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December 7, 2022
Callsign(s) 3Y0J   
Event start-end date January 26, 2023 - February 16, 2023
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DXCC   3Y - Bouvet     
IOTA   AN-002 - Bouvet Island     
CQ zone 38
Grid square JD15
WEB page http://www.3y0j.no/
Planned modes CW, SSB, Digital
Planned bands 160 m, 80 m, 40 m, 30 m, 20 m, 17 m, 15 m, 12 m, 10 m
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Update December 7, 2022: By Ken LA7GIA 

Our camp build up plan consists of 4 distinct steps that has been matured and developed during the last 2.5 years, based on lessons learned from other DXpeditions. Lesson 1 is be prepared to go onshore Bouvet during a short WX window!! Thus, if our only chance is going onshore during a 3h wx window, we will bring our lightweight equipment in Step 1. Step 2 is defined as expanding the station setup with yagis. Step 3 is bringing on the lowband antennas, and step 4 is the final step where we complete our setup.

We have had some feedback on FT8 and the operation. Because we plan to run 12 stations at peak times going QRO on FT8 is a question about logistics, fuel and risk. A lot of amplifier failures on DXped are due to high power and human failures. Thus our setup minimize this risk by running the 4 FT8 machines as much as possible on the yagis, no setting changes allowed by operator. FT8 operator can adjust the number of streams, redirect his call to specific continents or adjust the dB level of receiving stations. The machines will be run on fixed 100W. We will start with 2 streams, and we might also go single stream. We will monitor our signal reports before an adjustment. Bringing fuel for amplifiers is also a constraint logistic wise, all fuel has to go into the zodiak an onto the shelf, please understand that this is not a fly in/out DXPed – we’re running on generators. We will on Bouvet continuously check the available fuel, we have an inline electronic metering system. Based on available fuel we can (i) increase the heat in the tent (our tent is not heated 24/7! (ii) go QRO on CW/SSB (iii) go 500W on FT8, two machines max due to power output bottlenecks (iv) start the 1000 W waffle machine..!! Please note the RF output power level are thus initial power levels during start up!

Thus FT8 QRO operation >100W is a question about logistics, power rating of the generator circuits and how to dispatch the load but also an energy constraint and amount of fuel available. Given we can handle the power output and energy constraints we will try 2x500W on FT8, that might as well include 160/80m. However, our low-band ops are likely to be able to man the 160/80 station during the 8h opening, only in the case we’re not able to man the 160/80m we will discuss to put the FT8 machines on low-band. We’re not ruling it completely out, but seeing the strong team of CW/SSB ops this is unlikely to happen, but not impossible! We have low band ops paying $25,000 to go on this trip for their lifetime 160m experience!! I personally doubt all of them will be sleeping during prime time!! You get the picture..

Update December 3, 2022: By Ken LA7GIA 

What is going on right now?

  • Clearing the punch list of 30+ items to be fixed by the team before departure. The team is focused on finalizing these items.
  • Marama punch list cleared and approved last week. Marama is currently going to Antarctica on a divers cruise and she is in perfect condition!
  • We’re finalizing the plans for going onshore. Each team member havee been allocated tasks to prepare for while going onshore. We have split the team in various working groups. Part of team focus on vessel unloading and others on beach work tasks and some on camp setup. We’re working online using a 3D model of the vessel for preparing loading/unloading sequence.
  • Marama had to undergo a vessel stability calculation based on our equipment loading. This is an important calculation considering how the load is distributed around the vessel, and our 7681 kg of loading have been approved by the Captain. This ensure the Vessel is stable on its way to Bouvet! We have developed a plan for where each single piece of equipment will be stored on Marama!
  • We’re finishing the assembly manuals and also preparing a project manual describing all parts of DXped

In one month we depart Falkland island!
Thanks to everyone supporting our adventure! We’re only $15,000 short!

