSB

equipment here FT-847, 9el yagi 30m agl and 120w
73?s de OH4GGW Kimmo Kiljunen

Hola, Biel, te adjunto un resumen de las estaciones trabajadas via Es. Como ver?, todas muy localizadas, y tambi? observa lo poco que dur?por aqu?br>
Hola, Biel, te adjunto un resumen de las estaciones trabajadas via Es. Como ver?, todas muy localizadas, y tambi? observa lo poco que dur?por aqu?/p>

Fecha 060705 Gmt 16,08 PD0EBF 59/59 JO21LQ
16,09 PA3DOL 59/59 JO22MT
16,09 PA3DZL 59/59 JO21HM
16,10 PE1HWO 59/59 JO21
16,10 PD1AIH 59/59 JO21HP
16,11 ON7GB 59/59 JO21
16,11 PA5DD 59/59 JO21IC
16,13 PE1AHX 59/59 JO21
16,13 PD0RKC 59/59 JO33AD
16,13 OO6ZK 59/59 JO20KW
16,14 PA5AB 59/59 qrm, qsb, se perdi?..
16,14 PA3HHE 59/59 JO22QE
16,15 PA2KW 59/59 JO22
16,16 ON7CD 59/56 JO20CL
16,18 PA4PS 59/59 JO33GH
16,18 PA3FPQ 57/59 JO22
16,19 PA2CHR 59/59 JO22XU
16,22 OM3TZZ 59/59 JN88TI

Ver? que algunas estaciones solo pasaban los cuatro primeros d?itos del locator, normalmente eran estaciones con las que ya hab? contactado repetidas veces con ellas anteriormente. El equipo usado fue un IC 706 Mk2 g y dos antenas yagi de 9 elementos, con amplificador de 2x 4cx250, trabajando a unos 200w de salida. Esto es todo de momento, saludos cordiales.

You can help develop these maps!. After the openings, please send me your logs of 50, 70 and 144 MHz QSO via sporadic-E (Much preferably in ADIF format)

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