Review by DL8EBW (VHF-DX-Group DL-West)

Hallo dear VHF friends,

Gabriel, EA6VQ, one of the famous vhf-dxer our days, is the editor of the new logbook VQ log 2.0, which will be a very fine tool for all users who wants to have a good overview about their work which have been done on the different bands and modes. Of course as an vhf-enthusiast Gabriel implement all necessary tools for VHF sortings: calls, locators and countries can be sortet in case of different frequencies as well as different modes (eg. RTTY, Meteorscatter, SATs ...).

 Also he include several nice facilities for our VHF-DX-Group DL-West: there are routines for our yearly 144MHz and 432MHz activity contest (a klick and you have the result of the hole year!) as well as an routine for the (m)ost (w)anted (s)quare list! For such listings you are able to produce resultlists direct onto your screen, or into files or you can publish it as maps for EU or WW! Many more features are implemented - for eg. qsl-label print tools, adressenbook as well as converters for several other logbooks and contestprogramms.

As a special tool it is possible to use the VHF-Database of our VHF-DX-Group DL-West (tool only available after registration at VQ!) which will automaticly fill your locator-fields when input your QSO-datas as well as you have an actual overview of about 38500 calls and locators!

If you wants to receive more information about this windows-programm and its registration, please check at the homepage for further details:

Inbetween there is also a link available from our own homepage (of our VHF-DX-Group DL-West - where you find details about the activity contests, mws2000, database and many more):

So I believe you will enjoy these new tool after the first touch!

Kind regards from a real fan of these programm!  73 Guido, DL8EBW 
*            D L 8 E B W  Guido (Guy)  DL66a/JO31nf   +++++++++++++ *
*  73 de        * *  VHF-DX-Group DL-West * *              I        *
*          qrv Meteorscatter in SSB and CW (3500lpm)   VHF I DX     *
*       Editor of the "MS-Shower-List" & "VHF-DX-Database"          *
*    Every info or sked will be very welcome! Please send it via:   *
*         PR-BBS: DB0NDK.#NRW.DEU.EU  DX-Cluster: DB0NOR-9          *
* E-Mail: or  *

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