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May 12, 2024
Callsign(s) MM0UKI   
Start-end dates July 20, 2023 - July 20, 2023
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DXCC   GM, GS - Scotland     
IOTA   EU-189 - Isle of Rockall     
CQ zone 14
Planned modes Not especified
Planned bands 40 m, 20 m, 2 m
Source DX-World & OPDX & 425DXN           Tags: Expedition, IOTA


Update July 22, 2023: Nobby, G0VJG and Emil, DL8JJ  were expected to return to Rockall (EU-189)  to collect  the equipment  that has remained  there since Cam Cameron was airlifted to safety. The team actually reached Rockall on 19 July, but  weather conditions  prevented them  from landing,  and they returned to the mainland. The team will re-plan for another recover attempt.

Update July 17, 2023: Nobby, G0VJG  and Emil, DL8JJ  will return to  Rockall (EU-189)  to collect the equipment that has remained there since Cam Cameron was rescued by the Coastguard and flown back to dry land. "Weather  and seas permitting  they hope to arrive  by possibly  18 July  at the earliest,  but subject to change",  DX World  reports. "Should  the weather and  swell  conditions  around  the  islet  be favourable,  both  Nobby and Emil  will operate  as  MM0UKI  for 90 minutes each - total of three hours operating time -  on CW and SSB only"

Update June 18, 2023: Nobby plans to be QRV again for about 4-6 hours on July 20,2023 on 40 and 20m (SSB only) when he returns to the island to pick up Cam Cameron who is still in the island breaking the world  occupation record in a fundraising effort. He asks: only unique calls / QSOs this time – there’s still very many radio ops worldwide who seek to make contact with Rockall so emphasis is definitely on uniques for this new short activity. 

Update June 2, 2023: MM0UKI went QRT early today.

Update June 1, 2023: According to the infomation published by DX-World, yesterday evening they already had more than 3000 QSO in the log. 2m operation is possible today, check 144.352 MHz (MSK144) and 144.174 (FT8).

Update May 31, 2023: They are QRV on 20m CW and 40m SSB.

Update May 30, 2023: This morning (UTC) they were about two miles away from the island. All going well their first signals could be expected this afternoon.

Update May 27, 2023: DX-World publishes: There’s been a weather front in the vicinity of Rockall recently which has kicked up a swell. Having left port yesterday afternoon (local time), the team have delayed their voyage a bit so the seas calm down, and now hope to arrive Tuesday morning. They are currently off the Isle of Arran.

Update May 26, 2023: DX-World publishes: Emil DL8JJ spent his first night onboard the SV Taeping with Team Leader Cam Cameron, while Nobby G0VJG is soon on his way to Glasgow airport. A quick look at the weather charts / forecasts suggest the team really has struck gold with a high pressure basically lodged over Rockall for the coming week.

Update May 12, 2023: by Nobby G0VJG, via DX-World: 

We have had many challenges over the 2 years planning for this expedition but we are ready to go. There will be a tracker on the Taeping yacht available soon on our website. Please bear in mind once at Rockall it will take many hours to get ready to come on air;  our first job is to build the Landpod shelter. Hope to see many of you in our logs. Nick G4IWO is our pilot station. 

Update March 11, 2023: DX-World publishes the following update: The MM0UKI/P DXpedition to the Isle of Rockall is soon approaching. In just over 2.5 months from now, several intrepid souls, including radio hams Nobby G0VJG and Emil DL8JJ, will attempt to land and stay on the islet. While the main intention is to break the current world record for time spent on Rockall, and to raise as much as possible for military / navy charities, the focus of this post is more to do with the radio side of the expedition:

Nobby will be the SSB & FT8 op while Emil will run CW & FT8. Bands to be used: 40-10m (2m possibly). Radios: 2 x FT-857D (100w), back-up KX2 (10w), 2 x Spiderbeam poles (10m), generator / solar panels, MFJ-902 tuner + logging software (N1MM+ / WinTest).

Update February 5, 2023: Dear HAM radio friends!

My name is Emil, DL8JJ, I am a keen IOTA activator and have participated in many DXpeditions. I have been part of many island activations and organised many of these myself. I am part of Rockall expedition where we plan to operate Ham Radio for up to a week using SSB, CW and FT8. Out of the three team members landing on Rockall EU189, two are radio hams, myself and Nobby, G0VJG. Nobby is also an experienced Dxpeditioner. We want to give as many amateur around the world this very rare and difficult IOTA. We will be using two stations, 2 X FT857 with 100Watts and a spare KX2&IC-705 with 10 Watts via a small generator. We also have solar power for back up.

We have signed a contract with Ocean Sailing Scotland and will set sail on the Taeping Yacht on 26th May 2023. We will be sailing from Inverkip, Scotland. There is a daily rate of £1,275 per day. We expect to be at least 10 days. We expect this trip will cost in excess of £20,000.

* Callsign: MM0UKI
* The team: G0VJG, Nobby – SSB; DL8JJ, Emil – CW; Cam Cameron – HAM Radio support
* Bands: 40M-10M, 2 Stationen FT-857D 100W (spare Elecraft KX2- Elecraft and IC-705), Honda Generator, Notebooks, Vertikal Multiband antennas  & BPF.
* QSL Print – TONY, LZ1JZ (100% QSL-SPONSOR)
* QSL Manager: M0OXO, Charles

We would like to know if there is any possibility of any support with funding for this trip, any support is greatly appreciated.



Or bank account:

Emil Bergmann
PostBank Frankfurt am Main
IBAN: DE38 5001 0060 0942 3606 08

Best Regards. Emil DL8JJ

Update January 12, 2023: Contract signed – we sail for Rockall on 26th May 2023. We will do our best to give as many people as possible IOTA EU-189. (info from Nobby G0VJG via DX-World)

Update November 27, 2022: The Rockall expedition is now scheduled to leave from Inverkip Marina, Greenock, Scotland last week of May 2023. This is a charity event and the plan is to spend a week on the rock. Amateur Radio operation is planned for part of the stay.

Update May 2, 2022: Due to issues getting the correct type of vessel the operation is almost surely going to be postponed for one year.

Update December 11: Dates of the trip changed to June 6-19, 2022.

DX-World announces that Nobby G0VJG, will join a team that will attempt to land on the Isle of Rockall (EU-189), one of the most inhospitable places on Earth. Their intention is to survive on the island for one week and to raise funds for a Children’s Hospice and other charities.

He plans to be active as MM0UKI/P on 20 and 40m bands for 1 or 2 days, sometime between June 1 and June 14, 2022.

You can follow the Rockall 2022 team on Instagram and their dedicated website and donate to very good causes. You can also follow Nobby on Twitter for future updates.


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