This map from 18-June-2003 covers from 17:15z to 18:48z. This was a short and spotty openning that allowed a few QSOs between DL/F/G and SV/LZ/YO. In this animation you can see that in fact there were two different scatter areas a few hundred Km. appart. There was also another openning in the morning between UA/UR and 4X/SU, but there is no animated map available because of the lack of detailed information. RZ6BU worked four SU stations on 145.500 FM. So now we know where to call when there is sporadic-E to Egypt !

This animation can take some time (minutes) to load because of its size. Be patient and wait !
If you can see the map only partially press the "Refresh" button of your browser.

It shows the evolution, size and MUF of the sporadic-E cloud that caused the opening on 144 MHz. and it is an estimation based on the information I have picked up here and there of QSOs and reports of European stations. I don't claim it to be accurate but just an estimation that could help understand what happened that day.

Also please notice that sometimes you will see MUF rise very quickly.  This is because of the almost complete lack of data for frequencies between 51 and 144 MHz. and that leads to shown MUF rising almost 90 MHz in one minute.  You should understand that this is not the usual behaviour of MUF, but the result of the lack of data mentioned above.

Use the "Stop" button of your browser to stop the animation and the "Refresh" button to run it again from te begining.

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