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Added/updated on
February 6, 2023
Callsign(s) 3Y0J   
Event start-end date February 5, 2023 - February 16, 2023
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DXCC   3Y - Bouvet     
IOTA   AN-002 - Bouvet Island     
CQ zone 38
Grid square JD15QN
WEB page http://www.3y0j.no/
Planned modes CW, SSB, Digital
Planned bands 160 m, 80 m, 40 m, 30 m, 20 m, 17 m, 15 m, 12 m, 10 m
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Update February 6, 2023: The operation has begun at 1642z, Otis NP4G reports. They are on 15 SSB and 12 CW. Good luck! 

Steve N2AJ, Media Officer also reported:

The 3Y0J Team was able to land yesterday at the island. Eight operators plus Peter are on the island. They managed to secure the tent and camp. Due to the strong and challenging conditions, we are using two K3 radios running 100w, wire antennas, and a Honda generator. Please remember that the 3Y0J team will always be operating split. Never transmit on their frequency. We ask that people who have Bouvet already confirmed on some bands please do not work us again to allow an opportunity to many others to get Bouvet for an All Time New One. The team is thankful for all the support we have received in this adventure. Details to follow once the team finishes antenna and camp installations.

Update February 5, 2023: During the weekend the 3Y0J team has adjusted our plans. We are currently preparing this Sunday morning to land essential supplies to survive on the island, and build the camp to manage the upcoming storm predicted for Thursday. In addition, we will attempt to land radio equipment in a difficult operation during the most favorable time slots. This landing depends on the conditions at Bouvet which have proven to be very difficult. The setup is a small scale setup that, if we succeed, will possibly be extended.
More info later.

73, 3Y0J team

Update February 4, 2023:  4 team members have spent 4 days on the island under difficult conditions. All team members are now back on the vessel and everyone is safe. Bouvet has proved to be a difficult destination to activate, and the team is now adjusting our plans before we return to the island. The wx forecast for the weekend indicates a storm with 60 knot wind Sunday/Monday and depending on this storm we will assess the situation and go onshore when conditions are good. This will not be a fullscale operation as planned but a smaller setup. We have a good overview of the camp and the possibilities, and will attempt to continue building the camp. We have infrastructure on the island including access to the camp.

We will send the next update later. 73, 3Y0J team

pdate February 3, 2023: The 3Y0J Team is very busy working in very extreme and difficult conditions to transfer all the equipment and supplies from Marama to Bouvet Island. The materials must then be carried or hoisted up to their campsite at a higher elevation. The Starlink internet terminal has been disconnected. Internet communications with team members will not be possible again until the camp is established and Starlink set up. Team Co-Leader Ken LA7GIA has asked that we be patient while they work. The satellite radios are being used to coordinate activities between the camp and the boat and must be kept open for that purpose. Thank you for your understanding.

73, Steve N2AJ - Media Officer & NA East Coast Pilot - 3Y0J Bouvet Island 2023 DXpedition

Update February 1, 2023: This morning (local Bouvet time) the Marama was located near Cape Fie. This points to the team unloading the vessel and going ashore.

Update January 31, 2023 1345z: “Scouting trip is back, Marama is now moving into position to unload”

Update January 31, 2023: Ken LA7GIA tells Steve N2AJ, “We are anchored off Cape Fie. We have started the preparations for landing. Conditions are difficult, windy and rain. At early afternoon we hope the sea will be better and the wind will turn to the NW. If possible we will go onshore during the short wx window to start setting up the route to the camp. Climbing. Glacier conditions have changed. We can see the seals up on glacier."

Update January 30, 2023: The Marama has arrived at Bouvet.
LA7GIA, Ken, reports tomorrow they will asses the situation. The weather forecast does not look too good. There might be a 24 hour weather window between Tuesday and Wednesday. If the surf is ok they will attempt a landing tomorrow afternoon.
Ken reports local time is 2150 (local time) and it is past sunset. Their sunrise at Bouvet Island is 0500 local (0400Z) and they will know more by then.

They do have Starlink connection!

Update January 30, 2023: Marama is less than 100 nautical miles from Bouvet. Below you watch an interview to Ken LA7GIA by Falkland islands TV some days before departure.

