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DX news and calendar: VP6D
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July 12, 2019
Callsign(s) VP6D   
Event start-end date October 20, 2018 - November 3, 2018
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DXCC   VP6 - Ducie I.     
IOTA   OC-182 - Ducie Island     
CQ zone 32
Grid square CG75OH
WEB page http://vp6d.com
Planned modes CW, SSB, Digital, EME
Planned bands 160 M, 60 M, 40 M, 30 M, 20 M, 17 M, 15 M, 12 M, 10 M, 6 M
Source DX-World & OPDX
Log search Realtime http://www.dxa3.org/vp6d/
Log search OQRS https://www.vp6d.com/index.php/logsearch-oqrs


Update Jul,12: Video available

Update Jan,12: We expect to place the cards in the mail system by early February. The cards will be mailed from the United Kingdom, so please allow for mail system delays before asking for the status of your card(s). Buro cards will be mailed to the world buros quarterly, expect 6 – 12 months, or more, to receive buro cards.

Update Dec,20: Having returned home in time for the US Thanksgiving holiday, and now with Christmas already here, we are busily working on the year end project close activities. The Braveheart returned to New Zealand on Dec 18th, our equipment was moved to the warehouse on Dec. 19th. The customs broker will collect the shipment after the holidays for return to San Francisco. We are designing the QSL card and expect to have it to the printer in the next few weeks. The cards will be printed in, and mailed from, Europe. You can expect to see them sometime in February. Of course, buro cards will take longer to arrive. We will notify the DX bulletins when the Direct Mail cards are posted. Happy Holidays from the VP6D team.

Update Dec,10: 14-member international team undertake long voyage to Ducie Island from Mangareva, French Polynesia, aboard the MV Braveheart. DXpedition begun on 16 October and continued until 9 November 2018. Video by Vadym Ivliev, UT6UD.

Update Oct,31 (QRT): In order to achieve a safe departure from Ducie Island – at 15:37z the skipper directed us to shut down today. We are beginning that process as I type this note. It’s been raining all night, with 20+ knot winds. The ship is about 300 meters offshore, the forecast indicates continuing 20+ knot winds, 2 – 3 meter seas. We are collecting all the logs and will send to the EU QSL management team (hopefully before we leave), they will remove FT8 dupes and refresh the server before turning on OQRS. We want to thank everyone for their support and hope we met your expectations. Team Ducie

Update Oct,31: The weather is cooperating, with only a few rain showers over the past 24 hours. We’re planning our departure and station take down process. We are on schedule to meet the departure plan providing the weather continues to cooperate, however, if the forecast suggests unfavorable weather or sea conditions on Thursday and Friday, we may move up the departure date. On Weds 31 Oct we remove the EME and 160 antennas and any equipment not essential for the remaining operation. On our Thursday 1 Nov we will take down the CW camp and all non-essential camp structures, pack all VP6D equipment, and load the CW camp onto the Braveheart. On Friday we’ll finish deconstructing the SSB / base camps, continue loading the boat and depart Ducie Island at 18:00 (local). We will unload the entire log before we leave the island, most of the FT8 dupes will be removed during that upload. OQRS will be activated after the upload. The team appreciates the cooperation we’ve received from the DX community. The pilots forwarded your comments and suggestions. It’s impossible to respond individually, be assured we read the summary of your comments and have acted on several of these where feasible. Thank you for the kind words; while the team is tired, reading these notes encourages them to work harder.

Update Oct,30: Info regarding the end of VP6D operations: 6m EME and 160m antennas will be removed from service shortly after sun-up Wednesday, October 31st, 1100z. 160m operations cease after the morning of October 31st. Following sunrise on the morning of November 1st, 1100z, the CW stations and the CW camp will be dismantled. We will try to keep some stations on the air till the last minute, but expect radio operations to cease sometime around midday.