Update November 25, 2022: By Ken LA7GIA 

We have updated our webpage with the propagation predictions based on our actual antenna setup at Bouvet. This work has been performed in close cooperation with world leading expert Stu K6TU. See here

The key to getting realistic predictions that map to the real world is antenna modelling. Stu has done tremendous background work and research during last year where he has worked several hundred of hours by preparing the basis for these predictions. Yes, the terrain at Bouvet is challenging, and the predictions are only predictions and may vary by 1-2 S units in both directions. The Bouvet team has done the predictions ourselves by using the HFTA software and by using our subscription at K6TU website.

On our website is the predicted propagation for a big gun station with good RX – low power or small pistols will have far worse conditions. You still have time to improve your setup, maybe focus on one or two bands and I would think 20+17m is a good choice where we also will run more FT8 and where we more easily can work the small pistols.

Please visit Stu’s K6TU website if you are interested learning more about this topic. For a small annual fee you can subscribe to his services. You would also need to get a copy of the HFTA program which you can download on google for Free. Using these tools will help you as a DXer to work the DXpeditions, and also to improve your own station.

Based on all these predictions we have made the best possible choice we could for our antenna farm. We have increased the height of the yagis to 10m, and we also have brought with us 17-18m inv-V on 40/30m. As you know we have also done engineering calculations to be certain our 10m yagis can withstand the climate at Bouvet. They are all rated for 35 m/s. We also know that even small changes of the antenna location at Bouvet could impact the performance. We have done our work – now let’s see how they will perform in real life!


Update November 16, 2022: We launch a poll to prepare for not only working the Big Guns but to better understand when and if we succeed to work the small pistols.
PLEASE give your callsign or your POLL will be deleted!
Access the poll at our website Latest News | 3Y0J DXpedition
By participating in this poll you intend to provide 3YØJ with information about your station setup to aid 3YØJ to understand what your station configuration looks like. Please give as accurate information as possible. When you work 3YØJ we will get info about what category you belong to. The information will only be used to display to the operators once you work them what category you belong to - so for them to get a better view of the propagation

Update November 11, 2022: We have updated our bandplan
This will be our initial setup.
We will work closely together with our pilots and if we see that something is not working, we will do adjustments. Be rest assured that we will do these changes if needed.
(i) We will always keep lowest 10 kHz on regular bands and lowest 5 kHz on WARC bands clear to allow regular DX traffic. So you will never hear us calling CQ in that portion of the band.
(ii) CW split will be limited to 15 kHz spectrum
(iii) Phone split will be limited to 30 kHz spectrum.
Thus operator will chose a frequency within the spectrum and limit the split to max 15 kHz and 30 kHz respectively.
To note that
- 160m will be CW only.
- 80m will be CW/SSB
So no FT8 on 160/80m.
Special permit up to 1500W on CW/SSB.
RTTY will be on 1-2 bands 14125 and 21125 kHz.
CW/SSB will have priority over digital modes.
60m frequencies have been updated, potentially 60m for last few days. There is no promise for 60m but we want to do it if we can.

FT8 operation:
FT8 will be F/H only, 4 stations aimed running 24/7 with 100W.
We will NEVER transmit FT8 on regular FT8 frequencies. The 4xFT8 stations can be controlled by 1 operator, or each FT8 station can be controlled individually by an operator running SSB/CW (SO2R) mode.
FT8 will be on 40-10m running 100W, but focus on our 7 yagis 20-10m.
We have chosen FT8/RTTY frequencies that gives us better in band separation, and also so to avoid the most public frequencies that might be occupied by others DX-peditions in F/H mode.
We have agreed with Crozet that he run FT8 on 10131 and Bouvet on 10140 kHz.
We are in the process of updating our station system diagram that will reflect the possible camp build up, ie how we plan to build the camp step by step.

