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V-UHF propagation opening
warnings by E-Mail
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These are some sample E-Mails with propagation warnings that DXMAPS would generate for a station located in JM19 square.

"Possible sporadic-E from JM19 on 144 MHz. Try towards JO47 (16º)"

"Sporadic-E opening on 144 MHz. Best estimated MUF=150 MHz above JN34."

"Tropo opening on 432 MHz up to 1122 km. between EA3ABC (JN01AA) and 9H1XYZ (JM75BB)"

"Aurora active on 144 MHz down to 45º of Lat. / F1ABC (JN05AA)"

"TEP opening on 50 MHz"

"Multihop sporadic-E opening on 50 MHz"

"F2 opening on 50 MHz"

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