Update Oct,28: - We continue to operate on all bands that are are open. - Earlier today we took the N1MM log, merged all the FT8 logs, and uploaded to our log server at ~81,000 QSOs. We will do a complete log analysis and audit after we leave Ducie. - 6m EME - last night we made 3 more contacts. We will continue operating 6 m EME on moonrise for another few nights. - We created an island exit plan with the skipper of the Braveheart. In order to make the once-a-week flight from Mangareva to Tahiti we will begin the tear down process as follows: Wednesday 31 Oct: Remove 6 m EME antenna and 160 antenna Thursday 1 Nov: Begin tear down of CW and SSB camps, antennas, etc. Remove all non essential equipment from the island. Friday 2 Nov: Remove sleeping tents and move all DX-pedition equipment to the Braveheart Leave the island approx 15:00 (local) Depart Ducie 18:00 (local) after stowing all equipment on Braveheart Above plan dependent on the weather remaining calm. Team Ducie 2018

Update Oct,26 on 6m EME operation: Information from Lance, W7GJ: During their second moonrise of activity, the Degradation was -3.7 dB and the Kp index was 3. They completed with 5 stations tonight: W7GJ, ON4GG, OH6MIK, ON4IQ and EA8DBM. I am always pleased when I can work 5 stations before I have to elevate ;-) Their computer clock was off by about 3.5 seconds, but everyone on the ON4KST EME CHAT page adjusted the DSEC on their WSJT10 programs and decoded them well. They will work on getting their time closer tomorrow. We should also hear more tomorrow about their exact location on the eastern shore and whether it will be possible at all for them to run during any moonsets.

Update Oct,26: We know Ducie is an ATNO for many DXers. However, we are seeing far too many dupes. People are working us and a few minutes later working us again, the ops are getting a bit fustrated. DXA availability depends on 2 Ducie Island networks that are subject to intermittent outage. If either network drops out DXA does not do a refresh to pick up missing calls. Please check the VP6D log at: pdxg.net before duping us on the same band / mode. We really need your help with this request. We have at least 7 more days on the island. VP6D will be operating the contest during CQWW SSB, good luck in the contest. All stations are operational, all antennas are in good condition. Thanks for your help.

Update Oct,23: – It’s been raining, we’re waterlogged. In 24 hours we expect a significant storm to pass through, with heavy rainfall and up to 25 knot winds with potential for stronger gusts. – We had some problems with the BGANs dropping off the satellite which is why DXA has occasionally not been updating in real time. We presume this is due to the WX and wet foliage. We moved both BGANs into the HQ tent, they seem to be performing better. – We worked on the log this morning, over 27,000 Qs, 9,900 unique calls, 4,000 FT8 Qs, 141 DXCC entities. – We know some FT8 Qs are not in the log yet, working that problem. – FT8 odd/even resolved (we think), Control Key conflict between programs. – Pileups continue to be energetic and reasonably well behaved. One request on SSB, please do not call over the station we’re working. – The team is doing their best to get you in the log. – Trying to get the EME antenna assembled before the WX moves in. (Additional info from Lance, W7GJ: "I just received word that they are working on assembling the 6m antenna. They probably won't be ready for moonrise tonight...more likely is moonrise Thursday GMT.") – Keep the pilot reports coming in.

Update Oct,22: There is an issue with FT-8 & DXA meshing the QSOs as they are logged. There are no lost FT-8 QSO's that we can determine. We are successfully uploading ALL QSO's. Check for your QSO via our logsearch

