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> Prop Info.WWV: SFI=148  SFI90=171 A=6(Quiet) K=3(Active) Aurora=42GW SWX=Moderate storm
            Moderate radio blackouts (R2 level) occurred in the past 24h.

Latest DX news
> Mar 30 0934z HV0A IK0FVC, I0GOJ and IS0AFM will be QRV on HF bands, only CW, as HV0... [Read more]
> Mar 30 0930z CY0S Update March 30, 2023: Both flights scheduled for a Thursday departure off S... [Read more]
> Mar 29 0908z 9X5RU Update March 29, 2023: Due to the inter-station QRM when running FT8 and FT... [Read more]
> Mar 29 0904z 8Q7MO Dejan, OE7MOP will be QRV on HF bands, in CW, SSB and RTTY (No FT8) from Su... [Read more]
> Mar 29 0859z TF/PD9DX Dervin, PD9DX, will be QRV on HF bands, in SSB and FT8/FT4, from Iceland as... [Read more]
> Mar 29 0851z RI0Z R7AA, UA7A, UA6EX and RM0F will be QRV on 160 - 10m again as RI0Z from Comm... [Read more]
> Mar 28 0933z T30UN Update March 28, 2023: Kaam, T33KC is already in Tarawa after leaving Banaba rec... [Read more]
> Mar 28 0929z H44MI Michael, DL2GMI will be active again as H44MI from Malaita Island, OC-047, Solomon Is... [Read more]
> Mar 28 0925z E6CI Update March 28, 2023: They are already QRV / Update March 26, 2023: They arrived to ... [Read more]
> Mar 28 0829z ZB2BU Update March 28, 2023: At request of several 70cm EME'ers, we will be QR... [Read more]

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