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Added/updated on
December 8, 2018
Callsign(s) TX0A   
Event start-end date December 4, 2018 - December 18, 2018
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DXCC   FO - French Polynesia     
IOTA   OC-113 - Actaeon group     
CQ zone 32
WEB page https://tx0a-tx0m.weebly.com/
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Planned modes CW, SSB
Planned bands 40 M, 30 M, 20 M, 17 M, 15 M, 12 M, 10 M
Source DX-World
Information Update Dec,7: It is extremely hot here but we have everything we need and are in good spirits. We have now 3000 QSOs in the log.

The plan is to end operations from TX0M on December 10 at 20:00UTC. If all goes well we hope to start operating from TX0A on December 12 around 05:00UTC. The operation from TX0A will probably end on December 16 around 20UTC.

20M was unfortunately not too kind to EU. We will keep checking but we will be on 30M & 40M daily looking for EU.​
Update Dec,4: We are on the boat. All OK so far. Departing right away to Morane Atoll. So, first operation will be TX0M.
Update Nov,26: by Cezar VE3LYC — Time flew very fast, and we have less than a week before boarding our flight to Tahiti. Our skipper has already arrived in Rikitea, and is waiting for us to get there soon.

All the radio equipment components have been inspected, tested, and carefully packed. Additionally, everything else we are taking with us was cross-checked and packed too. Since our luggage allowance on the Air Tahiti flight from Papeete to Rikitea is limited, we eliminated everything redundant, but kept all the components indicated on the equipment section of this website, including the spares. Overall luggage weight remains well above our allowance, so we’ll have to do our best to ensure that everything will accompany us to Rikitea! No pressure, of course, hi.

We invite all IOTA chasers to check the expedition website periodically for possible updates. Please note that any posts between Dec 4 and 18 will be made through Johan’s (PA3EXX) assistance, our pilot station. If you have any message for us, please forward it to Johan, and he will ensure that is delivered.

We wish to use this opportunity to express once again our deepest gratitude to all the group and individual sponsors of this ambitious project!
Update Oct,27: In just a little over 5 weeks, Adrian (KO8SCA) and I will be heading down to French Polynesia for the challenging activation of OC-113 and 297. Time flies quickly now, as we try our best to calmly hold our excitement in check as we prepare in intimate detail how best to reach the atolls.

The landing plan consists of two stages. In the first stage, the two of us will occupy one of the zodiacs, in which we need to secure the radio equipment, power components, and camping gear. This zodiac will be tracked close to the reef by a second zodiac, manoeuvred by the skipper. From there, the second part of the landing will require that we paddle hard to go across the reef, trying to be in synch with the incoming waves, keeping the boat well balanced. We will obviously scout in advance for the best location to undertake it, hoping for a low ocean swell, with little to no wind.

In order to best mitigate the hazards, we will wear diving suits and gloves, as well as hiking boots. I think that it will be necessary to take at least two trips in order to bring all the radio, power, and camping equipment to the atoll. Depending on the actual sealed drums available, we may leave some spare radio components on the yacht, at least one rig and one antenna, maybe one generator too.

We are grateful to those who have already provided us with financial support. At a price-tag of $28.5k, if we can resell the power components upon our return in Rikitea, this is truly a very costly endeavour. Since French Polynesia ranks low among the Most Wanted DXCC, we know that virtually all the support will come from the IOTA community. Consequently, we are looking for more islands chasers, particularly from EU and NA, who are willing to help us out. We need your assistance!
Cezar (VE3LYC) and Adrian (KO8SCA) will operate as TX0A from Maria Est Atoll (OC-113) and as TX0M from Morane Atoll (OC-297P) between December 4 and 18.

OC-113 was operated from once, more than 28 years ago, and currently ranks #6 on the Most Wanted IOTA List, while OC-297 is a new IOTA reference.

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