C21MB (También C21AA, C21GW, C21PF, C21VA) - Noticias DX y calendario DX
Noticias DX y calendario DX: C21MB (También C21AA, C21GW, C21PF, C21VA)
Añadido/actualizado el
Indicativo(s) C21MB (También C21AA, C21GW, C21PF, C21VA)   
Fecha inicio-fin evento 04/02/2020 - 09/02/2020
Enlaces Seguimiento y estad.          Spots recientes          DX Atlas          Calculadora propagación 
DXCC   C2 - Nauru     
IOTA   OC-031 - Nauru     
Zona CQ 31
Locator RI39LL
Modos planificados CW, SSB, Digital, EME
Bandas planificadas 80 m, 40 m, 30 m, 20 m, 17 m, 15 m, 12 m, 10 m, 2 m
Fuente MMMonVHF


Update February 13: We already returned our house safely yesterday evening.
Many thanks for calling and making QSO.
We are very grad to make contact with many stations.
It had happened unexpectedly event which was the sequencer had broken in the day 2 operation suddenly.
I continued the operation by urgently enabling PTT to be turned on manually with emergency bypass surgery.
Anyway, I'm very glad that we managed well to finish the C21MB pedition safely
Again, Many thanks to all. See you again someday from somewhere.

Good Luck and very 73!   Kay  JH3AZC / C21MB

Update February 4: Regarding 2m EME, posted at MMMonVHF: Hello all, We just arrived at the hotel in Nauru due to airplane trouble.
Our schedule is 4 hours behind at this time.
We could not get the license because the ICT office was closed by off ours.
We'll go there tomorrow to get that.
Also, we can not set the antenna today, because it is heavy rain and darkoutside
We are vy sorry for your incovenience. Please wait for tomorrow

Update February 1: Regarding 2m EME, posted at MMMonVHF: "At the moment, the schedule for C2 expedition is on track.
We not get callsign C21MB with a document yet, but were able to confirming C21MB.
Kay and I leave JA on 2th Feb and we will arrive Nauru airport at 1:35 UTC 4th.
Then will take our callsign of Nauru and then go to the hotel.
We will install the antenna and equipment in the hotel for 1 to 2 hour and hope to finished about 5:00 UTC.
We are able to use WiFi at the hotel in Nauru and post on N0UK Chat if we become possible QRV doing from C2.
We plan to doing QRV from C2 Nauru from 4th to 9th moonset time.
If has QRV request additional, we are able to QRV until 10th Feb if possible.
We think that the common window is long in the W's direction.
But we are worrying about common window between EU and C2 that has very short.
We use a single pol antenna but we are able to change the antenna pol to H or V-pol from this expedition.
We will try to test changing the antenna pol for several times during C2 expedition.
We hope to work QSO with a lot of EME stations from C2 Nauru.
See you Taka, JP3EXR"

Update January 16: Important message from Kay, JH3AZC and Taka, JP3EXR about their EME activity: Our QRV of C2 Nauru start will be delayed in several hours.
Nauru airlines had flight schedule changed and we will board flight schedule was gone on the 3rd February.
We will board on the airplane from Brisbane to Nauru at 7 AM local time on the 4th next day and then we will arrive at Nauru at 1:35 PM.
We will install equipment after that but perhaps the moonrise will be faster than our equipment installation.
We will post on N0UK Chat as soon as equipment installation is finished.
Please wait for our will post on the 4th from C2 Nauru.

Update January 8: Also QRV JH3QFL, JR3CWZ, JA1PFP and JH3VAA as C21AA, C21GW, C21PF and C21VA respectively. QRV on various HF & VHF bands.

QSL via ops’ QRZ page instructions

I am planning to go to C2 Nauru with Taka JP3EXR to activate 2m EME on February next year.
Operation will be from 04 MR to 08 MS.
We have already booked flight, hotel and got Nauru visa.
License has not been gotten yet, though we requested the call “C21MB” a few month ago.
System will be same as our previous operations. Exciter: Yaesu FT817ND, PA: ITB Phoenix-1000A, LNA: Kawagoe, ANT: 2x9ele LFA
We are looking forward to seeing you from C2!
Good Luck. 73. Kay JH3AZC


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