Update January 29, 2023: Ken estimates Marama should arrive at Bouvet on Monday evening just before sunset. He says he anticipates a good weather window for at least two days then. The team will attempt to move the equipment and supplies onto the island using the zodiac then. They have two zodiacs. They are hoping to accomplish it in those two days.

Update January 27, 2023: The 3Y0J Bouvet Island 2023 Team really appreciates the support of the Amateur Radio community in sending Tweets to @elonmusk asking him to please make sure that the 3Y0J Team on Bouvet Island will be able to receive Starlink internet signal. If you have not retweeted my tweet and sent your own tweet to @elonmusk please do so now. Thank you!

Thanks Ray, W2RE, Lee WW2DX, & RHR for tweeting @elonmusk and sending him photos of your Starlink dish and Tesla cars too.

73, Steve N2AJ - Media Officer & NA East Coast Pilot - 3Y0J Bouvet Island 2023 DXpedition

Update January 26, 2023: Message to Elon Mask:

Dear Sir, After a grueling sailing voyage the 3Y0J Amateur Radio Team will arrive at Bouvet Island in 4 days. We need Starlink coverage! Can you make it happen? 73, Steve N2AJ/3Y0J.

Marama now 780 Nautical miles from Bouvet Island. If they maintain their current speed of 8mph they will arrive at Bouvet in four days time. 3Y0J.

Update January 26, 2023: They are about 900 miles from Bouvet and expect to arrive in 5 or 6 days.

Band Plans

3Y0J will always listen up (using split) so it will be useless to call us on our transmission frequency . Please be sure to double check your settings to make sure you are not calling us simplex.

​Always give your full callsign. Listening is the key so sure we call you before replying.

CW MAX 15 kHz split (operators chose QRG within a certain bandwidth)
SSB MAX 30 kHz split (operators chose QRG within a certain bandwidth)

Lowest 10 kHz spectrum on regular bands NO TX to allow regular DX traffic
Lowest 5 kHz on WARC band NO TX to allow regular DX traffic

We’re aware of US band plans for E/A/G/N/T

​FT8 40-10m, with focus on 20-10m yagis.

​We will transmit:

100W on FT8
1500W on CW/SSB (special permit to transmit up to)

Station system diagram and Antennas layout

​The setup consist of up to 12 stations at peak time where 8 K3s radios will be fixed to human modes SSB/CW and in addtion we will use 4 SunSDR2 DX as FT8 stations. The 4x FT8 radios can be run from one operator position, or the FT8 radios can be run from any other position individually. Hence, we can run SSB/CW simultaneously with FT8 from every operator position in simplified SO2R like mode, or one operator can run several FT8 radios in parallel from his desk.

​There will be NO FT8 robots running unattended at Bouvet, all FT8 QSOs will be initiated by a human operator clicking on the deserving callers. We have a pronounced focus on human modes so to achieve the goal of 200,000 QSOs we will minimize the downtime of all radios and run the FT8 radios 24/7, this also to maximize the ATNO. We will use the S.P.E Expert amplifier and we plan bring in total 10 amplifiers and 14 radios with us. Spares and backup has a high priority in all parts in this project, e.g we will bring with us 3 x 160m antennas, 3x80m antennas and so on and have 4xtribanders 20-10m installed.

As an RX antenna system we will use the LZ1AQ RX loop which has been tested and proves to be a good tool for us in case of in-band interference or noise. This ground independent omnidirectional loop will be located roughly 250m away from the camp and each of the 8xK3S radio will have the possibility to share the signal and listen to this loop simultaneously.

​160M BAND
160m, CW only 1500 W
1810-1820 no TX
1826.5 CW (Please note lsn UP for NA/EU and lsn DOWN for JA/VK. )
1820-1826,5-1835 CW

5351,5 to 5356 CW
5356 FT8

10100-10105 NO TX
10105-10125 CW
10131 Crozet (FT5/W)
10144 3Y0J FT8

18069-18074 NO TX
18074-18089 CW
18090 and 18107 FT8
>18120 SSB

24890-24895 NO TX
24895-24910 CW
24921 FT8
>24925 SSB

80m CW/SSB
3500-3510 NO TX
3510 and up to 3540 CW
>3600 SSB

7000-7010 NO TX
7025-7040 CW
7064 FT8
>7120 SSB

14000-14010 NO TX
14010-14040 CW
14105 FT8
14125 RTTY
>14225 SSB

21000-21010 NO TX
21010-21040 CW
21105 FT8
21125 RTTY
>21225 SSB

28000-28010 NO TX
28010 to 28040 CW
28086 FT8
>28400 SSB

Update January 24, 2023: They are about half way to Bouvet. Meanwhile they are operating with their own calls /MM.