The detailed band plan is at https://www.3y0j.no/bandplan

Update November 6, 2022: Press Release #12 from 3Y0J team  

3Y0J DXpedition to Bouvet Island

Amateur Radio DXpeditions (ARD) is making great progress for our upcoming 3Y0J Bouvet DXpedition! With only 2 months left until we go onshore Bouvet, we approach November that will come with another major milestones for us!

1st December 2022 we will pay 30% of the vessel contract – which is a significant amount! At the same time our projected budget shows a negative balance of $35,000 indicating that we are at risk of having to increase the operator fee. The operators have already paid approximately $25,000 each on this adventure to activate Bouvet. With only 2 months to go, we critically need your support to balance the budget before our departure January 13th from Port Stanley. In worst case the operators will have to cover up the negative balance to pay the bills! Still, we’re determined to go to Bouvet! Let’s see if we can close the gap!

We have made a tremendous effort through the last 15 months to prepare for the trip. We have matured the 3YØJ DXpedition to a level we think is needed to achieve the necessary success. And we have made significant improvements the last few months to your benefit.

Amongst other, we quite recently attended a climbing course to prepare for the rough vertical 90 degree climbing to be expected at Bouvet. This knowledge will enable us to safely rescue an injured operator from the camp. Next week we prepare for attending a glacier course to train for a 300m glacier crossing at the Bouvet glacier. During the whole process since June 2021, we have engaged with an experienced Norway based Expeditioner and sailor, Peter, that has an incredible knowledge and hands-on experience in assisting Expeditions to succeed in difficult Antarctica waters! Peter is leading the zodiac operation and vessel loading. His experience is a huge benefit to us! We have engaged with former NPI employees that have visited Bouvet more than 60 times. With all these preparations, we now find us in at the end of a long marathon after 2.5 years of planning! With all the expertise on the team – we’re confident in the end-result and the team is determined to go to Bouvet!

You can trust we will do what we can to give you that much needed ATNO!

Follow our progress and plans on our website and the 3Y0J Facebook pages:


Thank you, Oslo Nov 05th 2022

Ken Opskar LA7GIA, Co-Leader 
Rune Oye LA7THA, Co-Leader 
Erwann Merrien LB1QI, Co-Leader 

Update November 3, 2022: Latest news from the 3Y0J team report that they have finished loading their container, which is due to arrive on the Falklands in the beginning of November. Check-ups of their vessel Marama has progressed further. The ship is due for an Antarctic trip before returning to Argentina around Christmas and then proceeding to Port Stanley (VP8) in January to pick up the 3Y0J crew.

Update October 29, 2022: by LA7GIA: "Last week 3Y0J team completed our 2nd vessel inspection in Itajai, Brazil! This was again an inspection done by an experienced 3rd party inspector.

Focus was on
– finalizing the vessel loading plan
– securing the loading of 6800 kg of equipment and fuel on Marama
– close the punch list from the previous vessel inspection

Everything is now ready for our arrival in VP8!!

Marama will depart from Itajai to Ushuaia next week. Then continue on a 27 day sailing cruise to Antarctica before returning to Ushuaia Dec 21st. The crew will then rest and celebrate Christmas before the 3YØJ team embark January 12th in Port Stanley."

Update October 27, 2022: 3Y0J Pilots announced:


Update October 14, 2022: 3Y0J TEAM is inviting you to an OPEN Zoom meeting.

SUNDAY OCTOBER 16th 14:00 – 1530 UTC

ANYONE CAN JOIN IN – LIMITED to 100 attendees.

CHECK-IN 1345 UTC for some DX talk!

LINK —> Join Zoom Meeting


Latest and greatest info:

(1) Project
(2) Antennas
(3) Radio setup
(4) Medical
(5) Safety
(7) Logistics/Camp build up/Operation
(8) Q&A

Update September 26, 2022: The Bouvet Nature Reserve was just added as a POTA (Parks On The Air) and as such it’s never been activated under the POTA program. The park has the designation LA-2524

Update September 25, 2022:  The team have agreed new departure date from Falkland island of Friday January 13th. The team will assemble in London prior to departure to Port Stanley. All flight tickets for the 13 operators have been booked. We currently anticipate to arrive at Bouvet January 26th +/- a few days where we have contracted a minimum of 22 days stay around Bouvet island.

