This map from 16-May-2004 covers from 11:05z to 12:09z. This was the first important opening of the season, with a good ES cloud over western Ukraine with MUF over 144 MHz for about half an hour, reaching a maximum MUF of 178 MHz.

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It shows the evolution, size and MUF of the sporadic-E cloud that caused the opening on 144 MHz. and it is an estimation based on the information I have picked up here and there of QSOs and reports of European stations. I don't claim it to be accurate but just an estimation that could help understand what happened that day.

Also please notice that sometimes you will see MUF rise very quickly.  This is because of the almost complete lack of data for frequencies between 51 and 144 MHz. that leads to shown MUF rising almost 90 MHz in one minute.  You should understand that this is not the usual behaviour of MUF, but the result of the lack of data mentioned above.

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Data from the closest ionosonde station (Institute of Atmospheric Physics in  JO70 / Czech Republic)

This sequence of ionograms covers from 11:00 to 12:15z at 15 minutes intervals. There is not real indication of ES (Possibly too far away from the ES cloud), but it's curious to notice the change in the E region (the bend at 100 km of height) from the ionograms from 11:15 to 11:30, matching the begining of the 144 MHz opening.

Logs received:

G8AZA - IO94tf

For information a short E's opening (50 MHz) in late afternoon on 16th and 17th May into NE England My QRA is IO94TF.
GMT 1643 EH7BYM  54/55 IM75UM
        1644 IK4QJF/4  59/57 JN44TM
        1647 IK5RLP     59/59 JN52LR
GMT 1638 LY1CX      55/58 KO25NM
Rig here 10w to 4el yagi.

OE1GRA - JN88ef

Gerhad has kindly submitted his 6m log for years 2003/2004. Too long to be shown here but very useful for analysis. He also comments:

I an working from JN88EF with an FT817-- 5W QRP and a 5 Element Yagi vertically polarized to min imize QRM from Austrian TV-Station Jauerling on Ch2. OE1GRA (= 2nd QTH of OE3GRA in JN88AB which is my main QTH but unfortunately not allowed on 6m because of the vicinity to the TV station

You can help develop these maps!. After the openings, please send me your logs of 50, 70 and 144 MHz QSO via sporadic-E (Much preferably in ADIF format)

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