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3Y0J Feb 5-16, 2023HF  3Y - Bouvet AN-002 - Bouvet Island38 JD15QNFeb 6, 2023
Update February 6, 2023: The operation has begun at 1642z, Otis NP4G reports. They are on 15 SSB and 12 CW. Good luck!  Steve N2AJ, Media Officer also reported: The 3Y0J Team was able to land yesterday at the island. Eight operators plus Peter are on the island. They managed to secure the tent and camp. Due to the strong and challenging conditions, we are using two K3 radios running 100w, wire antennas, and a Honda generator. Please remember that the 3Y0J team will always be operating split. Never transmit on their frequency. We ask that people who have Bouvet ... [Read more]
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YC5YC/7 Feb 25-27, 2023HF  YB-YH - Indonesia OC-166 - Kalimantan's Coastal Is East28 Feb 6, 2023
YC5YC/7 and YB7WV will be QRV on HF bands from Maratua Island, OC-166, on February 25-27, 2023. This is mainly a POTA activation. QSL via LoTW. ... [Read more]
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9U4WX Feb 4-27, 2023HF  9U - Burundi36 Feb 6, 2023
Update February 4, 2023: DX-World publishes the following: He (9U4WX) and Elvira (9U5R) have been delayed setting up all antennas / stations by the authorities because they kept hold of some baggage. Vlad now has his, but they currently still keep Elvira’s. Today they built a monoband vertical for 40m on the seashore, but are threatened by hippos and the hotel owner did not really have an understanding about their antenna placement, especially for the 80 & 40m verticals. Beverage on ground for JA is possible to stretch out, but for EU/NA it will be a problem... [Read more]
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PJ5/W5JON Oct 25-31, 2023H/V  PJ5,6 - Saba and St. Eustatius NA-145 - Saba & Sint Eustatius8 Feb 6, 2023
PJ5/W5JON will be active from Sint Eustatius Island on October 25-31, 2023. He will operate on 80 - 6m in SSB and FT8. He will also participatge in the CQ WW DX SSB Contest in the Single Operator All Band Category. QSL direct via W5JON and LOTW. ... [Read more]
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MM0UKI/P May 26-31, 2023HF  GM, GS - Scotland EU-189 - Isle of Rockall14 Feb 5, 2023
Update February 5, 2023: Dear HAM radio friends! My name is Emil, DL8JJ, I am a keen IOTA activator and have participated in many DXpeditions. I have been part of many island activations and organised many of these myself. I am part of Rockall expedition where we plan to operate Ham Radio for up to a week using SSB, CW and FT8. Out of the three team members landing on Rockall EU189, two are radio hams, myself and Nobby, G0VJG. Nobby is also an experienced Dxpeditioner. We want to give as many amateur around the world this very rare and difficult IOTA. We will be using two s... [Read more]
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ZD7MG Feb 11-25, 2023HF  ZD7 - St. Helena AF-022 - St.Helena Island36 Feb 4, 2023
Andy, DK7MG will operate CW as ZD7MG  from  St. Helena Island  (AF-022) on February 11-25, 2023.  He also plans to be QRV as ZD7MG/p from at least one summit for the SOTA programme.  "The most promising bands for DX should be 15m and 17m during daytime,  and I will mainly use verticals", he says. ... [Read more]
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VK0AW Feb 11, 2023 - Feb 11, 2024HF  CE9/KC4 - Antarctica AN-016 - Antarctica (Main Island)39 Feb 4, 2023
Update February 4, 2023: He is new to  the amateur bands and still  inexperienced in pile-up  technique. Be patient.
Allan, VK0AW will be QRV on HF bands from Davis Base, Antarctica starting February 14, 2023. He will operate on HF Bands. QSL via EB7DX and LoTW. ... [Read more]
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V26DX Feb 9-16, 2023HF  V2 - Antigua & Barbuda NA-100 - Antigua & Barbuda8 Feb 4, 2023
Update February 4, 2023: QSL via EB7DX and LoTW.