Our budget has increased and is now $700,000+. Ken LA7GIA says they have received huge support from the DX community which they are very grateful for. However, the team still need roughly $35,000 to go to Bouvet and next week pay their 3rd vessel deposit. “This shows our commitment and determination to go Bouvet and activate the rare #2 DXCC Bouvetøya”, says Ken.

Please consider to contribute with a share of the vessel payment by continue supporting us via paypal bouvet@3y0j.no

Update September 10, 2022:  Ken LA7GIA writes: "The 20ft 3Y0J container has arrived at Oslo airport!! Team is busy packing the container as it’s scheduled to leave Oslo early next week and arrive in VP8 early November. We’re going through our check lists; all equipment is being weighted and measured. All content is being logged. This is an extremely time consuming activity, but we will all be rewarded when we go onshore Bouvet in 4 months time. Next up is container shipment and then 3rd vessel deposit – please consider to donate to help us reach Bouvet. During the last two weeks we have received another $20,000 in donations which we’re extremely grateful for. Thanks to everyone for supporting us!"

Update August 31, 2022:  Press Release #11

Amateur Radio DXpeditions (ARD) is making great progress for our upcoming 3Y0J Bouvet DXpedition! With only four months left until we go onshore Bouvet, we approach September that will come with two major milestones for us.

One major milestone is the shipping of the Container from Norway that is scheduled on September 18th. From Oslo the container will be shipped to Falkland Island where a team of local hams lead by Don VP8ON will make an effort to inspect the content before our arrival.

The 3Y0J team is currently busy packing all our equipment at our staging site at Oslo airport, where we for the next few weeks will finalize the packing of the equipment. This will end an extremely busy period for us.

We have been through 12 months of purchasing, assembling, testing, and packing the equipment. The team has worked hard, and ultimately shipping the container will complete this intensive period of work that will enable us to achieve our goal to activate the rare #2 DXCC Bouvetøya. Rest assured this is a well-planned DXpedition!

We have detailed out the logistic plan and have made a few changes. Among the improvements are:

​We have bought yet another outboard engine enabling us to use two zodiac boats simultaneously during beach landing to speed up the unloading of gear. In addition, we have a 3rd spare zodiac and engine. Having a pair of zodiak’s is a great advantage to us as we have developed a plan for going onshore Bouvet even for a short weather window down to 2h.

We have swapped the Yanmar generators with 5 kW Hyundai generators that will enable us to run full station setup with only 2 out of 4 diesel gens. It means that we are less dependent on a long duration of good weather to achieve a good setup.

We have carried out a risk analysis and identified 37 hazards and assessed the risk for each hazard. 10 hazards are identified as “high” risk and 17 “medium”, all which have been mitigated to an acceptable residual risk level. We have prepared a plan for rationing of food and water in case resupplies are difficult, and when we unload operators and equipment onshore Bouvet, they will be self-sufficient for 28 days without needing resupplies.

The second milestone for September is the payment of the 3rd deposit for the Marama contract. This payment is a major commitment from the team and our sponsors individual and clubs, that we together will make this happen. We thank each and every one of you who have contributed to pay a share of the vessel cost to have the opportunity to work Bouvet. We still need $70,000 to be able to go to Bouvet. If you want to see Bouvet activated, please consider to donate.

Update August 20, 2022:  3Y0J is currently staging all our 3.5 ton of equipment at Oslo airport in Norway, where within the next few weeks we will do final checks and pack all equipment. Container shipping is scheduled for mid-September. Next weekend several team members from Norway and the US will gather and go through all checklists to make sure all small items in correct place.

