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Fecha inicio-fin evento 11/04/2019 - 21/04/2019
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DXCC   VP2E - Anguilla     
IOTA   NA-022 - Anguilla     
Zona CQ 8
Locator FK88MG
Pagina WEB http://pa2chr.nl/News.html
Modos planificados Digital, EME
Bandas planificadas 2 M, 70 cm, 23 cm
Fuente PA2CHR & MMMonVHF
Busqueda en log  https://www.qrz.com/db/VP2EMB


Update July 22: Video available

Update May,6: Final story and results.

After a  nine hours flight from Amsterdam we arrived in St. Maarten (PJ7) on 10th of April. We stayed for one night on St. Maarten to be sure all our luggage did arrive. If something was missing, like last year in Guatemala, we had the possibility to pick this up the next day before leaving to Anguilla.

This time we were lucky nothing was missing, a good start of course.

On the 11th the ferry took us in 30 minutes to beautiful Anguilla Island.

The ferry is too small for cars so we had to take all our luggage: 7 suitcases and 2 golf bags on and off the ferry by hand.

At Anguilla we arranged a taxi and went to the government to pick up the radio licence and to a supermarket to get food etc. for coming days. After that the taxi brought us to our location in the North-east part of the island.

As soon as we arrived at the location we started to assemble one antenna for 2mtr. and used this with a portable SSB receiver to find out if there was any QRM around. Some QRM was heard from the neighbour’s house but we found a good location for our antennas.

After a few hours of work the antenna system for 2mtr. was completed and we only need to connect the transceivers and other equipment inside our temporary shack in the living room.

At home we prepared our power supplies for the PA's and transceivers to run on 110 Volts AC and all worked fine.

First signals on 2mtr. where heard on the 12th at 00:37 UTC. and until moonset we worked about 15 stations from US and JA.

Because of a small hill and some trees our moonrise was at about 12 degrees on the 12th and the European pile up started at 16:45 UTC. During this moonpass we made 85 QSO's.

During daylight on the 12th we assembled the 67el. yagi for 23cm. and mounted this in the middle between the 2 mtr. antennas. The and the party on 23cm. started on the 13th with very nice speaker copy signals up to -15dB in JT65c from HB9Q.

Within 3 hours we made 30 QSO's on 23cm. The SSPA was placed next to the antenna tripod and running about 120 Watt into the dipole.

Also 2 mtr. had a nice start but after some hours we noticed some noise-flares. Conditions were not very good on 2mtr. probably because of solar activity.

Because of the noise we decided to move our antenna system to a position with more distance from the neighbour’s house. Without success, we had even more QRM, up to 8 to 10dB. during the night and the next day we found out, with our portable receiver, the noise was coming 'out off the walls of the house'.  Maybe PLC internet?

The last possibility was moving the complete antenna to the front of the house for the last few moonpasses, almost on the main road. We had to use all our spare coax to do this, about 30 mtr. but had much better moonrise now, good to be able to work the smaller stations in Europe. But as soon as it became dark the noise was again increasing up to 10dB. But now it was easy to see the source: 2 security camera's with infrared led’s were looking direct into our antenna!

Fortunately the owner of the house, living on the first floor, was so kind to switch of these camera's. So the last moonpasses our reception was very good and we were able to work small stations on 2mtr. like RV3IG and OK1TEH both with 1 yagi. We ended up with a total of 262 QSO's on 2mtr. after being QRV for 7 moonpasses. On 70 cm. we made 39 QSO's with our new homemade 27el. Hor./ 23el. Vert. X-pol. antenna and 300 Watt at the feed. The smallest was PA5Y who is using a single 23el. on 23 cm. we made 58 QSO's, again more than expected. Smallest station as far as we know was PE1LWT with a 3 mtr. dish and 180Watt.  On 70 and 23cm. we noticed no QRM at all.

Many thanks to all our sponsors!  They will receive a direct QSL.

Thanks for the QSO's and hope to see all of you again from another DXCC.

Some pictures and all QSO's can be found on VP2EMB  QRZ page.

Best 73's,  Jos, PA3FYC and Chris, PA2CHR

Update Apr,19: Very low rx noise now from time to time ! We managed to work at least 2 single yagi stations: OK1TEH and RV3IG (2wl. 400W)

Update Apr,18: QRM at VP2EME. The main noise source are 2 security camaras with infrared systems. The houseowner was very helpful with switching them off!! A second noise was found in the electrical cabeling in the walls of the house.....but this is not very strong with our array placed on a new location. We will be QRV from moonrise at about 8 degrees of elevation in the next pass and were able to work 1 yagi stations last night. Fire up if you did not work us yet. 