Update January 23, 2023: I just had a very nice satellite radio meeting with 3Y0J Co-Leader Rune LA7THA. 3Y0J Chief Pilot Morten LA3MHA was in the talk group as well. The Marama is passing just to the south of South Georgia Island. They will not be stopping at South Georgia. In order to get a better copy Rune was on the deck. He said it was rainy and cold. He said everything is fine. They are sailing in a very calm sea and low visibility due to the rain at the moment. I asked if he had an estimated date of arrival at Bouvet. He said that he thought it is still a bit early to know but he suspected that it would be close to the end of the month. I asked him how the team was feeling. Rune said he thinks the team members are all doing great. He thinks all the team members are very happy with the journey. They all have slept a lot and are well rested.

I heard from 3Y0J Team Co-Leader Ken LA7GIA earlier. I had asked him if donations made now will count towards early confirmations. His response was “I don't have access to PayPal so I dont know if people are donating or not. The rules said in order to get that you needed to donate up front. If people still donate they will get the qsl. I assume OQRS we be open early March.”

Ken also said, “Not much news here. We saw an iceberg and are changing the route to a more northern one. This will add one half day but is much safer. The route is assessed by a professional navigator working onshore. He advises the Captain what route to choose. He provides us with the waypoints we should go to. The guys are chiliing, sleeping, eating and discussing. It’s about 1,500 nautical miles to 3Y.” Ken also thinks they will arrive at Bouvet around January 30th.

Someone asked if there were enough bunks on board Marama for everyone or do they need to sleep in shifts. I asked 3Y0J Team Member Adrian KO8SCA about that. He said, “Captain and crew have their own bunks.” I also asked Adrian how he was passing his time on Marama. He said, “The team is settling down to a daily routine. 1.5 hours, twice daily, they drive the boat and keep watch. Then there is sleeping, eating, reading, and chatting. The weather is nice, calm ocean, but low temperatures. Not too windy. No other ships have been spotted so far. We had good wind last night. The boat averaged over 10 knots. We are gaining ground towards Bouvet. Still a long journey ahead.” This was before it started raining.

The 3Y0J Team lost Starlink Internet Service a couple of days ago. So we are very fortunate to be able to communicate with them via the Icom SAT100 satellite radios and the garmin device. No photos though.

73s N2AJ.

Update January 21, 2023: The boat continues towards Bouvet at good speed. Unfortunately, they are no longer receiving Starlink internet service and they don’t know if or when they will be able to receive it again during travel, but they have other means of communication including the Icom Satellite Radios.

Update January 20, 2023: The Marama continues to make steady progress towards Bouvet. The boat’s speed has been anywhere from 7-9 mph. Unfortunately they are no longer receiving Starlink internet service and they don’t know if or when they will be able to receive it again during travel. We still have two other means of communication with the team including the Icom Satellite Radios. Cezar gave me an update on the team’s condition two days ago. He wrote again yesterday and told me it’s about the same. Most of the team is still feeling the effects of seasickness despite having taken various medicines for it. Only Peter and Cezar did not take the medicine and therefore don’t have the dizziness that seems to be associated with taking it. Bill, Axel, and Mike seem to suffer the least. The rest prefer to lay down rather than eat dinner. We are hoping that the situation improves over the next couple of days so the rest of the voyage will be more pleasant for the entire team.

Question & Answers

Q: On FT8 mode will 3Y0J be F/H or MSHV?
A: FT8 operation will always be F/H with no exceptions.

Q: Why isn't the Marama broadcasting it's position via AIS? I thought ALL vessels had to do that like airplanes.
A: “The terrestrial-AIS-based MarineTraffic system does not cover 100% of the world's seas, but only specific coastal areas where a land-based AIS receiver is installed. Wider areas are covered with the addition of Satellite-AIS. Note: The best way to track the 3Y0J Team is going to be using this garmin GPS link.

