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September 21, 2020
Callsign(s) CY9C   
Event start-end date July 31, 2019 - August 8, 2019
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DXCC   CY9 - St. Paul I.     
IOTA   NA-094 - St.Paul Island     
CQ zone 5
Grid square FN97WF
WEB page
Planned modes CW, SSB, Digital, EME, Satellite
Planned bands 160 m, 80 m, 60 m, 40 m, 30 m, 20 m, 17 m, 15 m, 12 m, 10 m, 6 m, 2 m, 70 cm
Source DX-World,WW2DX,OPDX,60mNL,N0TG
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Update September 21: Team member Phil, VA3QR recently gave an insight (via webinar) of the trip. 

Update August 26: Randy, N0TG, reports, "All known issues with our log on ClubLog have been resolved. If there are still missing contacts of any mode, please E-mail ( with date, time, mode, frequency and your call sign. Logs will be uploaded to LoTW in the near future.

Update August 8: CY9C is QRT 2019-08-08 1140z. Final logs posted. 73 de VA3QR/CY9

Update August 7: Today is the last full day of operations. Operations will conclude tomorrow around 13:00Z, 8 August. Team reports a fantastic day on 6m yesterday.

Update August 5: You can read day 6 post

Update August 4: ATTENTION  JA Hams:   --- URGENT -- 

Many JAPANESE Hams are trying to contact CY9C on FT8 in Normal Mode; CY9C cannot contact you unless the FT8 WSJT-X Software is set to DX- pedition Mode --- Fox Hound. CY9C is the FOX and the JA station trying to work us is the HOUND. We want to work you, please set the FT8 program for DXpedition Mode and follow the procedures for DX Mode. The REQUIRED Calling Frequencies are listed below and also on:    (Exception is 160m and 60m )

160 - 1836 Normal FT8    (JA,  we will listen 1908)
80 - 3567 Fox/Hound
60 - 5357 Normal FT8
40 - 7056 Fox/Hound
30 - 10131 Fox/Hound
20 - 14090 Fox/Hound
17 - 18095 Fox/Hound
15 - 21091 Fox/Hound
12 - 24911 Fox/Hound
10 - 28091 Fox/Hound
  6 - 50316 Fox/Hound

Update August 2: From VA3QR: Initial log dump completed, and we are now LIVE LOGGING to ClubLog (HF only, EME/SAT will be dumped regularly)!

Update August 1: From WW2DX: Fogged in, waiting for it to burn off then will resume flights. Working on #2m and #6m #eme stations now

Update July 30: From WW2DX: Made it to Dingwall! Team CY9C dinner shortly. Go over the game plan. Tomorrow we start moving all the gear to the island!

Update July 30: Helicopter has been repaired overnight and is in the air on the way to Dingwall, NS and will arrive late afternoon today, (Tuesday 30 July). Transport of gear and personnel to the island is planned for Wednesday, 31 July. A partial setup/operation is expected Wednesday and full up operation the next day.

Update July 29: This morning the helicopter scheduled to fly today from New York to Nova Scotia needed to turn back to base at early start of flight due to an instrument failure.  A replacement part is in process and the flight will be delayed until tomorrow morning (Tuesday, 30 July). This will possibly delay the full operational setup on the island by one day. However, every effort will be to begin operations as soon as possible, perhaps  with a partial setup on Wednesday (31 July).

Update July 29: All on schedule. Three vehicles loaded with equipment and supplies each are on the way from different locations headed for Dingwall, NS, the takeoff point for helicopter transport to St. Paul Island. The helicopter will be flying to DIngwall from New York on Monday, 29th. Setup on the island will begin Tuesday, 30 July with full-up operation planned for Wednesday, 31 July. Donations in any amount can still be made via QSL confirmation for donors will be automatic with no other action required (of course must work us and be in the log).

Update July 18: In less than two weeks the CY9C DXpedition team will arrive in Dingwall, Nova Scotia, in preparation for the DXpedtion to St Paul Island. The dates for the DXpedition are July 31 – August 8th. All seven team members are ready with gear packed and weighed to help facilitate an efficient process of ferrying the gear to the island via helicopter.

The team is not employing a boat for this DXpedition as all operations will be from the Northeast Island. There are no longer any facilities for a boat to be able to dock at the Northeast Island with its foreboding cliffs and sharp rock formations that encompass the island. With that being the case, extra care must be taken to transport the generators and fuel by helicopter.

Pat N2IEN, the helicopter pilot, and helicopter mechanic Barry Smith, will supervise and oversee the loading of all gear on each flight. An advance team will fly to the island first in order to erect the operation tents. While that is taking place, the first of many chopper trips will commence with all of the other DXpedition gear.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we have good VFR flying weather. On the 2016 CY9C DXpedition we had a number of very stormy days (and fog) where flights were not possible.