Update Oct,22: Rain last night, expecting occasional rough WX over the next few days. – No EME today, expect to be up in 48 hours. – Antenna work coming along nicely. – Pileups have been deep, energetic and generally well behaved THANK YOU – Full set of VDAs for high bands, 4-sq for 40 m and a SteppIR installed at SSB camp. Low bands antennas installed at the CW camp. – A few people are calling with the incorrect version of FT8. Please use WSJT-X 1.9.1 in DX mode. You are configured as a Hound. Please see VP6D.com for FT8 Guidance. – Last night we observed a serious backlog with the BGAN systems, the queue was cleared early this morning, but the network is slow. We have 2 BGANs running, both showing the same delay. We have 2 spare BGANs, but we don’t believe it’s a hardware issue. – We had a report that some FT8 contacts are not in DXA, we will investigate. – We had a report of an audio problem with 40m SSB, we will investigate. – The log was uploaded this morning. DXA is a copy of the log. If your contacts are in DXA they are in the log. Team Ducie 2018

Update Oct,21: Good morning from Ducie Island. We are progressing well. The main camp and kitchen are fully established and supplied with food / water. The generator sites are built and supplied with fuel. The SSB camp, located at the main camp, is setup with 4 stations. It is this camp which has been making all the SSB /CW QSOs using VDAs. SteppIR beams go up today. Today the CW Camp and antennas are the priority. This camp is about 3/4 mile from the main camp. Equipment for this camp was landed at a different location. About a 30 minute walk through the bush between camps. There is very little beach at high tide. Over the next 2-3 days we’ll complete the antenna work, including 30, 80 and 160. Because of the undergrowth stringing radials is a challenge. SSB 40m 4 Square is complete, CW 40m 4 Square almost completed. It’s been very hot and humid. We’ve been told to expect some rain possibly later today, heavy at times. Large 8 person sleeping tents house 3 men per tent, plenty of room. Signals on this end are loud. The team is in good spirits and eager to get into a routine. We will upload the log this morning. When we put the/MM log online there may be some errors with the times, we’ll correct them, no need to send e-mails. We know DXA dropped out a few times, this was due to power at the network switch. The plan is to install a UPS on the network switch. 2 Braveheart crew members will remain on the island to support the operation and generators.

Update Oct,20: At 04:18z, VP6D started activity on 40CW followed by 20SSB. K4SC & K4HC first in log.

Update Oct,17: "Will probably arrive early Friday morning. Seas calm, making 9-10 knots."

Update Oct,16: Follow the progress of the Braveheart and the VP6D team at share.garmin.com/vp6d

Update Oct,11: UPDATE II The team is as ready as we can be. We begin our travel this weekend, first meeting in Tahiti. Nigel Jolly will not be with us on the boat, his son Matt will be the skipper. Nigel will meet us in Tahiti on Oct 15th, he will then fly to Tonga. He was awarded a last minute contract to bring supplies to Tonga, his other ship Claymore II has the job. Nigel must be in Tonga to arrange the Customs and Immigration formalities. We have 3 BGAN terminals and a spare, getting updates to you shouldn’t be a problem 😉 Thanks for all your help with the bulletins and getting the word out. UPDATE I After 18 months of intensive planning we will soon begin our long journey to Ducie Island. This is a team effort and you are part of the team. Please help us to work you by reviewing this important information. 1. You can follow our progress as we sail to and from Ducie Island. https://share.garmin.com/VP6D Tracking will be available on Oct. 16th as we depart Mangareva. 2. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook – updated from the ship and island. 3. As time permits, we’ll send Press Releases to the DX-bulletins and upload photos to VP6D.com from the island. 4. Your only email route to VP6D is through the pilot team. 5. The pilots do not have the logs. Please don’t ask them about NiL, busted calls, skeds, etc. Do send them helpful suggestions. 6. There is no access to personal email while on the ship or on the island. 7. The log will be uploaded daily, OQRS will be available at VP6D.com shortly after we leave the island. 8. The process for reporting busted / missing QSOs will be available when OQRS opens. 9. We are uploading the log only to VP6D.com – there is no Leaderboard. 10. We plan to use WSJT-X Version 1.9.1 as a Fox on all bands except 160 where we will not use DX-pedition mode. VP6D FT8 operating guidelines posted at VP6D.com 11. DXA at DXA3.org/VP6D will update about 3 minutes after your contact. Check here to see if you are in our log. 12. The log may show FT8 dupes even if you didn’t dupe us, we will resolve dupes after the DX-pedition. 13. Thanks to Lance W7GJ our plan to activate 6m EME is a first for Ducie Island. There will be at least 3 DX-peditions operating from the Pacific during Oct/Nov. Ensure you are in the correct pileup for the DX you are trying to work. If you see your contact on VP6D’s DXA that contact is in our log. Please consider a donation at VP6D.com to help offset the team’s significant investment to put Ducie Island on the air. Those who process a donation on VP6D.com before we sail on 16 October will receive their LoTW confirmation while we’re on the island. We wish everyone the best of luck in getting in the log, we’ll do our best to get you the Qs you want. 73, Team Ducie – 2018 Website: vp6d.com, Twitter and Facebook Please direct questions to: info@vp6d.com

