DXMAPS Cookie & Browser Settings

How does DXMAPS use cookies?

We use different types of cookies for different things, such as:

Read on to find out more about the different kinds of cookie we use. If you like you can turn DXMAPS cookies on or off here.

Strictly Necessary cookies

These cookies let you use all the different parts of DXMAPS. Without them services that you have asked for could not be provided.

Some examples of how we use these cookies are:

Functional cookies

These help us personalise DXMAPS to you. For instance, remembering your preferences and settings.

Some examples of these cookies are:

Performance cookies

These help us understand how people are using DXMAPS, so we can make it better. And they let us try out different ideas.
We make use of Google Analytics to analyse how people are using DXMAPS. This company may set its own performance cookies You can opt out of these cookies here.

Some examples of how we use these cookies are:

What do I need to know about cookies?

How does DXMAPS use cookies?

What cookies are used by DXMAPS?

What happens if third party cookies are disabled on my browser?

How does DXMAPS use cookies for advertising?

How can I change my DXMAPS cookie settings?

How can I stop my internet browser tracking my info?

Read the full DXMAPS Privacy and Cookies Policy

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