EA6VQ's reversible beverage antenna (SE <> NW)

You can also watch the setup of the new HF+50MHz tower and the other Beverage (SW <> NE)

After the good results with my first reversible Beverage oriented SW <> NE, in January 2018 I decided to install this second one to cover the direction SE <> NW. Due to the type of terrain and size of my property, as before I had to opt for a relatively short Beverage (180m long) and put it up in 3m high posts so that you can go under. As I expected from the rocky terrain it was impossible to achieve a good ground, even to stick the rods more than 50-70 cm, so later I added five 15m long radials at each end. In spite of this drawback the RX improvement is impressive and I am very satisfied with it. The antenna is in the SE-NW direction and thanks to the fact that it is reversible I can use it both to listen to eastern Africa and Indian ocean (+- 135 degrees) and to North America (+-315 degrees). As in my other Beverage I have used the kit from Remote-QTH that works nicely.

The feed point, about 170m away from the "shack". Eight 3 m high wooden posts were use, spaced 25 m.

The terminator end. Notice the gap between the trees as it was necessary to cut them partially to pass the cables through.

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