Update Oct,9: We will transmit on the QRGs ± QRM, as follows, CW: 1826.5, 3523, 7010, 10105, 18069, 21023, 28023. SSB: 7090, 14185, 18130, 21285, 24955, 28485. RTTY 7045, 10142, 14080, 18100, 21080, 24910, 28080. We are working SPLIT only! Please pay attention to the SPLIT MODE! CW : UP 2-10 SSB : UP 5-15 RTTY : UP 2-10 We will listen for US Generals (only) on 14.280 and UP We will listen for JA stations DOWN 2-3 kHz on 160 m. They trying to get permit for 60m also. QSL via OQRS. Chief pilot - Glenn, KE4KY. Pilots - V51B Africa, 4L5A Asia/Russian Speaking countries, HA8RT Europe, JA1WSX Japan, VK3HJ Oceania, PY2PT South America.

Update Sep,27: (Press Release [Special]). Today while doing final technology testing before packing several pieces of VP6D equipment in checked luggage we discovered a problem. If you follow us on Twitter you saw two test tweets. We had planned to, and previously tested, automatically transferring Twitter tweets to our VP6D Facebook page using a Twitter / Facebook Application Programming Interface (API) provided by Facebook. Our tweets will originate from the Braveheart or the island using the Garmin inReach. Today we learned Facebook discontinued their API (the bridge) that connected Twitter to Facebook. Specifically, the issue has to do with Facebook’s lockdown of its API platform — an overhaul that’s been under- way following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, where as many as 87 million Facebook users had their data improperly harvested and shared. We have arranged for tweets to be transferred to VP6D’s Facebook page. However, due to time zone differences there may be a time delay between Twitter and Facebook updates. If you follow us on Twitter you’ll receive our tweets without delay. We were disappointed to discover this change, but we have a workable solution. Braveheart is ready to sail, and the VP6D team is ready to soon begin their journey. 73, Team Ducie – 2018 Please direct questions to: info@vp6d.com VP6D Web page: https://www.vp6d.com VP6D FaceBook page: https://www.facebook.com/VP6D-Ducie-2018-1470984209616170 VP6D Twitter page : https://twitter.com/VP6D_2018

