EA6VQ's EME log - 2018
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Notice: Time and exchanged reports are not shown in order to comply with ARRL requirements, so that these contacts are valid for DXCC purposes.

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Activity day: 21/Jan
JF3MKC          PM74    JT65 -20 dB     10405+- Init #1915
RX9AT           LO93    JT65 -24 dB      4417+-
JR3REX          PM74LQ  JT65 -15 dB     10386
DL5OCD          JO42XG  JT65 -19 dB      1500 Init #1916
LZ5GM           KN32RM  JT65 -21 dB      2063
DF2ZC           JO3ØRN  JT65 -16 dB      1261
DK3XT           JN49FE  JT65 -20 dB      1144
JH3AZC          PM85CC  JT65 -22 dB     10413 Init #1917
G4PLZ           JOØ2    JT65 -15 dB      1439+- Init #1918
RA6AUK          LNØ5GK  JT65 -27 dB      3108 Init #1919
EW7AW           KO54DC  JT65 -22 dB      2594
OG2Z            KP11    JT65 -21 dB      2786+- Init #1920
TA2NC           KM69HU  JT65 -19 dB      2517 Init #1921 SQR#936

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You can also look at the log of other years

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