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September 19, 2022
Callsign(s) FT8W_   
Event start-end date December 15, 2022 - March 15, 2023
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DXCC   FT8W - Crozet I.     
IOTA   AF-008 - Crozet Islands     
CQ zone 39
WEB page http://www.crozet2022.fr
Planned modes CW, SSB, Digital, Satellite
Planned bands 80 m, 40 m, 30 m, 20 m, 17 m, 15 m, 12 m, 10 m, 13 cm, 3 cm
Source DX-World & OPDX           Tags: Expedition, DXCC


Update September 19, 2022: "Arrival at St. Denis de la Réunion airport on Tuesday, November 29, quarantine for COVID from December 1 to 9 in a hotel in St Denis. Departure aboard the Marion Dufresne on the 9th"

Update September 15, 2022: It could happen that the operation has to be shortened and he has to leave in February. This is due to the interference fears that Thierry could cause to  the terrestrial magnetism measurement laboratory located on Crozet.

Update August 8, 2022: Thierry, F6CUK, reports (on the Crozet 2022 Web page) the following at the end of July: "Preparation of the 3 canteens in which the radio equipment will be shipped. Painting of the green stripes required by the TAAF to indicate the destination of the canteens. The departure for Reunion is scheduled for mid-August by boat."

Update February 14, 2022: New press release is available

Update January 23, 2022: Paul, F6EXV, informs via OPDX that the PayPal account is now active for those who would like to help fund the "Crozet 2022" operation. Thierry, F6CUK, is expected to operate from Crozet starting sometime mid-December-March 2023.
The CROZET 2022 Web page with the PayPal link is available at http://www.crozet2022.fr

Update December 6: Website is available

Update November 5: Thierry, F6CUK, informs of the restictions for this operation as Crozet island was declared protected area by the UNESCO World Heritage, what means that no operation is possible outside the Alfred Faure base and even there there are severe restrictions on the antennas that could be installed. They are working on determining the best wire antennas that could be set up. CW and SSB will be the priority. FT8 will be mostly for low bands if he can install an 80m dipole, and for far away areas (US West coast mainly). Operation on the QO-100 is also likely.

He also reminds that it will be a two month operation, so it will be time to give a new one to everybody.

Update November 2: From F6EXV (Tnx DX-World): "Crozet 2022 DXpedition is now on twitter ( @crozet2022 ). People who already want to support the DXpedition can send their donations either through Paypal (crozet2022@orange.fr) or by wire transfer. In that case, they should ask for bank details by email (crozet2022@orange.fr). Donors should indicate their callsign, and tell us if they mind us publishing it (not the amount).

A website is under construction, and will be put on the web soon. Details will be there, hopefully in French, English, Spanish, German, Japanese, and maybe Russian ! We will set the benefits of early donors, and they will be published there. Patience !"

Information from Paul, F6EXV, published at DX-World: "After many months of efforts and negotiations, the TAAF (the body in charge of the FTs administration) has granted permission for a one-man nearly 3-month operation from Crozet Island to Thierry F6CUK, from mid-December 2022 to mid-March 2023 (be patient!) Exact dates will come just prior to the operation. The last activity from Crozet was in 2009 by Florentin F4DYW as FT5WQ.

Details will be forthcoming in the next few days, weeks and months, when they become available and publishable.

Thierry F6CUK will be the operator, Paul F6EXV will be the finance/QSL manager.

Please do not try to contact either Thierry F6CUK or Paul F6EXV for the time being, there will be no reply to any messages related to this operation until further notice.

Stay tuned !"

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