SatWarn for SatPC32 (V 1.0)

This is a simple program that communicates via DDE with the excellent DK1TB's SatPC32 satellite tracking program and gives a voice warning when a satellite rises above the horizon.

You can download and use this software for free for your own private use, however please understand that I don't offer any kind of support and I don't promise to develop new versions in the future. Anyway if you have some comment you can always E-Mail it to me.

No setup is required. After downloading the file you simply have to un-ZIP it and copy all the extracted files in an empty folder (you would possibly like to name it C:\SatWarn). Then simply run the SatWarn.exe program by double clicking on it.

After SatWarn starts simply click the "Link to SatPC32" button and wait till the next priority satellite rises.  Of course you can leave the window minimized.



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