Q: Why did Marama sail to Bouvet from the Falkland Islands instead of South Africa which is much closer to Bouvet?
A: Marama is a sailboat. It uses the wind for propulsion when it can. This saves diesel fuel. The prevailing winds always blow from West to East. Bouvet is to the East of the Falkland Islands. So it makes sense to sail with the wind at your back as opposed to sailing into the wind.

An Appeal To All To Support 3Y0J:
The last item I would like to discuss with you today is making a donation to 3Y0J if you have not done so already, or making an additional donation if you have donated before, or ordering some 3Y0J Official Merchandise from one our 3Y0J Official Merchandise Suppliers. Why is this important? Because every donation you make, and every piece of merchandise you buy, helps to fund this DXpedition. Maybe you’re thinking that 3Y0J has already achieved their fundraising goal of $815,000. That’s true, but the additional funds that come in now will help to reimburse the 3Y0J Team Members for the $25,000 they each paid just to be part of the 3Y0J Bouvet Island 2023 DXpedition. Look what this team is going through to try to give us an All Time New One, a new mode, or a new band. Let’s all show them that we appreciate what they are going through for us. And besides, 3Y0J Official Gear is what you want to be wearing, or drinking your coffee from, when you work Bouvet for that ATNO. I’ve got the 3Y0J beenie hat, the tee shirt, and the 15oz corporate sponsors coffee mug. Thank you for your consideration.

73, Steve N2AJ. Media Officer & NA East Coast Pilot. 3Y0J Bouvet Island 2023 DXpedition

Update January 18, 2023: Since leaving Stanley yesterday, the 3Y0J team is progressing towards South Georgia.

Update January 17, 2023: Little after 1715 UTC the Marama lifted anchor so they are on the way to Bouvet.

Update January 17, 2023:  Technically speaking we have departed Stanley as the ropes came off at 22:56 local time (01:56 UTC). We will stay anchored and then continue to Bouvet tomorrow. WX forecast is 4 days with calm seas to South Georgia. 73 LA7GIA/3Y0J

Today was a busy day for the 3Y0J Team. The much awaited RAF flight came into RAF Mount Pleasant Base. All the missing bags and cases arrived and were accounted for. They were picked up and delivered to the boat by VP8 ham friends Sally and Chris along with their friend Kenny Laurie. They arrived at Marama with the precious cargo at 8:00pm. Sally is on a work assignment at Mount Pleasant Base and managed to work the ranks to get our gear. The team had a safety briefing with Captain Oliver and Peter. Earlier Oliver and Nina brought the team’s passports into town to the Customs Office and the team was cleared for departure. There was also some last minute shopping for some more supplies.

Now that the team has left Camber Dock, and will be departing Port Stanley Harbor for Bouvet Island in the morning, once again here is the link where you can follow the team by GPS.

To the 3Y0J Team and the Crew of Marama: We wish you fair winds and a following sea. Have a great adventure and come home safely. 73, Steve N2AJ

Update January 16, 2023: The loading fo the Marama was finished yesterday and the team is waiting for the final formalities before undocking and start sailing towards Bouvet.

Update January 15, 2023: Loading still not totally complete. Due to shifting winds yesterday, the team had to stay at anchor and not by the pier. Today (15th) all loading should be done

Update January 14, 2023: January 2023 3Y0J DXpedition to Norwegian island of Bouvet. Departure date 13th January - 44-49 days DXpedition, contracted MINIMUM 22 days at Bouvet.
Expected arrival at Bouvet island: January 26th +/- a few days.
Locator: JD15QN
Cape Fie, Bouvetøya

QSL Instructions
QSL Manager is Charles M0OXO - OQRS is via M0OXO website
3YØJ QSL policy is that NO DIGITAL QSOs (FT8 + RTTY) will be changed whatsoever, absolutely no exception.
Thus there is no need to contact our QSL manager about this.
For CW/Phone contacts there will be a "Not in log form":
''Missing Call checks to be reported by using the ''Not in Log'' form on OQRS.
Do NOT send Emails or Social Media requests to the Checkpoints or QSL Manager, they will not be answered. The ''Not In Log'' form is for your convenience and is the fastest way to get your enquiry resolved''.
Pse see our QSL policy and Sponsor benefits for upfront donations.
1.) Sponsors who donate $50 USD or more PRIOR to the DXpedition start will have their QSL card sent directly, as well LoTW confirmation.
2.) OQRS Direct $15
If you sponsor us you can enter a raffle with exclusive souvenirs from Bouvet trip ++
Sponsors QSL+LoTW will have priority!

