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> Prop Info.WWV: SFI=144  SFI90=132 A=4(Quiet) K=0(Quiet) Aurora=53GW SWX=Quiet

Latest DX news
> Dec 7 0916z 3Y0J Update December 7, 2022: By Ken LA7GIA Our camp build up plan consists of 4... [Read more]
> Dec 7 0909z S21DX Update December 7, 2022: S21DX team sent the heavy items (generator, masts, ante... [Read more]
> Dec 6 1922z VK9CVG Nobby, G0VJ, will be QRV from Cocos Keeling as VK9CVG on February 17-24, 2023. Activi... [Read more]
> Dec 6 1647z VP2V/W9DR Information from Dave, W9DR, about his operation on 6m from the British Virgin Island... [Read more]
> Dec 6 0641z ZS7ANF Update December 6, 2022: He will leave for Cape Town on December 7 and arrive to Wolf... [Read more]
> Dec 6 0637z V47JA Update December 6, 2023: New dates are January 31 to February 15, 2023. / W5JON ... [Read more]
> Dec 6 0635z FG4KH Philippe, F1DUZ, will be QRV again on HF as FG4KH from FG5FI's QTH at Sainte Anne... [Read more]
> Dec 5 0915z ZF2IT Edmondo, VA3ITA, will be QRV holiday-style from Grand Cayman as ZF2IT from December 2... [Read more]
> Dec 4 1040z LP1A Update December 4, 2022: According to 425 DX news he could use the call LP1A/E /... [Read more]
> Dec 4 1037z 5UA99WS Update December 4, 2022: He is QRV until December 20 on 80-10m in SSB / Giorgio, IU5H... [Read more]

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