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DXCC   3Y - Bouvet     
IOTA   AN-002 - Bouvet Island     
Zona CQ 38
Locator JD15
Modos planificados CW, SSB, Digital
Bandas planificadas 160 m, 80 m, 40 m, 30 m, 20 m, 17 m, 15 m, 12 m, 10 m
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Update June 19: From the Intrepid-DX Group:
Since the cancelation of 3Y0J, we have been working closely with Nigel Jolly to form a new plan, with a new owner of Braveheart and a revised payment plan that enables Nigel Jolly to continue managing Braveheart and will keep it available for DXpeditions for years to come.
We are working out the details of this plan and hope to have some very positive news very soon. We have not given up!
Thank you, Bouvet 2023 Team

Update June 14: We regret to inform you of the following news.

The global pandemic has impacted the expedition charter vessel business very hard; this includes the venerable RV Braveheart which has provided outstanding safety and service to many DXpeditions. As you know, we had signed a contract with Braveheart for 3Y0J.

Today, we were informed that Braveheart will be sold. As a result, Nigel Jolly will no longer be associated with the ship, our contract with the ship has been cancelled and our deposit will be refunded. This is a very disappointing development to all involved.

At this time, we are cancelling the 3Y0J Dxpedition. We have ceased accepting donations and we will begin refunding 100% of the donations using the same method they were received, i.e., PayPal, cash or check. This process will take several weeks to sort out, so please be patient.

We wish to thank our team for putting their trust in us. We wish to thank all of the donors and sponsors that gave generously to this project. We will continue to research other ships and possibly find another suitable vessel for a future project.

Paul Ewing, N6PSE
Kenneth Opskar LA7GIA

Update June 7: What could the weather be like at Bouvet island in January 2023?

We could have longer periods of good weather with 2-18 mph (1-8 m/s), but we could also have days with 44 to 50 mph (20-22 m/s) and wind gust at 67-75 mph (30-33 m/s) that will test our equipment to the fullest. We have studied the weather statistics for a long time and have direct access to the Norwegian Polar Institute database of weather statistics:

  • Wind speed, mean last 10 minute.
  • Wind direction, general direction last 10 minutes.
  • Wind speed, maximum last 10 minutes.
  • Wind direction, general wind direction last 10 minutes with highest wind speed.
  • Wind speed, maximum 3 sec duration mean last hour.
  • We have engaged with Norwegian Polar experts that have visited Bouvet island more than 60 times (!), who have stayed at the island for long periods.

InnovAntenna will supply us with the 20-10m yagis. Their products will be wind-rated at 125 mph (well above the expected maximum wind gust). We’re very confident that these antennas will survive the harsh weather at Bouvet. InnovAntenna will supply us with spare antennas and sufficient spare parts. You should know that we’re extremely focused on all the small details that together is needed to make this trip a success.

DX Engineering will supply us with the low-band antennas where some selected antennas will be shipped to Norway for further testing during the 2021/22 season. This will be done by the LA team members, and the antennas will be exposed to high wind and cold climate conditions.

Our experienced antenna team lead by Dave WD5COV will also have all the 20-10m yagis shipped to his place for extensive testing and preparation.

We have detailed information that will make this trip a success – you should know that we are determined to go there. We’re a “young and strong” team.

So far we have raised $520,000 including the $20,000 operator fee – but we still need your support to be able to leave Cape Town. Support us by paypal: intrepiddxgroup@gmail.com

73 3Y0J team.

Update April 30: Press release II:

Bouvet is like the Mount Everest of DXCC entities. It is among the most challenging entities to activate due to significant transportation costs and personal sacrifices required by the team to make the 42 day round trip. Fortunately, Bouvet is not our first mountain. We are well prepared for this challenge.

All plans are going well. We are researching polar quality tents and equipment. We are discussing antenna specifications with various manufacturers. We will make careful choices to help us meet the demand for Bouvet contacts.

We are delighted to add a second Physician to our team. Dr. Mike Crownover-AB5EB and Dr. Bill Straw-KO7SS are both seasoned Emergency Physicians and will help the team immensely with their expertise.

