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DX news and calendar: T31TT
Added/updated on
June 6, 2023
Callsign(s) T31TT   
Event start-end date May 31, 2023 - June 12, 2023
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DXCC   T31 - C. Kiribati     
IOTA   OC-043 - Phoenix Islands     
CQ zone 31
Planned modes CW, SSB, Digital
Planned bands 160 m, 80 m, 40 m, 30 m, 20 m, 17 m, 15 m, 12 m, 10 m
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Update June 6, 2023: nearly 60,000 QSO in the log.

Update June 2, 2023: 25,000 QSO in the log. They often operate in F/H in the standard FT8 frequencies because they say that have no takers on the special frequencies.  (May be it would have been a good idea to publicy in advance those frequencies)

Update May 31, 2023: They are already QRV from Kanton Island. So far on 20,17,15,12 and 10m. FT8 Fox/Hound only.

Update May 27, 2023: They have left Samoa and are in the way to Kanton island.

Update May 25, 2023: They have arrived in Samoa, where they will stay for two days.

Update May 22, 2023: They are sailing towards Kanton. First stop after three days is 5W, then another three days to T31. For now look for E51DOM/MM on 20m CW & SSB. 

Update May 19, 2023: Operation is already approved by ARRL. LoTW certificate in progress

Update May 8, 2023: Bula from our Pacific home-Fiji

We are on full speed with preparation before T31TT. 3 brand new generators already waiting. Whole radio and antenna equipment cleaned and checked before next hard work. Vessel already refueled for the trip.

First stop Samoa.. Quick meeting regarding another semi rare DXCC very close to 5W land (and we not talking about American Samoa 😁)

More info soon.

Update April 26, 2023: They estimate the start of operation will be around June 1, 2023 and last for approximately 10-12 days. 

Update April 17, 2023: After the T30UN DXpedition to Tarawa, W. Kiribati, the Rebel DX Group will be making a return visit to Kanton island and QRV as T31TT starting first week of June. Length of activity approx 9-10 days.

Members of the Rebel DX Group will be QRV from Kanton Island, Phoenix Islands, as T31TT for 9-10 days in June 2023.
More information later.

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