Update Sep,22: We are excited to announce the availability of DXA during VP6D. Bob Schmieder KK6EK of Cordell Expeditions offered the use of DXA and we gladly accepted. By pointing your browser to http://www.dxa3.org/vp6d/ DXA allows anyone with an ordinary browser to see VP6D activity, in near real time. Within 60 seconds of your contact with VP6D, the browser page is automatically updated to show your call sign, this confirms that your contact is in the log (DXA reads the VP6D log). This process eliminates the need for duplicate contacts on the same band / mode and minimizes the confusion caused by pirates or other DX-peditions operating at the same time. During our equipment consolidation weekend in California we performed an end to end DXA test: N1MM => BGAN => Inmarsat satellite => DXA3 server => laptop. We are confident that DXA will significantly reduce, or eliminate, the hundreds of e-mails asking for “log checks”. If you see your call sign on DXA you’re in the log. Thanks to Bob KK6EK, Pete W6OP and the DXA team for their support. Speaking of logs, we will upload the log every day to the VP6D.com – Log Search tab. We do not use Clublog and there is no Leaderboard. With the loan of a portable 6m EME antenna – Lance W7GJ – has prepared the VP6D team to put Ducie Island on 6 EME for the first time ever. Operation will be on 50.200 JT65. We intend to be active at Ducie moonrise on most days and occasionally during moonset. Watch our Twitter feed for up to the minute information. Follow us on Twitter / Facebook for updates from the island. We installed and tested a bridge between our Garmin inReach =>Twitter =>Facebook. The cost of this project is ~$175,000(USD). To date, we are at 87% of our donation target. Our goal is all donations plus OQRS income will cover 50% of the project cost, with the team members paying the remaining 50%. There’s still time for you to join the hundreds of DXers, and many foundations, clubs and corporate entities already on the list. There will be at least 3 DX-peditions operating in the Pacific during Oct / Nov. Please make sure you’re working and logging the correct DX-pedition – VP6D operating frequencies are listed on the website. DXA will enable you verify your VP6D contact(s). 73, Team Ducie – 2018 Website: vp6d.com, Twitter and Facebook Please direct questions to: info@vp6d.com

Update Sep,20: Notes about 6m EME operation: As you have undoubtedly heard, VP6D is planning to be QRV on 6m EME starting next month. EME CNDX look relatively good every day of their trip, and the days after October 30 include the best days of the month (lowest Degradation) for EME ;-) Operation is planned for 50.200, with VP6D transmitting during the first period JT65A mode. If local QRM from the HF stations requires any change from this frequency, it will be announced on the ON4KST EME CHAT page They will be using a 6M8GJ yagi and >1000w output. Since they will be using their K3's on FT8 when on HF, they are currently expecting to be using WSJT-X for their JT65A mode operation. For the convenience of those of us still using WSJT10 for JT65A, they are planning to use an offset of 1270 Hz. This is their first time to use JT65A on EME, and the first time to use it during a pileup situation, so please be patient with them! Because of this, it is especially important to coordinate your calling frequencies on the ON4KST EME CHAT page, so the callers will be spread out. Ideally, please try to space yourselves out every 200 Hz to make it easier for them to decode individual callers. They will be using the W7GJ EME DXpedition procedure, so please familiarize yourself with that before calling them! They will be operating horizon-only, and will be primarily concentrating on each moonrise, which will provide a clear shot directly out over the ocean to their east. Look for them to be QRV starting then their moon is -2 degrees elevation and possibly as high as 20 degrees. After their first few days, we all will have a better idea exactly where they have the best ground gain lobes. Because there are a number of days during low Degradation when their moonset is to the northwest, there is a good possibility that they also will be able to be QRV during certain moonsets with the moon setting out over the ocean. Moonset operation will largely depend on the final siting of all the various operating stations and antennas. Updates on their anticipated moonset operation, as well as confirmation of their upcoming moonrise status and a list of stations worked will be provided on a daily basis. They will not have real time internet access, but this information will be relayed on the ON4KST EME CHAT page. There will be a number of opportunities for horizon-only station in Region 1 to contact them on the Ducie moonrise, although stations in western EU will need elevation to catch them during their moonrise. While most East Coast NA stations in Region 2 will need elevation to contact them during their moonrise, many horizon-only stations in Region 2 will be able to contact them during their shared moonsets with Ducie. Region 3 stations will need elevation to contact them during Ducie moonsets. Many MANY thanks to the VP6D team for undertaking this limited 6m EME operation ;-) With the excellent EME CNDX during their trip, and the spectacular siting of their 6m yagi overlooking the ocean, it will be very interesting to see how many small stations end up in their log! GL to all and VY 73, Lance - W7GJ

