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Added/updated on
May 14, 2022
Callsign(s) VU4W   
Event start-end date May 2, 2022 - May 16, 2022
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DXCC   VU - Andaman & Nicobar Is.     
IOTA   AS-001 - Andaman Islands     
CQ zone 26
WEB page
Planned modes CW, SSB, Digital
Planned bands 160 m, 80 m, 40 m, 30 m, 20 m, 17 m, 15 m, 12 m, 10 m
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Update May 14, 2022: Over 30,000 QSO in the log. Yuris continues to be active mainly on CW & FT8, until May 16th.

Update May 12, 2022: 25881 QSOs in the log. Weather has changed again – no more sun. Locals say that monsoon period has started. Will pay more attention to lower bands next days. Propagation is not favorable for SSB.

Update May 11, 2022: 23462 QSOs in the log. Not much news. Propagation got worse – all bands sound quite empty until local noon. 

Update May 9, 2022: 17824 QSOs in the log. Propagation has changed during the last days. Upper bands are not open 24 hours a day anymore, and lower bands got more noisy. Tonight he will attempt to make some QSOs on 160m band.

Update May 7, 2022: 12265 QSOs in the log. It kept raining all day and night. Antenna SWR changed and I am receiving lower signal reports (FT8 -10..-20), so switched to single stream transmission in FT8. I often start operation on the common FT8 frequencies, then I am transmitting the new DX FT8 frequency to be used and go there, but callers are not following me.

I hope the weather and propagation will improve.

Answer to numerous emails on 2 common topics:

log checks and corrections will not be provided
eQSL service will not be used

Update May 6, 2022: 9700 QSOs in the log. It rains all the time. Today received forecast for heavy winds and rain. Probably will have to lower the Spiderbeam.
Yesterday made first 80 and 40m QSOs. Had a sked on 160m, but no success - very high local noise level.
Have lots of power outages, that explains my sudden disappearance from the bands.
Will pay more attention to low-bands in a coming days. SSB operation will not happen yet.
73s YL2GM/VU4W.

Update May 4, 2022: First 2427 QSOs uploaded to Club Log. Today, Yuris will finish low-band antenna and try to work lower bands later. One K3 transceiver was dropped while in transit and its display is damaged, so now frequency has to be set only from computer using CAT connection. Power outages happen quite frequently, and it takes time to start generators.

Update May 2, 2022: VU4W is already QRV

Update May 1, 2022: Yuris, YL2GM is in Delhi, India and should be flying to Andaman Islands this evening (local).

Update April 25, 2022: Website available

Yuris YL2GM/VU3FZC, Deepak VU2CDP and Monoj VU2CPL will be QRV on HF bands from the Andaman islands as VU4W on May 3-16, 2022. They will be using vertical antennas and amplifiers.

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