IOTA: AN-002. Group Name, Bouvet Island.
POTA: The park has the designation LA-2524
SOTA: Olavtoppen, Bouvet Island, 3Y/BV-001.

Update January 12, 2023: The team arrived safe to the Falklands and they are having dinner on the boat. Plans for tomorrow, Friday, will be to have breakfast, unload the container, load the vessel, and purchase the remaining items they need in Port Stanley. On Saturday the Team will conduct Safety Training and then depart on their sailing trip to Bouvet Island. The Team is very excited!

Update January 12, 2023: Late yesterday the 3Y0J team were at the RAF Brize Norton Base in Carterton, Oxfordshire, UK, ready to board the airplane for Port Stanley in the Falklands. The base is about 75 miles from London, a two-hour ride with the heavy automobile traffic. Early today now, the team was on the plane, headed for the interim stop in Cape Verde to refuel. At around 08Z RAF flight RR2300 had arrived for the two-hour refueling stop. 

In the Falklands they will transfer their personal baggage and gear on the Marama ship, expecting to launch into the South Atlantic two days from now, the 14th. 

Update January 11, 2023: The day arrived when the 3Y0J team traveled to Port Stanley. They will spend 2 days packing and doing a safety course. Estimated departure January 14.

Update January 10, 2023: LA7GIA notes it's only a few days before the team begins the long trip. The team will be in satellite communication with N2AJ throughout the trip. Also in the loop will be chief pilot LA3MHA. Every day at 17Z they will speak by sat phone. Departure from Stanley in the Falklands will be "after bunkering," late evening on January 14.

Update January 7, 2023: By Ken LA7GIA:
The captain estimates the trip to Bouvet could take 11-14 days. If the team departs on January 14th, they will look to arrive sometime between January 25-28th. Probably they will spend a few days in total to go ashore and set up camp / operating area. Worst case scenario, they may have to wait one week before attempting to disembark. So, in theory, at the moment they hope to begin operations sometime between January 27th and February 4th. Vessel tracker.

Update December 24, 2022: By Ken LA7GIA:
Merry Christmas from 3YØJ team! In just 18 days we start departing for Falkland island! The team will first assemble in London where we meet our club sponsors CDXC and RSGB for dinner in the evening! On January 11th we depart from Brize Norton with RAF military flight to Port Stanley where we arrive evening of January 12th. We spend 2 days packing and will do a safety course. Departure estimated January 14th. Arrival Bouvetøya estimated 11 to 14 days later, so depending on WX expect to be QRV late January for 22 days. Our 3Y0J vessel tracker is here.

Update December 19, 2022: Today we reached 100% funding of our $715,000 budget! The 3YØJ fundraising has been extremely successful and one month before we go to Bouvet we have secured 100% financing.
This is quite amazing, and we want to thank all our upfront supporters!
- Thank you to all individuals that have trusted us with their hard earned money and supported us in our mission to activate the rare #2 DXCC Bouvet.
- Thank you to all clubs and foundations that unconditionally have supported us!
- Thank you to all the manufacturers who generously have donated equipment to us at NO cost! Without the manufacturers we would simply not be able to go to Bouvet
We are quite humbled receiving all this upfront support – and we’re really thankful seeing the trust in our team! It is only with upfront donations that such DXpeditions can take place. We have prepared the best we can and we are determined to do our best to fulfill all your expectation and make a great show at Bouvet!
Each team member have paid up to $25,000 dollar in operator fee and other expenses. Some of these expenses are not shown in any DXpedition budget but are paid by the operators to make this DXpedition happen. Not to mention the huge amount of time we have put into this. Despite we have reached 100% funding, please feel free to continue supporting us if you want to help us reducing the operator fee.
There are still advantages to you as a DXer to support us upfront. Only upfront supporters will receive the benefits of being prioritized during the QSL/LoTW process.
73, 3YØJ team

Update December 18, 2022: Tony Stefanov of LZ1JZ Qsl Print, will provide FREE QSL cards to all DXers.

