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> Prop Info.WWV: SFI=154  SFI90=161 A=8(Unsettled) K=1(Quiet) Aurora=26GW SWX=Quiet

Latest DX news
> Oct 3 1459z TX5S Update August 9, 2023: Press Release #6Clipperton Island:
Clipperton is #28 most... [Read more]

> Oct 3 0707z 8P9A Bob - GU4YOX will be travelling to Barbados for the 2023 CQWW CW contest.  ... [Read more]
> Oct 3 0658z W8S Update October 3, 2023:  The vessel that takes the W8S Team to Swains is de... [Read more]
> Oct 3 0620z 5X3K Update October 3, 2023: So far, the beverage doesn’t perform as we exp... [Read more]
> Oct 3 0616z ZD9W Update October 3, 2023: Yuris says that he will be on CW and SSB but that he sti... [Read more]
> Oct 3 0607z ZF1A N6MJ, NN1C, W9KKN, K6JO, K8PGJ, JH1NBN, K7ZO will be QRV as ZF1A from Cayman Islands ... [Read more]
> Oct 3 0602z TX6D Update October 3, 2023: They are already on the air. / Update September 28, 2023... [Read more]
> Oct 2 0826z VK9LAA Update October 2, 2023: Over 15000 QSO in the log. They continue ... [Read more]
> Oct 1 0847z T2C Update October 1, 2023: One more week until we leave – everything is p... [Read more]
> Oct 1 0840z T22T Update October 1, 2023: From now we will run no brain FT4 festival for 24h. ... [Read more]

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