Our fundraising is going very well. We have received a significant donation from our longtime friend Y. Zorro Miyazawa JH1AJT. Zorro has always been an enthusiastic supporter of our missions and his generosity is greatly appreciated.

We are pleased to announce that we will receive the ARRL’s Colvin Grant, as well as large donations from the Far East DX-ploiters Foundation, the German DX Foundation and the Twin Cities DX Association. We would love to add your Club or your Call to our sponsors pages.

This will be an arduous and expensive mission. Our budget is $764,000 USD and the 3Y0J team will fund much of this mission. We desperately need the global DX Community to support our mission and help us make this important activation of the #2 most wanted DXCC entity. It is only through this kind of support that we can achieve our mission of making 100,000 contacts or more from Bouvet.

In closing, we especially wish to thank our many Foundation, Club and Individual donors. Without this kind of support, operations to the world’s rarest entities would not be possible. Please include your call sign, mailing address and email address with your PayPal submissions. We would not want to miss QSLing with you!

You can follow our plans from our website and the 3Y0J Facebook page.

Thank you,

Paul Ewing-N6PSE Co-Leader

Kenneth Opskar-LA7GIA Co-Leader

The Intrepid DX Group Team is planning to be active from Bouvet Island, IOTA AN - 002, in January - February 2023.
Honorary Team members - LA1VC (SK), N4BQW (SK).
They will operate on 160 - 10m All modes.
Pilots -
EA5RM Chief/EU Pilot.
W6AER West Coast Pilot
W2IRT East Coast Pilot
JR4OZR JA/Asia Pilot
KM4SII Youth Pilot
HK3W South America Pilot
QSL policy:

Sponsors who donate $50 USD or more PRIOR to the DXpedition start will have their QSL card sent directly, as well LoTW confirmation.

If you sponsor us you can enter a raffle with exclusive souvenirs from Bouvet trip ++

Sponsors QSL+LoTW will have priority!

For non-sponsors (will be activated after DXped):
1.) OQRS Direct QSL+LoTW: via paypal $20

Mailed anywhere in the world unlimited number of QSOs, including LoTW.

2.) OQRS Bureau QSL: via paypal $3 (delayed at least 12 months)

Mailed anywhere in the world unlimited number of QSO, card only.

Do NOT request via the normal Bureau card services as these will NOT be answered. Only use the OQRS online service.

3.) Direct mailed cards (delayed)

Send your direct card to M0OXO with sufficient return postage via the regular Direct Mail system. Suggested minimum donation is $7 for direct mail QSLs.

Complete log will be uploaded to LoTW (delayed at least 12 months)

Information from Intrepid DX Group:
Press Release from the Intrepid-DX Group
3Y0J Dxpedition to Bouvet Island, January/February 2023

As we completed our successful VP8STI-South Sandwich and VP8SGI-South Georgia DXpeditions in 2016, we began to plan for our next Dxpedition. Our target is the Norwegian Island Bouvet. This is the #2 most wanted DXCC entity.
At this time, it gives us great pleasure to announce that we have joined forces with Intrepid Norwegian DXpeditioner Ken Opskar-LA7GIA in our quest to activate Bouvet.
Together, in January 2023, 14 men will board the Braveheart in Capetown and make the treacherous voyage to Bouvet. We will plan to spend twenty days at Bouvet and weather permitting, we plan to have 14 to 16 good days of radio activity.
This will be an arduous and expensive mission. Our budget is $764,000 USD and the 3Y0J team will fund much of this mission. We desperately need the global DX Community to support our mission and help us make this important activation of the #2 most wanted DXCC entity. It is only through this kind of support that we can achieve our mission of making 100,000 contacts or more from Bouvet.
We plan to make best use of Propagation and Modes on 10-160 meters.
We pledge to assemble the strongest team possible and to use good operating practices to optimize your ability to reach our stations. We are confident that the Braveheart crew can get us there and back safely.
In closing, we especially wish to recognize and thank the Northern California DX Foundation and the International DX Association as our premier donors. Without the support of the NCDXF and INDEXA, operations to the world’s rarest entities would not be possible.


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