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> Prop Info.WWV: SFI=113  SFI90=125 A=31(Minor storm) K=4(Minor storm) Aurora=58GW SWX=Quiet

Latest DX news
> Aug 9 0854z K7K Update August 9, 2022: "Braving the constant wind and rain in the Aleut... [Read more]
> Aug 9 0851z S21DX Update August 9, 2022:  The current team consists of S21RC, S21AM and S21D, but ... [Read more]
> Aug 9 0845z PJ2/PH2M Frank, PH2M, will be QRV holiday-style on 60-6m, mainly FT8, from Curacao as PJ2/PH2M... [Read more]
> Aug 9 0841z OY/MM0NDX Col, MM0NDX, and Jonathan, MM0OKG, will be QRV from Rituvik, Faroe islands,  on&... [Read more]
> Aug 7 1809z TY0RU Update August 7, 2022: Their schedule is as follows:
  October 11th --... [Read more]

> Aug 7 1803z J38GB Update August 7, 2022: According to OPDX he will use the call J38GB. / Greg, N9G... [Read more]
> Aug 7 1759z GT3FL Members of the "Isle of Man Amateur Radio Society" (IOMARS), GT1IOM, GT3FLH... [Read more]
> Aug 7 1753z FT8W_ Update August 8, 2022: Thierry, F6CUK, reports (on the Crozet 2022 Web page) the... [Read more]
> Aug 7 1748z 4K7DK Dirk, DK1DKE, is once again active as 4K7DK from Baku, Azerbaijan, until August ... [Read more]
> Aug 7 1747z 3Y0J Update August 8, 2022:  The Amateur Radio Experimenters Group (AREG) will be hos... [Read more]

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