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Noticias DX y calendario DX: ZK3A
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Indicativo(s) ZK3A   
Fecha inicio-fin evento 02/10/2019 - 09/10/2019
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DXCC   ZK3 - Tokelau Is.     
IOTA   OC-048 - Tokelau Islands     
Zona CQ 31
Página WEB https://tokelau2019.com/
Modos planificados CW, SSB, Digital, EME
Bandas planificadas 160 M, 80 M, 40 M, 30 M, 20 M, 17 M, 15 M, 12 M, 10 M, 6 M
Fuente DX-World & OPDX
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Update October 10: The team has arrived safely in Apia, Samoa.

A person on the island is ill. So they have sent the boat there early to get this person medical help. The team has ceased operations, packed up all equipment and get on the boat because there will not be another one for ten days.

Update October 6: The team is working extremely hard to contact as many operators as possible. They have been dealing with very hot & humid conditions and strong gale force winds + severe thunderstorms.

Update October 4: The team is working hard to work as many of you as possible, most of the time there’s 8 active op’s on various bands and modes CW, SSB, FT8, RTTY & 6m EME including the 60m band.

We originally were going to utilize the Club Log Live Stream logging but due to the very expensive cost of the internet on the island, we decided not to use this feature. Logs are uploaded to Club Log once per day!

We have received some feedback on our Facebook page and by email, in relation to missing Q’s in the log – my suggestion is to work us again to be sure.

Once we have gone QRT we will put up on our website a “Log Check Request Form” so our QSL manager can check for BUSTED CALLS or CALLSIGN NOT IN THE LOG requests.

The ZK3A team would like to thank so many of you for your donations and support we have received so far.

See you all on the air!

73, Hrane ZK3A Team Leader

Update October 3: The ZK3A team will not be using the Club Log Live Stream as the internet on the island is very very expensive.
They will be uploading logs every 24hrs.

Update September 28: The advance team has completed the 40m 4 square on the beach, now for the 80m 4 square to be completed soon.

Rest of the team at Singapur airport

Update September 26: The advance team have been active on 20m only so far.
They currently have limited time on air during daylight hours as they are still setting up antennas.

Update September 25: The advance team has now arrived on Tokelau.

Update September 24: This morning the container was loaded onto the supply ship “Mataliki”. The (advanced) team have departed bound for Tokelau.

Update September 21: The advanced team has arrived in Apia, Samoa. They have rented a car and are headed to the hotel. Today (Sunday) there will be a meeting with telecom representatives to discuss details about the boat trip to Tokelau on Tuesday. Tomorrow (Monday) will be a busy day with the Tokelau customs paperwork and loading the boat with equipment and supplies.

Update September 18: The advance team consisting of Dusko ZL3WW, Adrian KO8SCA & Robert N7QT are packed and ready to depart by this weekend bound for Tokelau Islands. They will all meet in Auckland, New Zealand then across to Apia, Samoa. From there they will sail towards Tokelau Islands arriving Wednesday 25th September.

Update August 29: The ZK3A team will be on all three of the islands in Tokelau; Fakaofo, Nukunonu & Atafu.

The Amateur Radio Club in Tokelau will have callsigns for each of these islands: ZK3RF, ZK3RN & ZK3RA. Each club station utilizes electricity from the islands’ solar panels.

The ZK3A team will be donating to all three islands the following: TS-590S, Dipole for 40m & 20m, A3S and a 800w Linear Amplifier. In addition the team have shipped 3 x 6 KVA generators to be used during their activation. At the end of their time on the island, they will be donating the generators to each of the Tokelau Islands.

Update August 14: Part of the team getting together in Zaporizhia Ukraine, to discuss final planning & logistical details, for the up and coming ZK3A DXpedition in October 2019.

The meeting was hosted by UT7QF.

Update June 10: * Press Release #3 -- The ZK3A team will be setting up the following antennas.

        160m - 4sq      30/17/12 - TW33XL x2
        80m - 4sq       20/15/10 - A-3S x2
        40m - 4sq       6m - 5el yagi
        30m - dipole    Radios are 5x K3 with 5x amps SPE (sponsor)

 * Press Release #4 -- The ZK3A team announce that there will be adedicated FT8 Station running 24/7 during this activation.

 * Press Relase #5 -- The ZK3A team will also attempt Moonrise/Moonset  EME on 6m. The team will advise when they will be active on EME.

 * Press Release #6 -- The ZK3A Team can confirm that Dusko/ZL3WW, Adrian/KO8SCA and Rob/N7QT will be arriving a week early to begin the antenna and station set ups. It is anticipated that it will take at least two days to set up all the equipment and antennas. Depending on their progress it maybe possible that ZK3A is on air earlier than the initial anticipated activation date of 2nd October.

Update June 4: It’s official! The Tokelau DXpedition for 2019 has been allocated the callsign ZK3A. The license is valid from 9th May 2019 to 31st December 2019.

The team will also help ten (10) young locals in becoming Radio Amateurs and has arranged for a call sign (ZK3RT) to be granted to the Tokelau Club Station which will have equipment donated by our team.

The operators are expected to arrive before or during 29th of September in Apia, with embarkation to Tokelau Islands to take place the following morning on the 30th September 2019. There are 18 operators who will be activating this rare Pacific entity.

It has been decided amongst the ops there will be two operating camps and with concentration on the low bands. There will be an advanced installation crew that will be sent prior to the main body of operators arriving. Dusko ZL3WW, Adrian KO8SCA, and Rob NQ7T have volunteered to become the advanced installation crew.

It is highly possible that ZK3A will become active prior to 2nd October depending on how the set up is coming along. Updated team and website

Update May 14: Callsign changed from ZK3X to ZK3A

Update Jan 10: N7QT & VE7ST have joined the ZK3X team.

Update Jan 3: Website available

YT1AD, (Team Leader), UT5UY (Co-Leader), UR0MC, US0KW, UW7LL, UT8IO, UX0LL, UA2FZ, RW7K & R7KW will be active from Tokelau (IOTA OC-048) during October 1-15, 2019 as ZK3X. They will be active on all bands, 160-6m; all modes + EME. More info coming soon.


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