Greg, N9GB, will be QRV holiday -style on 40-10m in CW, SSB and FT8 from Antigua as V26DX on February 9-16, 2023. He will use an OCF dipole. ... [Read more]
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K6VHF/HR9 Feb 8-15, 2023HF  HQ-HR - Honduras NA-057 - Bahia Islands7 Feb 4, 2023
Alex, K6VHF will be active again as  K6VHF/HR9  from  Roatan Island (NA-057) on 8-15 February.  He will operate FT8, RTTY  and some SSB and CW on 80-10 metres. QSL via Club Log's OQRS, LoTW,  or via home call. [TNX The Daily DX] ... [Read more]
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H44MS Feb 10-May 8, 2023HF  H4 - Solomon Is. OC-047 - Solomon Islands28 RI01HPFeb 4, 2023
Update February 4, 2023: He will upload his log to Club Log and LoTW when he returns home.
Update January 11, 2023: Michael, DL2GMI, reports that Bernhard is already in H4 and that he has a Dipole for 60m.
Bernard, DL2GAC, will be QRV in SSB and FT8 again from Manakwai village, nearby Malu’u (northern Malaita island) as H44MS from February 10 to May 8, 2023. QSL via DL2GAC ... [Read more]
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DU1/SP5APW Mar 9-26, 2023H/V  DU-DZ - Philippines OC-092 - Babuyan Islands27 Feb 4, 2023
Update February 4, 2023: To avoid problems during FT8 operation, DU1/SP5APW  will be  the callsign that Jacek will be using from both islands.
Update January 28, 2023: He will use DU1/SP5APW/p from Marinduque Island (OC-244) on 9-14 March, and DU1/SP5APW from  Calayan Island (OC-092) on 18-26 March.  He will operate SSB and FT8 on  40-10 metres, and digital on 6 metres.
DU1/SP5APW will be active from OC-092 and OC-244, sometime in March 2023. QSL via SP5APW, ClubLog OQRS and LOTW. ... [Read more]
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6Y5FS Jan 30-Mar 30, 2023HF  6Y - Jamaica NA-097 - Jamaica8 Feb 4, 2023
Neville, G3RFS has been active again as 6Y5FS from Jamaica (NA-097) since  30 January.  He will remain there for two months,  and  will operate mainly CW and some SSB.   QSL via LoTW,  Club Log's OQRS, or via G4BWP. The log will be computerised after Neville is back home. [TNX The Daily DX] ... [Read more]
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FT8WW Dec 25, 2022 - Mar 15, 2023H/S  FT8W - Crozet I. AF-008 - Crozet Islands39 Feb 3, 2023
Update February 2, 2023: The IPEV answered us. It does not object to the TAAF making an amendment so that I can resume traffic under the following conditions: Over 4 rolling weeks only the first 3 are authorized for traffic, the 4th is forbidden to me for "analysis of logs". I must provide the logs each week in a format "understandable" by their services Traffic below 14 MHz is prohibited; it seems that 10 MHz disturbs the measurements so exit 10 and 7. The conditions that were in force remain valid, namely: 5 hours per day prohibited to carry... [Read more]
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OH6NJ/8 Jul 24-31, 2023HF  OF-OI - Finland EU-184 - Oulu Province group15 Feb 3, 2023
Jarno, OH6NJ, will be active as OH6NJ/8 from Hailuoto is. (IOTA EU-184) on July 24-31, 2023. Due to other commitments the operation from Hailuoto will take place in his free time mainly on the higher bands including CW, SSB and FT8. ... [Read more]
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CY0S Mar 20-29, 2023H/V/U  CY0 - Sable I. NA-063 - Sable Island5 GN03Feb 3, 2023
Update February 3, 2023: The CY0S DXpedition received great news on Tuesday. Parks Canada - Sable Island has approved the 2M EME operation from the island. It has been many years since any EME activity has taken place from CY0. Lee WW2DX is the team's EME op and he is ecstatic about the approval and being able to give so many EME DX'ers a new one. Parks Canada conducted a frequency study and concluded that the high power levels on 2M EME shouldn't create a problem. The CY0S team also provided Parks Canada with every frequency from 1.8 MHz to Six meters that th... [Read more]