We have detailed out the logistic plan, and have done a few changes. Among the improvements is that we have bought yet another outboard engine enabling us to use 2 zodiac boats simultaneously during beach landing. In addition we have a 3rd spare zodiac + engine.

We have also swapped the Yanmar generators with some 5 kW QRO lightweight generators that will enable us to run full station setup with only 2 out of 4 diesel gens.

If you want to have the chance to work 3Y0J you can contribute and pay a small share of the vessel deposit by donating via paypal bouvet@3y0j.no — we still need $70,000.

73, 3Y0J team

Update August 8, 2022:  The Amateur Radio Experimenters Group (AREG) will be hosting a Zoom presentation by Adrian, KO8SCA, from his home in New York. Adrian will take us through the challenges facing the 3Y0J team and preparatory work that has been completed so far for this epic adventure. The plans for the 3Y0J DXpedition to Bouvet Island is planned for January 2023. The presentation will be held at 1030z, Friday, August 19th, and will be Simulcast live-streamed via the HRDX Youtube channel.

Update July 1, 2022:  The 2nd deposit for the Marama has been paid. The team is fully committed to go to Bouvet and activate this rare #2 DXCC. In 2 months time we ship the container and in 6 months we depart for Bouvet.

Update June 3, 2022: Press release #10

In late April we successfully conducted a 4-day vessel inspection in Brazil that ended with a very good result. The inspection was carried out by a 3rd party vessel inspector and covered more than 105 checkpoints. The vessel inspection focused on safety equipment, instruments, navigation, engines/machinery, deck, tenders, fuel&fluids, interior, and exterior. Marama is in very good condition and hence the overall feedback is positive. The vessel went through significant upgrades with regards to machinery and engines in 2021 and has since been tested for years, most lately during the previous Antarctica season. The inspection file resulted in a punch list of only a few minor items to be followed up, no major findings during the 4-day inspection.

The team is currently working on the final preparations for packing the container scheduled to be shipped from Oslo in early September. Preparing the packing and shipping the container is extremely time consuming and requires a focus on details as our more than 2 years of work now is being materialized into packing lists and labeling the equipment. Today we have finally decided our container will be shipped to Port Stanley, Falkland Island. In Port Stanley a local team of ham radio operators will assist us in receiving the container, conduct a container inspection and make sure all is OK before the team arrive in early January. To Bouvet the team will bring with us 6500 kg of equipment, which includes several tons of fuel and food. Our contract allows for 22 days on the island, but we have food for 30 days and a plan for rationing should we have to stay beyond 22 days.

At this stage all the operators have already paid their full deposit of their individual $20,000 operator fee. This is your insurance that we will do whatever we can to make this DXpedition a success. In a few weeks we will pay our 2nd vessel deposit to Marama. Ultimately this represents a huge undertaking for us financially as well a commitment to go to Bouvet and activate the rare #2 DXCC Bouvet island. With all the preparation and planning over the course of the last two years you can rely on our commitment and our determination to go onshore Bouvet in a zodiac 7 months from now.

Going to Bouvet would simply not be possibly without the support from the vendors, clubs, foundations, and individual sponsors. June 1st, we completed our budget update, and this shows we’re still missing roughly $100,000 out of our $690,000 budget to be able to go to Bouvet. As we now prepare for the next vessel deposit, we need your support to close the gap. Please consider supporting us by donating upfront.

Thank you, Oslo 3rd June 2022
Ken Opskar LA7GIA, Co-Leader
Rune Oye LA7THA, Co-Leader
Erwann Merrien LB1QI, Co-Leader

Update May 13, 2022: Video available of the presentation by Cezar VE3LYC to the Chiltern DX Club (CDXC) .

