CallsignDate of eventBandsDXCC CQ Updated
XZ2A UnknownH/V  XY-XZ - Myanmar26 Sep 25, 2022
Update September 25, 2022: Due to the civil war in Myanmar he is currently QRT.
Update August 17, 2022: Simon has been allowed to use all amateur radio bands, with the exception of 60m.
Simon will return soon to Myanmar.where he works as a teacher. His license only allows him to operate on frequencies above 20 MHz but as he will have an IC-7300 he expects to be active on 6m. QSL via EA5GL ... [Read more]
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SP9FIH/VP9 Sep 23-Oct 2, 2022HF  VP9 - Bermuda NA-005 - Bermuda Islands5 Sep 25, 2022
Update September 25, 2022: Hurricane Fiona moved away from Bermuda. 165km/h winds were reported, but the island has power again. Janusz has a broken power supply for his transceiver so will tomorrow start looking for a replacement. 
Update September 23, 2022: Start of activity is likely to be delayed by some days due to Hurricane Fiona.
Janusz, SP9FIH will be QRV on 30, 17,15 and 12m in SSB, RTTY and FT8 from Bermuda as SP9FIH/VP9 from September 23 to October 2, 2022. QSL via Club Log OQRS, LoTW. ... [Read more]
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3C3W Sep 22-Nov 22, 2022HF  3C - Equatorial Guinea AF-010 - Bioko (Fernando Poo) Island36 Sep 25, 2022
Ersoy, who has been using the call 3C/TA2OM since some days, will get the call 3C3W tomorrow, September 26, 2022. He will stay in Malabo, Bioko island, AF-010 for one month, maybe two. Notice that the 3C3W callsign was also used by Yuris YL2GM, Kaspars YL1ZF & Girts YL2KL in 2018. ... [Read more]
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3Y0J Jan 26-Feb 16, 2023HF  3Y - Bouvet AN-002 - Bouvet Island38 JD15Sep 25, 2022
Update September 25, 2022:  The team have agreed new departure date from Falkland island of Friday January 13th. The team will assemble in London prior to departure to Port Stanley. All flight tickets for the 13 operators have been booked. We currently anticipate to arrive at Bouvet January 26th +/- a few days where we have contracted a minimum of 22 days stay around Bouvet island. Our budget has increased and is now $700,000+. Ken LA7GIA says they have received huge support from the DX community which they are very grateful for. However, the team still need roughly $3... [Read more]
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TO2DL Oct 10-23, 2022HF  TG, TD - Guatemala NA-102 - Guadeloupe8 Sep 25, 2022
DL7DF, DK1BT, DL7BO, DL4WK, DL6SAK and DL7UFR will be QRV from Sainte-Rose, Guadeloupe as TO2DL on October 10-23, 2022. More information and QSL details... [Read more]
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CR3SI Sep 23-26, 2022HF  CT3 - Madeira Is. AF-047 - Selvagens Islands33 Sep 25, 2022
Update September 25, 2002: "We are running 2 stations non-stop; walking distance from base is always climbing for about 30 minutes. Be aware that we are in on island with a “population” of 4 people and thousands of birds, so do not expect us to have conditions to upload the log more than 2 or 3 times a day… please be patient and enjoy. We came to the Selvagem Grande with the support of the Portuguese Navy and we are being assisted by the nature guides and the maritime police."
Update September 16, 2002: The DXpediti... [Read more]
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JA4GXS/4 Oct 1-2, 2022HF  JA-JS - Japan AS-117 - Honshu's Coastal Islands West25 Sep 23, 2022
DX-World informs that Kenji, JA4GXS will be active again from Otsu Island, AS-117, on October 1-2, 2022. QRV on 40-30-20-17m in CW, SSB and FT8. QSL via JA4GXS, ... [Read more]
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VK5TIL Feb 7-9, 2023  VK - Australia OC-139 - SA State East Centre group30 Sep 23, 2022
VK5PAS, VK5MAZ, VK5FR, VK2YK, VK5LA and VK5HS will be QRV on 160-10m in CW, SSB and FT8 from Troubridge Island, OC-139 as VK5TIL on February 7-9, 2023. ... [Read more]
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FT4XW Oct 1, 2021 - Dec 31, 2022HF  FT8X - Kerguelen Is. AF-048 - Kerguelen Islands39 Sep 23, 2022
Update September 23, 2022: He has been recently reported in FT8 on the bands.
