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ZS6JSI/TY Feb 15-Jun 30, 2021HF  TY - Benin35 Feb 28, 2021
Update February 28: QSL via EC6DX / LoTW
Johannes, ZS6JSI, has been operating mobile from time to time from Parakou in Benin, where he is working for the Trans World Radio Broadcast station. Activity is expected to continue until June 2021. He uses an IC-718 ... [Read more]
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HI2IDT Feb 26-28, 2020HF  HI - Dominican Republic NA-122 - Dominic.Republic's Coastal Is8 Feb 28, 2021
A group of HI operators has been heard on 40m SSB operating as HI2IDT from Saona Island, NA-122, although they announce being QRV on all bands in SSB, FM and FT8.   ... [Read more]
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5H1IP Sep 20-30, 2021H/V  5H-5I - Tanzania AF-032 - Zanzibar Island7 Feb 28, 2021
Gabor, HA3JB will be active as 5H1IP from Unguja Island, Zanzibar, IOTA AF - 032, 20 - 30 September 2021. He will operate on 160 - 6m, CW, SSB, RTTY, FT8, including activity in CQ WW DX RTTY Contest. QSL via HA3JB, ClubLog OQRS. ... [Read more]
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PJ2T Mar 1-7, 2021HF  PJ2 - Curacao SA-099 - Curacao Island9 Feb 27, 2021
Update February 27: Outside the contest they will operate SSB, CW, FT8 and RTTY on  160-10 metres.  QSL via home calls.
PJ2T Team will be active from Curacao Island, IOTA SA - 099, in ARRL DX SSB Contest, 6 - 7 March 2021. Team - N1ZZ, AF4Z, WB5ZGA, K4JC. ... [Read more]
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JW/LB5SH Mar 25-28, 2021HF  JW - Svalbard EU-026 - Spitsbergen Island (Main I)40 Feb 27, 2021
Update February 27: During the CQWPX SSB contest he will use the call JW2T
Stian, LB5SH, will be active from Svalbard as JW/LB5SH during CQWPX SSB 2021 (March 27-28, 2021). He will arrive one or two days prior to the contest and operate on SSB and FT8 as much as h... [Read more]
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KA6U Feb 26-Mar 1, 2021VHF  K,W,N, AA-AK - United States of America4 EM61Feb 27, 2021
Update February 27: Here are the updated plans for my trip this weekend: From Feb 26 - March 1 UTC I am planning to activate these grids in Florida, Alabama and Georgia: EL79 - QRV on February 26 from 2310UTC - 0500UTC Feb 27 EL79TX93CP 29.9736N -84.3409W EM61 - QR... [Read more]
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PX0N May 1-Jun 30, 2021HF  PP0-PY0 - Fernando de Noronha SA-003 - Fernando De Noronha Archip.11 Feb 27, 2021
PY2RMZ, PU4MDO and others will be active from Fernando de Noronha Islands as PX0M, IOTA SA - 003, in May - June 2021. They will operate on 80, 40, 20, 15, 10m. QSL via EA7FTR. ... [Read more]
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ZD8HZ Jan 17-Apr 15, 2021HF  ZD8 - Ascension I. AF-003 - Ascension Island36 Feb 27, 2021
Update February 27: TA1HZ has been  QRV  as ZD8HZ  from  Ascension Island (AF-003) since 17 January [425DXN 1547]. He plans to participate in the ARRL DX SSB Contest (6-7 March)  and  the  CQ WW WPX SSB Contest  (27-28 March), a... [Read more]
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RI01ANT Dec 26, 2020 - May 30, 2021HF  CE9/KC4 - Antarctica AN-016 - Antarctica (Main Island)29 Feb 27, 2021
Update February 27: On 13 February, Alexei RI01ANT [425DXN 1546]  returned to  Progress Station from Vostok. He plans to remain there until 24 March,  then move to Novolazarevskaya Station (Queen Maud Land, Antarctica)  and Bellingshausen Station (... [Read more]
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3B8M Nov 27-28, 2021HF  3B8 - Mauritius AF-049 - Mauritius Island39 Feb 23, 2021
3B8M Team will be active from Mauritius Island, IOTA AF - 049, in CQ WW DX CW Contest, 27 - 28 November 2021. Team - G0CKV, KX7M and others. They will operate in MO Category. QSL via M0OXO, OQRS.
Update October 10, 2020: Operation cancelled
G0CKV + others wil... [Read more]
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J68HZ Mar 6-7, 2021HF  J6 - St. Lucia NA-108 - St. Lucia8 Feb 23, 2021
K9HZ, WA4PGM and W0CN are going to be active as J68HZ in the ARRL DX SSB Contest (March 6-7, 2021). QSL via K9HZ, LoTW ... [Read more]
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3A/F4FRL CancelledHF  3A - Monaco14 Feb 23, 2021
Update February 23: Operation cancelled.
Operators Mireille/F4FRL and Patrice/F5RBB will be active as 3A/homecall from Monaco between February 24th and March 2nd. Activity will be on 40-20 meters using SSB and the Digital modes. QSL via eQSL or LoTW.   ... [Read more]
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JW/DC8TM PostponedHF  JW - Svalbard EU-026 - Spitsbergen Island (Main I)40 Feb 22, 2021
Update February, 22: The operation from Svalbard has been rescheduled to April 10-13, 2022.
Update March 22, 2020: Due to the global pandemic of Coronavirus, the Russian-led scientific drift ice-camp expedition will not take place this year... [Read more]
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JW6VDA Apr 26-May 9, 2021HF  JW - Svalbard EU-026 - Spitsbergen Island (Main I)40 Feb 22, 2021
OH6VDA plans to visit and operate from the JW5E Clubstation in Longyearbyen, Svalbard from April 26 to May 9. Holiday-style operation. QSL: Buro, ClubLog OQRS, LoTW, or ... [Read more]
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NP3VI Feb 20-21, 2021HF  KP4 - Puerto Rico NA-249 - Puerto Rico's Coastal Islands8 Feb 19, 2021
The crew of Vieques Island Amateur Radio Club will be QRV from Vieques Island NA-249 as NP3VI for the upcoming American lighthouse weekend. QRV on HF bands.  QSL via EA5GL ... [Read more]