Updates will be provided to the bulletins by Murray WA4DAN or Randy N0TG as well as at

Phil VA3QR will again be giving updates and status reports on his blog which was very popular in 2016.

Randy N0TG Team Co-leader
Murray WA4DAN Team Co-leader

Update July 2: Just 29 days until CY9C lands on St. Paul Island.  Hopefully, we are ready to challenge the propagation.  Thanks to all who have supported us financially and will be attempting to work us.  If you would like to donate for the upfront expenses, that would be very helpful and appreciated.  For those who donate, we will AUTOMATICALLY send a QSL card (after confirming you are in the log). No further action on your part…the QSL will be on the way shortly after the Dxpedtion.  Also, we will be prompt as to uploading to LoTW.

We will activate all modes including 6m EME, SAT, and FT8.

FT8 Frequencies
160 – 1836 Normal FT8
80 – 3567 Fox/Hound
60 – 5357 Normal FT8
40 – 7056 Fox/Hound
30 – 10131 Fox/Hound
20 – 14090 Fox/Hound
17 – 18095 Fox/Hound
15 – 21091 Fox/Hound
12 – 24911 Fox/Hound
10 – 29081 Fox/Hound
6 – 50316 Fox/Hound

Update June 29: They again are planning to be on 60m in the evenings as they did last time for max. exposure to NA and EU. The dates are July 31 to August 8. Most of the activity will be on FT8 (5.357). They will again use the antenna from K4AVC (SK) who loved 60m dxing.
73, Will AA4NC

Update June 9: Only about 50 days from now until we activate St. Paul Island. We are very busy procuring items, planning logistics, and planning operations. We are very excited about not only the regular CW/SSB modes, but also, FT8, SAT, and 6M EME..Plus 6M SSB/CW.

Finalizing the details is a busy time and upfront costs are significant. Thus, if anyone is considering a donation, this would be a very helpful time for the team and can be submitted via the website. We list those who donate on the web site, plus, for those who donate, NO postage will be required for QSLs. Several methods for QSLs will be available: ClubL  LoTW, Direct via WA4DAN. Your support is greatly appreciated, thank you.

Update Apr,23: A “JA Page” has been added to the  CY9C dxpedition website. Propagation is a challenge and openings are usually rather short.  Since St. Paul is needed by many JA’s, the DXpedition team would like for all interested JA’s to go to the JA Page and fill out the “Survey”. This will help determine the Most Needed band and mode.

Update Feb,17: The dates for the CY9C DXpedition are August 1-11, 2019. More here

Update Aug,20: The same team that operated as CY9C from St Paul Island in 2016 will return as CY9C in August 2019. Transportation arrangements have already been made with Paul Fitzgerald providing the boat transportation and Pat Dolan N2IEN providing helicopter support. Our 2019 team will again utilize the Northeast Island and Atlantic Cove as the two operational sites. The team will consist of 12 operators and will be primarily the same ops as were there in 2016. This will be an all band/all mode operation, including EME by WW2DX. The DXpedition website is up and running at: Updates will be on the website as well other pertinent information. 73, Randy N0TG Team Co-leader Murray WA4DAN Team Co-leader

The DXpedition scheduled for August 1-9 has been cancelled. After considerable analysis and discussions as to expected band conditions, the “need-list” ranking significantly greater than 50, and in order for the team to achieve our goals for maximum Q’s and ATNO(s), dx’ers would be better served if we postponed the DXpedition. We look forward to a future St. Paul dxpedition effort when conditions significantly improve.

Update Mar,18: Planing continues for activation 1 – 9 August. Details and updates are posted on the DXpedition website. Any donations go toward boat cost, shipping, fuel, logistics and are appreciated and helpful. As a small thank you for donors, logs will be checked at the end of the DXpedition and if you are in the log, QSLs will be sent automatically. We are looking forward to not only working the traditional bands/modes but also EME, FT8, SAT, RTTY, 60m. Logs/Qsling will be available via Club Log and also LoTW as soon as possible.

Update Nov,24: Dr. San Hutson, K5YY, and Lou Dietrich, N2TU, have joined the the August 2018 DXpedition team. Both are well known and have participated in many rare DXpeditions.

Update Sept,24: Details on EME operation at

CY9C will again be QRV – this time in August 2018. Details as follows: Ops: WA4DAN, N0TG, K4ZLE, AA4NC, N8AA, VA3QR,WW2DX, W2RE, N2IEN, N5TG. Dates: August 1-9, 2018. Bands/Modes: 160m-6m SSB/CW/RTTY/EME/SAT/maybe FT8. QSL: WA4DAN, LoTW, Buro. Club Log also in use.


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