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> Prop Info.WWV: SFI=152  SFI90=159 A=6(Quiet) K=1(Quiet) Aurora=14GW SWX=Quiet

Latest DX news
> Apr 12 1551z FT4GL Update April 11, 2024: This week F5TVL and F5RQQ created and tested the 160 ... [Read more]
> Apr 12 0811z OJ0T Update April 10, 2024: 16 days left until we leave! Tor, LA3WAA, h... [Read more]
> Apr 12 0810z 8Q7HZ Update April 10, 2024: After arriving at the hotel, I setup the antenna &nda... [Read more]
> Apr 12 0808z VP6G Update April 10, 2024: Whole day rain. It is causing a problem with the Hexb... [Read more]
> Apr 12 0804z FT8X_ Update April 11, 2024, by F6AJA: Thierry – F6CUK (FT8WW) and Pascal &n... [Read more]
> Apr 12 0758z 3Y0K Update April 12, 2024, by LA7GIA: Unfortunately, the financial risk for... [Read more]
> Apr 12 0755z CD0Y DL6FBL, DK9IP and DM6EE will be QRV on 160 - 6m (CW, SSB, Digital) from Easter I... [Read more]
> Apr 12 0750z MC5A Ian, G3WVG, will be QRV as MC5A from EU-124 - Flat Holm Island for the IOTA... [Read more]
> Apr 10 0857z A8OK Update April 9, 2024: Earlier today, team prepared extra RX loop for 40/30m band... [Read more]
> Apr 9 0828z A52P Update April 8, 2024: On way back to Poland from Sint Eustatius my bag was l... [Read more]

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