Update Sep,8: "The Ducie Island 2018 project is on schedule", the VP6D team reported on 2 September, and "the equipment is now at Tauranga, New Zealand, stored in the Braveheart's warehouse. A real challenge for DXpedition teams on uninhabited islands is knowing where in the world they're being heard. The usual pilot reports tell us what happened, not what's happening, propagation predictions tell us what might happen. We understand that propagation may produce only short openings from Ducie Island to many locations around the world. For example, it's not unusual for an EU opening to occur but EU callers are covered up by callers from other geographies. Until propagation changes for the better the EU stations can't get through. We have therefore augmented our pilot process to quickly identify these openings and get this information to the VP6D operators so they can exploit them. We're confident this new capability will result in more timely coverage of difficult paths. No one likes to be continually asked for donations. Today's reality is DXpeditions to ecologically sensitive and restricted entities are expensive. Our boat and the freight invoices to New Zealand are now paid, the team is hoping to cover ~50% of the project cost. Our fund raising target plus projected OQRS income should cover the remaining 50%. These bills must be paid whether or not you make a QSO. We have a team of A1 operators who have been working on this project for 17 months, they can use your help". See https://www.vp6d.com/.

Update Aug,20: VP6D has reached another significant milestone. After a short delay the VP6D equipment is on its way to Braveheart in New Zealand. The shipment was consolidated on to 5 pallets, with a total weight of 1,615 kg (3,553 pounds) and released to Cathay Pacific Cargo airlines by our customs broker in Hayward, California. The shipment was trucked to San Francisco International Airport for delivery to Cathay Pacific’s cargo hub in Hong Kong. From there it goes to Auckland, New Zealand where it will clear Customs and Bio-security, then taken to our customs broker in Tauranga, New Zealand for delivery to Braveheart. We built in plenty of buffer to meet the contracted date to load Braveheart and manage any unexpected delays. It’s been a busy several weeks to get all the equipment consolidated, integrated, tested and packed for shipment. The short delay allowed us to add a few late arriving items: SPE high power amplifiers, a spare set of band pass filters and a drone, we think you will agree the delay was justified. At Braveheart’s warehouse the pallets will be unwrapped and inventoried. The shipping cases will not be opened unless visibly damaged. The next major milestone will be in October when team members begin their journey to meet the Braveheart at Mangareva, French Polynesia. It’s been a long 16 months of detailed planning and coordination – the target is now in sight. In case you missed the latest Clublog update, VP6/D is shown as #19 Most Wanted. With donations at 78% of target we’re looking forward to additional DXers joining the project’s donor list on VP6D.com 73, Team Ducie – 2018

Update Aug,6: We are honoured to have received a grant from the ARRL’s Colvin Award Committee. The Colvin Award is funded by an endowment established by Lloyd D. Colvin, W6KG (SK). More information can be found here – We appreciate the ARRL’s confidence in and support of VP6D. We’re pleased to announce that Rob Fanfant N7QT has joined the VP6D team. Rob is a DX-pedition veteran whose most recent project was VK9MA Mellish Reef in 2017. Previous projects include: VK9WA Willis Island, Manihiki E51MQT, Montserrat VP2MQT, Austral Islands (TX5Z), Christmas Island, Australia(VK9AN), San Andres (5J0X , HK0/N7QT), Sint Maarten (PJ7/N7QT), Saba (PJ6/N7QT), Austral Islands TX5D), Saint Lucia (J6/N7QT), Saint Lucia (J6/N7QT). We think you will agree that Rob is well qualified for the project and we are happy to add him to the team. As we march towards our departure date of October 16th the project is on schedule. A VP6D working group is currently in Northern California preparing the equipment for shipment to Braveheart in New Zealand. On August 3rd we had the pleasure of meeting Eric Swartz WA6HHQ at the Elecraft factory where we were introduced to the Elecraft team and toured the factory. We then accepted 8 complete K3s stations for use at VP6D. Thanks to Elecraft and all our corporate sponsors for their ongoing support. Today we are continuing the tasks of integrating the radios, computers, software, configuring the network and preparing the shipping cases. We plan an end to end test, from the keyboard to the BGAN to the log server in the cloud. We expect to have the equipment ready for the customs broker by Weds, Aug 7th. Thanks for your continued interest and support of VP6D. 73, Team Ducie – 2018

