This map of 25-June-2004 covers from 08:30z to 09:48z. This was another spotty opening due to an ES cloud rising the MUF up to 144 MHz over South-Eastern France, allowing a few QSO.  There was apparently another ES cloud allowing one or two QSO between England and Portugal, but the lack of reports on the lower bands (50 MHz) points to the possibility that these QSO were actually made via MS.

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This map shows the evolution, size and MUF of the sporadic-E cloud that caused the opening on 144 MHz. and it is an estimation based on the information I have picked up here and there of QSO and reports of European stations. I don't claim it to be accurate but just an estimation that could help understand what happened that day.

Also please notice that sometimes you will see MUF rise very quickly.  This is because of the almost complete lack of data for frequencies between 51 and 144 MHz. that leads to shown MUF rising almost 90 MHz in one minute.  You should understand that this is not the usual behaviour of MUF, but the result of that lack of data.

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Logs received:

Gerhard - OE1GRA 
I am working from JN88EF with an FT817-- 5W QRP and a 5 Element Yagi vertically polarized to min imize QRM from Austrian TV-Station Jauerling on Ch2.

6m log
25/06/2004 07:50 F2FZ            JN?HC  59       59       6 m.   SSB                   534
25/06/2004 07:55 IT9JLG          JM68QA  59       59       6 m.   SSB                   912
25/06/2004 08:01 F5GTR           IN96LE  53       55       6 m.   SSB                   799
25/06/2004 08:05 Z33A            KN11GD  57       59       6 m.   SSB                  1656
25/06/2004 08:10 EH6XQ           JM19LH  59       59       6 m.   SSB                    38
25/06/2004 08:16 SV8AQY          KM?GC  59       59       6 m.   SSB                  1522
25/06/2004 08:19 EH8XQ                   59       59       6 m.   SSB                  2128+-
25/06/2004 08:28 LZ2HM           KN12QP  59       59       6 m.   SSB                  1730
25/06/2004 14:11 YO3JW           KN34CK  57       59       6 m.   SSB                  1978
25/06/2004 14:13 YO7AQF          KN24KV  57       59       6 m.   SSB                  1882
25/06/2004 14:21 EH5YB           JN?XG  55       55       6 m.   SSB                   203
25/06/2004 14:30 IZ7DTJ          JN9?J  53       51       6 m.   SSB                  1292
25/06/2004 14:52 DJ6AM           JO51JM  58       58       6 m.   SSB                  1449
25/06/2004 14:57 EH6CC           JN19IN  55       59       6 m.   SSB                  1103
25/06/2004 14:59 PE1DWA          JO22FB  59       59       6 m.   SSB                  1385
25/06/2004 15:03 PH2M            JO22HC  53       57       6 m.   SSB                  1390
25/06/2004 17:11 UW1GG           KN66HH  55       58       6 m.   SSB                  2501

You can help develop these maps!. After the openings, please send me your logs of 50, 70 and 144 MHz QSO via sporadic-E (Much preferably in ADIF format)

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