FSX - Setting a direct route to any destination in the GPS
Easy step by step instructions

Whenever you want to set in the GPS a direct route to a destination you want to fly to, follow the next steps:

Press the Direct Route button to start

Click the right arrow in the small knob

Using the PC keyboard type the ICAO code of the destination.
In this example we set it to the Barcelona airport (LEBL)

Press the "ENT" key

Using the right arrow of the large knob move the selection
until "Activate?" is selected. Then press "ENT"

And that's it! The direct route to Barcelona Airport
is now set in the GPS.

Now remember to set the "NAV/GPS" selector in the GPS position and
enable "NAV" in the autopilot, so that the airplane follows the route.

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Disclaimer: These instructions are intended to be used only for MS Flight Simulator X and should not be used for real flights.

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#1 - david a.mourino - 18/Jul/2018 - 11:51
i have no callsign or anything else i am reading articles to try to learn your hobby or way of life in this field i am trying to learn thank you godspeed

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