Update jul,23: Congratulations to the Baker Island KH1/KH7Z team. Under extremely poor propagation conditions they put on a excellent DXpedition. They proved the value of FT8 DXpedition mode and gave many ATNOs to the deserving. A hearty WELL DONE to the Dateline DX Association. The VP6D – Ducie Island 2018 project is on schedule. As you may recall, VP6D will use the same Elecraft equipment as KH1/KH7Z. On July 20th the Baker Island radio equipment was returned to Elecraft for inspection, testing and refurbishing. Members of the VP6D team will drive to California the first week of August to prepare the equipment for shipment. We will ship the equipment to New Zealand on about August 15th. Team member Jacky ZL3CW will transfer the shipment to Braveheart. There’s no question that the Baker team had considerable success with FT8. However, a large percentage of the callers weren’t prepared for the challenges of this new mode. We ask everyone to please read the FT8 DXpedition Mode Users Manual at It will be in everyone’s best interest if callers use the most recent software version, correctly configure their equipment, call VP6D above 1,000 Hertz and in the correct sequence. If you are unsure of your configuration please seek assistance before calling. We plan to use Twitter and Facebook to keep the DX community updated on our progress by sending regular updates from the island. We want to thank Paul Ewing N6PSE and the Intrepid DX Group for the loan of a BGAN unit, giving us an additional Hughes 9201 unit. During our stay on the island we will collect soil and plant specimens for study by the National Antarctic Scientific Centre of Ukraine in their climate change research. The Pitcairn Island government issued a permit for the specimens to be collected and removed from the island. Our current fundraising campaign is underway; you may see the progress at VP6D.com. We feel fortunate to have received financial grants from 40 DX clubs / foundations and many individuals. At this writing we’re at 68% of target with about 3 months before we sail. We anticipate additional clubs and individuals will help close the gap. The team is busily working on the project. We’ll have some exciting announcements in future press releases. 73, Team Ducie – 2018

Update jun,15: The VP6D – Ducie Island 2018 project is on schedule. At Visalia and Dayton we had the pleasure of meeting many of our supporters and equipment sponsors, including: DX Engineering, Elecraft, SteppIR and Arlan Communications (RadioSport headsets). Several of team attended Europe’s Ham Radio event conducted at Friedrichshafen, Germany where we met with corporate, EU club and foundation sponsors, many EU DXers and other DX-pedition operators. Joining the Pilot Team is Mason KM4SII from Clemmons, South Carolina. Mason, an avid DXer, is 15 years old. In 2017 he operated from Iceland as TF/KM4SII, in July 2018 he will operate from Curacao as PJ2/KM4SII. Mason will work with NA and Chief Pilot Glenn KE4KY. Joining our list of corporate sponsors is Rig Expert Ukraine Ltd (https://rigexpert.com/). Rig Expert is a recognized leader in the development, production and global sales of antenna analyzers, transceiver interfaces, ARDF equipment and amateur radio software. Rig Expert donated 2 Model AA-55 Zoom antenna analyzers to the project. We appreciate the support of our corporate sponsors. Our current fundraising campaign is underway; you may see the progress at our website. We appreciate the donations and equipment support we’ve already received. Our final payment for the Braveheart is due on September 1 st. Please keep in mind, boat/tent/generator DX-peditions incur similar expenses whether or not you make a contact. Team members have booked their travel to meet the Braveheart at


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