Thanks for providing this service Tony!
Recent DX Spots 3Y0J

We will provide exclusive custom booklet QSL cards for our big donors > $350 (limited edition only).

Exclusive 4-sided cards for ALL other UPFRONT donors > $50

2-sided QSL cards for OQRS Direct and Direct mailed cards > $50

1-sided QSL cards for OQRS buro cards. Please note that only OQRS buro cards will be accepted, mailed buro cards will not be accepted.

73 Kenneth, LA7GIA.

Update December 7, 2022: By Ken LA7GIA 

Our camp build up plan consists of 4 distinct steps that has been matured and developed during the last 2.5 years, based on lessons learned from other DXpeditions. Lesson 1 is be prepared to go onshore Bouvet during a short WX window!! Thus, if our only chance is going onshore during a 3h wx window, we will bring our lightweight equipment in Step 1. Step 2 is defined as expanding the station setup with yagis. Step 3 is bringing on the lowband antennas, and step 4 is the final step where we complete our setup.

We have had some feedback on FT8 and the operation. Because we plan to run 12 stations at peak times going QRO on FT8 is a question about logistics, fuel and risk. A lot of amplifier failures on DXped are due to high power and human failures. Thus our setup minimize this risk by running the 4 FT8 machines as much as possible on the yagis, no setting changes allowed by operator. FT8 operator can adjust the number of streams, redirect his call to specific continents or adjust the dB level of receiving stations. The machines will be run on fixed 100W. We will start with 2 streams, and we might also go single stream. We will monitor our signal reports before an adjustment. Bringing fuel for amplifiers is also a constraint logistic wise, all fuel has to go into the zodiak an onto the shelf, please understand that this is not a fly in/out DXPed – we’re running on generators. We will on Bouvet continuously check the available fuel, we have an inline electronic metering system. Based on available fuel we can (i) increase the heat in the tent (our tent is not heated 24/7! (ii) go QRO on CW/SSB (iii) go 500W on FT8, two machines max due to power output bottlenecks (iv) start the 1000 W waffle machine..!! Please note the RF output power level are thus initial power levels during start up!

Thus FT8 QRO operation >100W is a question about logistics, power rating of the generator circuits and how to dispatch the load but also an energy constraint and amount of fuel available. Given we can handle the power output and energy constraints we will try 2x500W on FT8, that might as well include 160/80m. However, our low-band ops are likely to be able to man the 160/80 station during the 8h opening, only in the case we’re not able to man the 160/80m we will discuss to put the FT8 machines on low-band. We’re not ruling it completely out, but seeing the strong team of CW/SSB ops this is unlikely to happen, but not impossible! We have low band ops paying $25,000 to go on this trip for their lifetime 160m experience!! I personally doubt all of them will be sleeping during prime time!! You get the picture..

Update December 3, 2022: By Ken LA7GIA 

What is going on right now?

  • Clearing the punch list of 30+ items to be fixed by the team before departure. The team is focused on finalizing these items.
  • Marama punch list cleared and approved last week. Marama is currently going to Antarctica on a divers cruise and she is in perfect condition!
  • We’re finalizing the plans for going onshore. Each team member havee been allocated tasks to prepare for while going onshore. We have split the team in various working groups. Part of team focus on vessel unloading and others on beach work tasks and some on camp setup. We’re working online using a 3D model of the vessel for preparing loading/unloading sequence.
  • Marama had to undergo a vessel stability calculation based on our equipment loading. This is an important calculation considering how the load is distributed around the vessel, and our 7681 kg of loading have been approved by the Captain. This ensure the Vessel is stable on its way to Bouvet! We have developed a plan for where each single piece of equipment will be stored on Marama!
  • We’re finishing the assembly manuals and also preparing a project manual describing all parts of DXped

In one month we depart Falkland island!
Thanks to everyone supporting our adventure! We’re only $15,000 short!


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