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TX5S Jan 18-Feb 1, 2024H/V/U  FO - Clipperton I. NA-011 - Clipperton Island7 Oct 3, 2023
Update August 9, 2023: Press Release #6 Clipperton Island: Clipperton is #28 most wanted in Europe and #37 most wanted globally. FT-8 and 60m have never been activated from Clipperton. We expect the pileups to be deep and energetic, we will do our best to meet the demand. Campsite Design The campsite design was finalized, there will be two operating locations separated by approximately 500 meters. CW/Satellite/EME/Digital will operate from the main campsite. SSB/Digital will operate from the distant campsite. Each will have a full complement of antennas for their desig... [Read more]
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8P9A Nov 25-26, 2023HF  8P - Barbados NA-021 - Barbados8 Oct 3, 2023
Bob - GU4YOX will be travelling to Barbados for the 2023 CQWW CW contest.  "This holiday style contest expedition should be just great fun. I will be on the air as *8P9OX* prior to the contest and *8P9A* during the CQWW CW contest" Operation will be SOSB on 20m and Bob will be taking all his equipment and antenna with him. He will be located on the east coast of Barbados for the contest, right on the ocean waters edge. A special QSL card will be available  after the operation. QSL LoTW and Buro/Direct. ... [Read more]
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W8S Oct 5-17, 2023H/V  KH8 - Swain's Is. OC-200 - Swains Island32 Oct 3, 2023
Update October 3, 2023:  The vessel that takes the W8S Team to Swains is delayed by 24 hours due to bad weather. They expect to depart tomottow so the start of the activity should be on October 5th. Logs will be send from the island on regular bases to the QSL Manager M0OXO. Charles uploads the logs to his own OQRS system and to Clublog.
Update September 29, 2023: The team arrived in American Samoa and enjoyed a (healthy) late night welcome snack in the Pago Pago Hotel with our host Alex Jennings
Update September... [Read more]
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5X3K Sep 28-Oct 6, 2023HF  5X - Uganda37 Oct 3, 2023
Update October 3, 2023: So far, the beverage doesn’t perform as we expected. We focused on 40 and 80 the last two nights, but the number of contacts is relatively low. We will try to build better beverage in a single direction. Local noise is too big to be efficient on those bands. Working on 80 is like digging out callsigns on 160 from the other side of the globe. Yesterday, we prepared the third Spiderbeam. The antenna setup is almost ready. We still do not have the DX Commander. We do not have land as we would need for our antennas, and they are close to each oth... [Read more]
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ZD9W Sep 29-Oct 22, 2023H/V  ZD9 - Tristan da Cunha & Gough I. AF-029 - Tristan Da Cunha Islands32 Oct 3, 2023
Update October 3, 2023: Yuris says that he will be on CW and SSB but that he still needs to build the Spiderbeam and LBS vertical. He is alone so things must be made one after the other.
Update October 1, 2023: Very strong wind of Friday (Sep 29). The wind got twice as strong on Saturday (Sep 30), plus it started to rain. DX-Commander antenna broke. Yuris lowered the remaining antennas for the night. Today (October 1st) he fixed the DX-Commander antenna and continued operation on the air. It is sunny today, but the wind still remains stron... [Read more]
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ZF1A Oct 18-29, 2023HF  ZF - Cayman Is. NA-016 - Cayman Islands8 Oct 3, 2023
N6MJ, NN1C, W9KKN, K6JO, K8PGJ, JH1NBN, K7ZO will be QRV as ZF1A from Cayman Islands in the CQ WW DX SSB Contest, on October 28-29, 2023. They will operate in the Multi Two Category. QSL via LOTW and ClubLog OQRS. ... [Read more]
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TX6D Oct 2-15, 2023HF  FO - French Polynesia OC-046 - Windward Islands32 BH52GMOct 3, 2023
Update October 3, 2023: They are already on the air.
Update September 28, 2023: After the recent permission of the 5 MHz band in France and the French territories, the team will also activate 60m.
DL7DF, DK1BT, DL4WK, DL6SAK, DL7BO and DL7UFR will be QRV on 160-10m (CW, SSB and Digital) as TX6D from Mahina, Tahiti Island, French Polynesia, on October 2-15, 2023. QSL via DL7DF, LOTW. ... [Read more]
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VK9LAA Sep 20-Oct 3, 2023H/V  VK9L - Lord Howe I. OC-004 - Lord Howe Island30 Oct 2, 2023
Update October 2, 2023: Over 15000 QSO in the log. They continue to be active on CW and FT8 until going QRT on October 3rd. 
Update August 23, 2023: They will not be 60m as this band is not allowed in Australia.
