How to make good enemies in FT8 / FT4

These are some points you should take into consideration if your aim is to make good enemies in the FT8 or FT4 modes. 

Of course, no need to say it, if your goal is the opposite and what you want is to make friends, then now you have the chance to learn how not to behave when operating in FT8 / FT4.

In how many of the above points do you feel reflected?

Don't you know what "period", "waterfall", "ALC" or "sequence" means?

I don't believe you.  Someone as clever as you surely will not try FT8 / FT4 without having a minimum knowledge of what he is doing.

Do you feel offended by what is said in this page?

This page is not intended to offend anyone in particular, but to ironically offer some tips to improve FT8 / FT4 operation. If you feel offended, I apologize, but I really think you should think about it and ask yourself why you feel reflected.


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