Update Apr,17: We have a big amount of qrm, especially last moonpass was terrible. When we arrived we did listen with 6el antenne for noise around us and put our antenne in the best place for MR. After 3 moonpasses qrm became heavier. We took the whole arry to another place about 10 mtr. away. This helped for one day. But last moonpass was realy terrible with noise all around us peaking S5 to 8. The source is unknown, might be powerlines with possibly internet (pcl) ?? Our QTH is a very remotely place on the island and we picked this because of expected low noise.... just a few house around us.

Anyway, we will stay QRV the comming days/nights even if we can work only a few stations. Best of luck to everyone, hope the ones not worked us yet can make it through the noise. Less noise on 23cm, we worked 55 stations and are very happy with this. Also less noise on 70cm: 36 QSO s so far with one moonpass to go on 21/4. 

Best 73, Jos and Chris 

Update Apr,12: Chris and Jos arrived with all luggage save in Auguilla Island. They have build up antennas and all working. 
Starting today, but they need 15 deg elevation.

Update Apr,4: In about one  week we will travel to  Anguilla Island !

Just some info:

-  Online log, info and pictures will be on  QRZ.com:  VP2EMB
-  Some pictures at PA2CHR website

Important operation notes:

* We expect to have moonrise at about 15 degrees of elevation!

   This was a choice because the house is partly in front of our antenna if we will keep coax short.

   Short coax gives us the possibility to operate both 2 mtr. and 23 cm. at the same time.

   All the VK, JA and ZL stations can be worked only during moonset from VP2 anyway; so no problem   for them and our moonset is very good overlooking the ocean.

* If we finish the setup very fast on 11/4  we might become QRV that day on 2 mtr.

* Operation on 22/4 depends on activity, we don’t expect to be QRV that day.

* 23 cm. operation after being QRV during 3 moonpasses on this band depends also on activity.

* In spare time we plan some activity on HF bands with a High End Fed and/or dipole antenna.

Moonrise / moonset  timetable in UTC:

Day:                Date:     MR UTC:       Date:     MS UTC:     Planned band:
Thursday       11/4       15:30              12/4       04:15           Possible 144
Friday             12/4       16:30              13/4       05:15           144
Saturday       13/4       17:30              14/4       06:00           144 and 1296
Sunday          14/4       18:30              15/4       07:00           144 and 1296
Monday        15/4       19:30              16/4       07:45           432
Tuesday        16/4       20:30              17/4       08:30           144 and 1296
Wednesday 17/4       21:30              18/4       09:15           144 and 1296?
Thursday       18/4       22:30              19/4       10:00           144 and 1296?
Friday             19/4       23:30              20/4       10:45           144 and 1296?
Sunday          21/4       00:30              21/4       11:30           432
Monday        22/4       01:30              22/4       12:15           144 ???     


Please look on www.mmmonvhf.de/latest.php  and QRZ.com  VP2EMB  for latest update’s; we might not be QRV all full moonpasses all the time !

If you like to support this DXpedition please use Paypal: post@pa2chr.nl  

Best 73’s, CU soon on the moon !!

Chris and Jos

We like to inform you about our upcoming DXpedition to Anguilla Island. Call: VP2EMB Location: FK88MG Dates: 12 – 20 April, 2019 QRV on: 144 / 432 / 1296 MHz in JT65 and CW. Equipment: 144 Mhz: FT857 2 x 20el. X-pol. 16 dBd. and SSPA 432 MHz: FT857 new X-pol: 27el. Hor./ 23el. Vert. and SSPA, 400W 1296 MHz: FT857, GPS locked and transverter 67 el. 19.9 dBd. and SSPA, 150W We listen on our own echo on 70 and 23cm. and hope to be online at the HB9Q logger. Latest info can be found on: http://www.mmmonvhf.de/latest.php and: www.pa2chr.nl Online log available on QRZ page PA3FYC We will publish a timetable very soon so you can see what frequencies will be used during our stay. Basically this is the same setup as we used last year in Guatemala, see video: (Results 144: 261 QSO’s / 432: 42 QSO’s / 1296; 49 QSO’s) Only difference is a new and tested 70cm. X-pol. antenna. Fortunately we found an apartment in the quiet north part of this very exclusive ‘touristic’ Caribbean area. In case of a power failure there is a big generator waiting for us  Let’s hope for not too much QRM in this place. The total weight of our luggage is over 180 kg. which means a lot of overweight. This trip is again a big challenge and we hope for some support. If you like you can make a donation via PayPal to: post@pa2chr.nl Please don't forget to mention your call ! All sponsors will receive a direct QSL. Please spread this info to other active stations on 2 meter, 70cm. and 23cm. if possible; many thanks ! Best 73’s, Chris, PA2CHR Jos, PA3FYC


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