Update August 16, 2023: Callsign VK9LAA is confirmed.
W7YAQ, Bob, and K7AR, Al, will be QRV from the Beachcomber Lodge on Lord Howe Island, Australia from September 20 to October 4, 2023. The call VK9LAA has been requested but still not confirmed. They will participate i... [Read more]
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T2C Oct 10-30, 2023H/V  T2 - Tuvalu OC-015 - Tuvalu Islands31 Oct 1, 2023
Update October 1, 2023: One more week until we leave – everything is prepared. We are in contact with Dom T22T, who is currently staying at our planned QTH, the Funafuti Lagoon Hotel. There is a lot of unexpected traffic around the hotel as well as electrical and acoustic noise due to large land claim activities including heavy construction machinery and workers from overseas. Due to T22T’s current experience with high noise and limited space due to the construction work, we will carefully check viable solutions and possibly look for a second QTH (probably ... [Read more]
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T22T Sep 20-Oct 9, 2023H/V  T2 - Tuvalu OC-015 - Tuvalu Islands31 Oct 1, 2023
Update October 1, 2023: From now we will run no brain FT4 festival for 24h. All bands SSB or cw on 20m when noise reduce to s5 s6 14002 14190
Update September 30, 2023: GSM 4G internet stop working here. No international roaming allowed. Hotel network won’t let us upload the log. “Club Log” is marked as suspicious web page and is blocked. Hope 4G will come back tomorrow. If you worry about your QSOs just wait till tomorrow or call again. We don’t care about dupes at all. From tomorrow we will concentrate on FT4 mo... [Read more]
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ZL7IO Oct 25-29, 2023HF  ZL7 - Chatham Is. OC-038 - Chatham Islands32 Sep 30, 2023
Update September 30, 2023: Holger went QRT on September 29 with 14000 QSO in the log. The Wednesday (October 25) before the CQWW SSB contest he will again be QRV as ZL7IO , and also during the contest.
Update September 21, 2023: Yesterday was a very calm day here and we managed to erect the 80m vertical. We had to deviate from the original plan. The inner tube joiners we planned to use did not work as expected. They bend with the top weight. We used a lighter fishing road on the top now and managed to reach 15m total height (11m alumi... [Read more]
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XW0LP Starting May 20, 2023HF  XW - Laos26 Sep 30, 2023
Update September 30, 2023: To make FT8 QSOs more easy (with my 100 watts and simple wire antennas), I will operate on DXpedition frequencies. But unlike a DXpedition, since I have to teach online, sleep and occasionally get too drunk to play radio, I won’t be calling CQ all the time! To make it easier to know if I’m listening on a particular band just check my website. If I am QRV and listening, then my web page will tell you which frequency I am listening on right now. (I’ve tested ... [Read more]
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IF9/IK5AEQ Oct 5-10, 2023HF  I - Italy EU-054 - Egadi Islands15 Sep 30, 2023
Luca, IK5AEQ will be active on 40-6 metres as  IF9/IK5AEQ  from the Egadi Islands (EU-054) on October 5-10, 2023. His main QTH will be on Favignana, with possible one day side trips to Levanzo and Marettimo. QSL via IK5AEQ (direct or bureau), LoTW and Club Log. ... [Read more]
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5X7W Sep 30-Oct 23, 2023HF  5X - Uganda37 Sep 30, 2023
Update September 30, 2023: Anders, SM0HPL, is QRV on HF bands again as 5X7W from Kampala, Uganda until October 23, 2023. He is using a vertical antenna and Carolina Windom when time permits. Logs will be uploaded weekly to Club Log, LoTW, eQSL
Update January 10, 2023: He will be active until January 23, 2023 and operate on 40 - 10m QRP in CW, FT8 and FT4.
Anders, SM0HPL, will be QRV again QRP on HF bands, in CW and digital, as 5X7W from Uganda sometime in 2003. QSL via M0OXO, ClubLog OQRS, LOTW. ... [Read more]
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YJ0TT Oct 26-Nov 4, 2023H/V/U  YJ - Vanuatu OC-035 - New Hebrides32 Sep 29, 2023
Update September 29, 2023: Dates set to October 26 to November 4, 2023
Update June 5, 2023: Full information on the DX Obsessed website
Update December 23, 2022: They will be QRV on 160-10 in SSB, CW and Digital modes, and also on 23cm EME.
YJ0TT (NC7M), YJ0NA (K6VHF), YJ0UC (W6UC) and YJ0ET (NG7E) will be QRV from Port Vila, Efate Island, Vanuatu in October 2023. More information when available. ... [Read more]