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DX news and calendar: TO8FH
October 31, 2023
Callsign(s) TO8FH   
Start-end dates October 10, 2023 - October 22, 2023
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DXCC   FH - Mayotte     
IOTA   AF-027 - Mayotte Island     
CQ zone 39
Planned modes CW, SSB, Digital
Planned bands 160 m, 80 m, 60 m, 40 m, 30 m, 20 m, 17 m, 15 m, 12 m, 10 m
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Update October 31, 2023: Video available

Update October 20, 2023: They are QRV for another 2 days. About 70,000 QSO in the log.

Update October 17, 2023: The propagation is changing on the high bands over the Indian Ocean. We have noticed a drop in propagation for several days, whereas previously there were exceptional openings all day long until very late at night.

On the low bands, however, it is catastrophic from the beginning with a more or less significant noise level and very weak signals. Fortunately, FT8 is there to save the day a little because it would simply be impossible to hear you on CW, particularly on 160 and 80m. Last night for example, the CW operator insisted on 80m but received almost no one. By the way, we read some negative comments on the clusters, which is never pleasant, because you can be sure we would prefer to increase the number of QSOs and not give the impression of being deaf.

The good surprise comes from the 500 QSOs on 6m where we only have 50w in 25m of 5.5mm H155 coax! Regarding the antenna, we let you to discover it in the attached photos. It is a 6 element (DXBeam) suspended from branches at a height of 2.5m! We have changed its location 3 times and it is the only location where it doesn’t disturb the higher HF bands.

Although located by the sea, the land is small and the vegetation is very dense which considerably limits the possibilities. We have concentrated the lower bands verticals on the narrow beach, but it is a daily duel with the tide whose waves carry away radials and guys every night!

Update October 10, 2023: They have started the activity.

Update September 18, 2023: Preparation of equipment for TO8FH expedition ended this weekend at Radio Club de Provins F6KOP (France). Computers are up to date (thanks F1ULQ and F4DLM), bags and suitcases were completed, closed, and weighed one last time (thanks F4AJQ and F8GGV). All that remains is to prepare the list of equipment for each piece of luggage intended for Customs.

Update September 16, 2023: After the success of our satellite activity last year from D60AE where we made 660 QSOs with only 300 mW, we have decided to renew the experience from TO8FH. There has been very few satellite activities in Mayotte and to our knowledge this could be a premiere on QO-100. TO8FH will therefore be active (around 900) on the QO-100 satellite from LH27mc. We also plan to do FT8 and CW. The equipment is composed, in uplink, of a Kuhne 2424 converter + FT817, and in downlink, of a LNC10 QO-100 with a 80 cm dish + FT857. Our satellite specialist is Olivier, HB9GWJ.

Update August 24, 2023: There are other expeditions at the same time as TO8FH in October. To establish their band plan, the team took care of this already and has now published (like W8S and T2C) frequencies and recommendations 

Update August 20, 2023: Equipment preparation for the TO8FH DXpedition has begun at Radio Club de Provins F6KOP (France). It’s not all ready yet, but it’s moving forward. Thanks to F6KOP members who worked already in these preparations, especially F4AJQ, F5PBM, F4JCT, F4IEL, F5GSJ, F5GVA.

Update August 17, 2023: To benefit from a fast LoTW confirmation it has become more and more common to have to pay or, otherwise, to wait 6 months to a year (or even more). F6KOP does not support this practice. TO8FH log will be on LoTW as soon as the team return from their expedition (subject to a short delay for the usual corrections). LoTW will therefore be free and immediate for everyone.

If you want to help TO8FH, everyone is free to make a donation (without any obligation). Donors via Club log of an amount equal or greater than 6 euros will automatically benefit of free OQRS request for their direct QSL. You can also help via PayPal without asking for the QSL and you will thus appear on the list of donors on our website.

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Members of the F6KOP team will be QRV on HF Bands from Mayotte as TO8FH on October 10-22, 2023.

QSL via F5GSJ, ClubLog OQRS and LOTW.

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