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DX news and calendar: 3D2RRR
Added/updated on
May 21, 2022
Callsign(s) 3D2RRR   
Event start-end date Unknown
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DXCC   3D2 - Rotuma I.     
IOTA   OC-016 - Viti Levu & Vanua Levu group     
CQ zone 32
Planned modes CW, SSB, Digital
Planned bands 80 m, 40 m, 30 m, 20 m, 17 m, 15 m, 12 m, 10 m
Source QRZ.COM & DX-World           Tags: Expedition, DXCC


Update May 21, 2022: "Team departed from Denarau port to Rotuma on Friday 20th morning Fiji time. Trip should take about 72h. You can call us on 14.183 to say Hi or even go to hell if you wish. Let’s make SSB great again! Radio will be permanently ON. We will use E51DOM/MM callsign during our voyage to Rotuma."

Update May 18, 2022:  “Preparations are complete. The team will head to Rotuma shortly, weather condx seem be improving.“

Update May 15, 2022: The Team is ready to set sail from Fiji to Rotuma for about a 2-week activity as 3D2RRR. We are waiting now for a suitable weather window.

3D2EZ and 3D2SP are warming up working on CW and FT8 as SO3R (single operator 3 Radios) while other team members are making progress with final preparations. The licence and permit have been issued, LoTW already received and set.

We will run 2 x CW, 1 SSB and 5 x FT8

Important note!!

We will operate WSJT-X ver. 2.5 as FOX only.

This will be an experimental FT8 activity. We will operate 2 radios on same band (ex. 14.074 and 14.080 or 18.100 and 18.095 or 7.074 and 7.056 as FOX only.

You can see multiple streams sent on both freq, same band at the same time, but you will need to operate F&H to be able to get the answer.

Other software users will need to adjust to F&H if they want to call us and get replied.

Update May 13, 2022: Some more details are made available about this operation from Rotuma, although still no dates have been given:

4 x Ops (3D2EZ, 3D2SP, 3D2USU + 1 other)
2 x CW
1 x SSB

Will operate WSJT-x soft 2.5 ver.
Will always send 73′ but only 3 times, after 3rd time we are moving to CQ call.
Will operate FT8 as FOX  ONLY  Don’t be surprised if you see our 2 signals on the same band but different freq.(for example  14.074 and 14.090 or 18.100  and 18.095 and so on)  but we will always TX as FOX.
 One operator will operate on 3-4 stations / laptops at the same time. There is no robot involved, so please stop your nonsense.
(Info for our mental illness fans…YES ! we will log our own callsign sent by you, so no worry, you will be in the log as anonymous)
LoTW will be upload same day you request on Clublog.
QSL cards will be send out together with 3D2CR, 3D2USU, 3D2DOM  cards  when we back home to Europe. Please be patient !  You will get your cards.

Freq.  for Rotuma operation:

BAND / MODE    CW    SSB    FT8 as FOX  / FT8  F&H mode as fox   / FT4
160m         1822    –      1840        / 1840                   /  –
80m          3502    3785   3.573       / 3.567                  / 3.575
40m          7002    7090   7.074       / 7.056                  / 7.047,5
30m         10106    –      10.136      / 10.131                 / 10.140
20m         14002    14190  14.074      / 14.090                 / 14.080
17m         18072    18140  18.100      / 18.095                 / 18.104
15m         21002    21200  21.074      / 21.091                 / 21.140
12m         24892    24940  24.915      / 24.911                 / 24.919
10m         28002    28440  28.074      / 28.091                 / 28.180
6m          50105    50140  50.313

A group of four operators will be QRV sometime this year from Rotuma Island. More information when available.

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