Update May 5, 2022: The 3Y0J team was busy this past week assembling tents, antennas and testing the radios. They were assembling 4 SunSDR2 DX and are mounting the Silcom masts and Innov tribander Yagis XR3. Check out the many pictures and video on the 3Y0J FaceBook page
The team still needs support for the DXpedition. Send funds via PayPal at bouvet@3y0j.no

Update April 17, 2022: Video of Adrian, KO8SCA, talking about the DXpedition

Update April 3, 2022: Press Release #9 from 3Y0J team - 3 April 2022
Today it is 9 months until the operators travel to South America to board Marama and go to Bouvet. We’re getting closer!
We can announce the last operator on the team that will be Pete N0FW. We’re extremely happy to have Pete on the team with his experience and knowledge. Pete is a well know DXpeditioner, he has been on more than 16+ DXpeditions, some quite rare ones, and he is a lowband enthusiast for a long time with 322 confirmed current DXCC on 160m – so he has great ears!
In 3 weeks’ time we will perform a 4-day vessel inspection in Itajai in Brazil. Marama that has completed several trips to Antarctica this winter season will undertake some maintenance during her stay in Brazil. At the same time this allows us to do a detailed inspection of the vessel. Another purpose of the trip to Brazil is for us to complete the vessel loading plan. The team have worked hard to detail out all the equipment we will bring to Bouvet, and amongst other during this trip each equipment will be allocated a space in the vessel. The purpose of creating this plan is to make sure we have a smooth loading of the zodiac once we go ashore Bouvet. We have at this stage planned how to sequence all the equipment in a specific predetermined order from vessel to zodiac, and how to build the camp slowly. The detailed plan to build up the camp indicates that we will be able to setup a camp on Bouvet even with short weather windows down to 80-120 min that will take only 4 zodiac trips. We’re quite determined to go ashore when the first opportunity arise!
April will be a busy month for us as all team members gather in Oslo April 28th. For 4 days the team will perform a system integration test where we will do a thorough test of the radios, amplifiers and antennas in a real environment like what we can expect at Bouvet. During this event team members will practice on the installation and familiarize with it. A lot of equipment will undergo it’s final testing and packing and be stored until the container leaves Oslo in September 2022.
Going to Bouvet is a huge undertaking financially and it would simply not be possibly without the support from the vendors, clubs, foundations and individual sponsors. We’re currently missing $120,000 out of our $690,000 budget to be able to go to Bouvet. As we now prepare for the next vessel deposit, we need your support to close the gap.
If you want to have the opportunity to work the rare #2 DXCC Bouvet island, please consider supporting us by donating upfront.
Thank you, Oslo April 2022
Ken Opskar LA7GIA, Co-Leader
Rune Oye LA7THA, Co-Leader
Erwann Merrien LB1QI, Co-Leader

Update March 19, 2022: Video of Ken, LA7GIA and Adrian, KO8SCA talk with Tim, K3LR from DX-Enginering

Update March 17, 2022:  "The 3Y0J team is looking for one more operator. Specifically we're looking for a NA SSB operator. If you always have wanted to go on a most wanted DXpedition like Bouvet then send us an email. We would love to have you on the team, and can guarantee an exciting challenge! It will be all hard work. You will have to sail for 10 days, get seasick, then carry 6.3 metric ton into a zodiak, do a wet zodiac landing, fight the elephant seals, climb a rock, haul all equipment up, install the camp in harsh and cold environment, operate A LOT we have 12 radios one for each, sleep in a cold place, no beer or steak being served but you eat MRE, toilet is w/o insulation - but great seaview, be prepared for an emergency evacuation and sail back for another 8 days. Team agreement says you can talk your own native language in the pileup and say hello to your friends in Romania, Germany, Colombia or whatever. There is no shower for 3 weeks. The fee for this luxury vacation is only $20,000. But you will have the biggest pileup ever. And if there is a shortfall of donations you have to pay more.


(1) can take 7 weeks vacation in Jan/Feb 2023
(2) SSB contester or DXpedition experience
(3) from NA"



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