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Noticias DX y calendario DX: 3D2AG/P
Añadido/actualizado el
Indicativo(s) 3D2AG/P   
Fecha inicio-fin evento 13/12/2020 - 08/01/2021
Enlaces Seguimiento y estad.          Spots recientes          DX Atlas          Calculadora propagación 
DXCC   3D2 - Rotuma I.     
IOTA   OC-060 - Rotuma Island     
Zona CQ 32
Modos planificados CW, SSB, Digital
Bandas planificadas 160 m, 80 m, 60 m, 40 m, 30 m, 20 m, 17 m, 15 m, 12 m, 10 m, 6 m
Fuente OPDX & DX-World           Etiquetas: Expedición, DXCC
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Update January 25: All FT8 and CW QSO  have been uploaded to Clublog.

Update January 21: All FT8 and some CW QSO have been uploaded to Clublog. The rest of the CW contacts will be uploaded soon.

Update January 8: He will start to dismantle the station on the 12th, leaving only a multiband wire antenna until the 13th (UTC)

Update January 5: Boat schedule confirmed for the 15th, so he will start dismanteling the station on the 12th or 13th. 60m station still not set up but he will see wether it is possible in the next days.

Update January 1: The 160m inverted L is operative and Tony has already made some QSO with JA and Europe.

Update December 30: He has been receiving good DX signals on 80 and 160m. He looks forward to trying 160m for a few days.

Update December 28: The amplifer has been reparied, so hopefully Antoine will put up louder signals now. He will also try to put up an 80m antenna, and might be a 160m antenna if he can find a suitabable location for it.

Update December 27: The return boat to Fiji is on the January 10, so the operations will end on January 8.  He is running barefoot due to a failure of the amplifier.

Update December 21: Tony, 3D2AG, is once again active as 3D2AG/p from Rotuma Island (OC-060). Most of his activity has been on 30 meters FT8.

Update December 11: [Info from DX-World] I enquired again today with the shipping office and the boat is on schedule to depart tomorrow at 6pm. I assume that by the time we reach half-way to Rotuma (perhaps late Sunday) the disturbances will have passed, however I am a bit concerned about heavy seas. The generator is already loaded on the ship this afternoon, as well as some other heavier stuff. I will call again in the morning to check if there is any change in the schedule. Packing is continuing here; to make matters worse we have a widespread water cut this part of the island.

Update November 26: Departure has been set to the 12th of December, with a return (no exact date confirmed yet) around the middle of January.

With the rising SFI figures and high sunspot activity, while a low-band focus will try to be maintained, it may turn out that the higher bands (17, 15, 12, 10 and 6m) might have the most conditions.

Tony, 3D2AG, will once again visit his wife's family in December, and be active as 3D2AG/p. It is reported while there, Tony will erect a monument on the island to his son, who drowned during his last visit to the island in January this year. In his son's honor, Tony is calling this visit the "Rehanisi Memorial DXpedition". This trip will primarily be for the purpose of finalizing the tombstone memorial. He will stay on Rotuma (OC-060) until about mid-January 2021. Activity will mostly be on CW and FT8.

QSL directly to the address on QRZ.com. Please note that ClubLog is ONLY for FT8! For CW contacts, use PayPal for direct QSOs please.


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