EA6VQ's EME array destroyed in winter-2001 storms

You can also see the 8 x 17 M2 antennas before the storm...and the setup of the new array in 2004

My EME array did not stand for the 140 Km/h wind storms we had in Balearic Islands in Nov.2001. One of the two masts used to support the wires that holded the 12m long and 18cm wide horizontal tower was too rusty and as a result the whole tower was bend by the wind. Fortunately the antennas themselves were not very damaged (one antenna broken into two pieces and a few broken elements in the rest), so I decided to put them down for rebuilding the array in the future.

A closer look at the faulty mast that originated everything....I know now what I have to improve in the next system..

Notice the bird's nest inside the tower...hi !!

Disassembling the antennas one by one...

EA3CBH/6 and EA3CCK/6 selecting the right tools....

After removing the antennas the hardest job, putting down the central tower and elevation mechanism (about 100 Kilos).  It was necessary to cut it into 4 smaller pieces.

The antennas on floor and the job almost finished...

Believe it or not the 1/2 inch Celflex cable was not broken !!!

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