Update May 15, 2022: Arthur has found a location for his equipment and he still has to find a place to install his inverted V". [TNX Les Nouvelles DX]
Arthur, FT4XW, is working on the Kerguelen Islands for a scientific mission which will last between October 2021 and December 2022. He will try to be QRV from there with a XIEGU G90 and a DX Commander SOTA / POTA vertical antenna. No more information available so far.   ... [Read more]
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4U1ITU Sep 13-16, 2022V/U  4U_ITU - ITU HQ14 JN36BFSep 23, 2022
Update September 23, 2022: "Last Saturday we returned from Switzerland. We started on Tuesday Sept. 13 with building the 2 mtr. antenna on the roof of the 4U1  building during beautiful weather. Around 16 UTC all equipment was installed and worked fine. Only problem was my new I7 laptop which would not start up properly…..    So I connected a spare and older (10 years) one and this was not capable of running in Q65 mode. Very sorry, because we had planned to use Q65 mode as a preferred mode. But all worked fine in JT65  also but there was,... [Read more]
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YJ0DA Sep 17-Oct 2, 2022HF  YJ - Vanuatu OC-035 - New Hebrides32 Sep 19, 2022
Update September 19, 2022: He will use the call YJ0DA from New Hebrides (OC-035) and YJ0DA/P from Shepherd Islands (OC-111). Activity will be on 80/40/20/15/10 meters in SSB. QSL only via VK4MAP. NO ClubLog or LoTW.
DX-World  informs that Darren, VK4MAP, will be QRV from Vanuatu as YJ0DA from September 17 to October 2, 2022. He will operate from both the New Hebrides (OC-035) and Shepherd islands (OC-111). ... [Read more]
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IC8/KL1A Sep 20-30, 2022HF  I - Italy EU-031 - Campania Region group15 Sep 19, 2022
Andy (Sparky), RW3AH (KL1A), will be active as IC8/KL1A from Ischia Island between September 20-30, 2022. QSL via OE1ZZZ. ... [Read more]
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FT8W_ Dec 15, 2022 - Mar 15, 2023H/S  FT8W - Crozet I. AF-008 - Crozet Islands39 Sep 19, 2022
Update September 19, 2022: "Arrival at St. Denis de la Réunion airport on Tuesday, November 29, quarantine for COVID from December 1 to 9 in a hotel in St Denis. Departure aboard the Marion Dufresne on the 9th"
Update September 15, 2022: It could happen that the operation has to be shortened and he has to leave in February. This is due to the interference fears that Thierry could cause to  the terrestrial magnetism measurement laboratory located on Crozet.
Update August 8, 2022: Thierry, F6... [Read more]
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JW0A Sep 19-26, 2022H/V  JW - Svalbard EU-026 - Spitsbergen Island (Main I)40 Sep 19, 2022
Update September 19, 2022: Most of the team is already on Svalbard and the station is being set up.  The remaining 2 ops will be on site on the next flight and and still on schedule for being QRV with at least one or two stations by the evening of  today, September 19. 
Update September 17, 2022: WB4JTT is already in Svalbard.  N4XP, N4HU, AA4NN and K4NHW will arrive on Sept 18 with the others arriving shortly thereafter.  JW0A hopes to be QRV with at least one station on September 19.
Update Aug... [Read more]
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VK9XX Sep 24-Oct 1, 2022HF  VK9X - Christmas I. OC-002 - Christmas Island29 Sep 19, 2022
Stephen (VK3SN) will be on Christmas Island for a week commencing 24 September 2022. He will be active on 80m to 10m SSB and FT8 most afternoons and evenings (local time), using Christmas Island Amateur Radio Club callsign VK9XX. This is mostly a holiday rather than a full on DXpedition, but listen out and try work this highly sought after DX entity! See for details.  ... [Read more]