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March 23, 2018
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Planned modes Digital
Planned bands 6 M
Source JP1LRT


Taking into account the experience with multihop ES contacts in JT65/FT8 modes during the 2017 season and the likely increase of activity expected for the comming ES season in FT8 mode, Yoshiharu - JP1LRT is leading an initiative to try to overcome the trouble due to the use of a single frequency and the lack of consensus about the sequencing, what results in the difficulty to copy weak intercontinental signals, covered by huge single-hop ES signals

Proposal of new frequency for FT8 Intercontinental-only contacts: 50.323 MHz
For intracontinental contacts the current frequency of 50.313 MHz would continue being used.

Additionally a consensus in the sequencing should also be achieved, otherwise the trouble will be the same. Here there are two approaches, each with their own advantages and drawbacks:

Approach 1. Fixed sequence by continent:
Openings between Europe and Japan: Europe always TX 1st; Openings between Europe and America: Europe always TX 1st; Openings between America and Asia: America always TX 1st

This is just an example/proposal, of course:
. Europe would always TX 1st, independently of whether the opening is to Asia or to America (or to any other continent)
. Asia would always TX 2nd, independently of whether the opening is to Europe or to America (or to any other continent)
. America would have to TX 1st for openings to Asia and 2nd for opening to Europe.

Approach 2. Variable sequence according to location of stations in the openning:
Western stations always TX first. East or West, it's based on date change line.
. QSO between Europe and Asia: Europe TX 1st
. QSO between Europe and America: America TX 1st
. QSO between Asia and America: America TX 1st

You can send your comments to JP1LRT

More information on this new QRG proposal

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