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Added/updated on
August 1, 2020
Callsign(s) T30ET   
Event start-end date Postponed
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DXCC   T30 - W. Kiribati (Gilbert Is.)     
IOTA   OC-017 - Gilbert Islands     
CQ zone 31
WEB page http://www.5b4alx.cloud
Planned modes CW, SSB, Digital
Planned bands 160 m, 80 m, 60 m, 40 m, 30 m, 20 m, 17 m, 15 m, 12 m, 10 m, 6 m
Source DX-World & 425DXN           Tags: Expedition, Postponed, DXCC
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Update August 1: Solomon Airlines has extended the suspension of  international flights until 24 October.  "Unfortunately, at the moment,  the only further possibility of reaching Tarawa Island is through Fiji", Alex, 5B4ALX says,  "but further quarantine constraints and  two additional flights  with over 100kg of equipment make this alternative unacceptable". His T30ET operation from Tarawa is again postponed to a later date, while he continues  "to monitor  the situation  in the hope  of  better development".

Update February 25: I am extremely sorry to inform you and all the donors that I have just received the following communication from the Ministry of Health of Kiribati:

  Mauri Alessandro; You will need to undergo the 14 days quarantine in Honiara and to obtain a medical clearance before travelling to Kiribati, Ko Rabwa.

Therefore, T30ET is currently postponed to October 2020. I am considering, if Singapore Airlines does not agree to protect me in October, rather than losing 5000 Eur of tickets and baggage allowance, an alternative destination can be reached from Brisbane without travel restrictions but I don’t see many alternatives.

Update February 11:  Alex, 5B4ALX informs thorugh DX-World that Air Solomon cancelled his return flight from Tarawa to Solomon then onto Brisbane due to a newly implemented weekly service. This now meant his scheduled departure had been brought forward to March 31 instead of April 2. After careful consideration, Alex has decided to prolong his activity and will now depart on April 7. This involves additional expenses of over $1000, but also means more people have the chance to log T30ET. New schedule is March 18 to April 7, 2020.

Update November 17:  Why be a supporter :

  • Free OQRS after shipment (over 5 EUR)
  • Free LOTW upload after DXpedition
  • Prioriy LOTW update for Top Donors
  • Personalized Certificate of Appreciation in HR PDF via email (over 15 EUR)
  • Name printed on the QSL card (or logo for foundations & corporates)
  • Free Video (download link) or DVD (for Top Donors) after DXpedition.

Why T30ET need your support :

Organizing, completing and managing a DXpedition with high targets (not Holyday Style) implies a big financial investment.
Certainly it is done for personal pleasure and fun but not only, for the pleasure of knowing that thousands of operators all over the world are enjoying themselves.
Moving 100kg of equipment on the other side of the Earth is very expensive, personal loans do not allow to cover a cost of around 15k USD per event, it is also your help to allow it!
If you want to have your small part also in this adventure you can make your contribution, even small... everything will help T30ET to be active in the best way and at any time you can verify that your contribution has been invested in the best way.
You will receive regular e-mail communications on developments and your callsign will be saved in the "dnors database" for future activities.

What are you waiting for ?   Make your Contribution Now !

More info at http://www.5b4alx.cloud

Update November 16: He will operate FT8 using a multi answer  protocol  (not to be confused with  the  Fox & Hound mode).

Departure: March 16, 2020 via Dubai, Brisbane, Solomon, Tarawa
Travel time: 48hours

Arrival: March 18, 2020 Tarawa Atoll
Start activities: the same day of arrival
End Activities: April 2, 2020

Return: April 2, 2020 via Solomon, Brisbane, Dubai

T30ET will be active in FT8 mode focus 20m during the day and 40/60m during the night.

A 40m or 60m station will be active all night, from 7:00 UTC (20:00 local) to 17:00 UTC (6:00 local), in FT8.

Occasionally, during the day, the same station will be activated in 20m FT8

Equipment :

2x Icom IC-7300
2x 500W amplifier
4x 40A switching
2x Laptop (running Wintest and FT8 dxped software)

Antennas :

6m : Mono Quad @ 8mh
12m : Mono Quad @ 8mh
15m : Mono Quad @ 8mh
17/20m : Homemade 1/2 wave Vertical Antenna
30/40/60: Homemade 18mh Vertical Antenna
80/160m : Homemade Inverted L

Bands : 6/12/15/17/20/30/40/60/80/160m


More info: www.5b4alx.cloud


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