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HL1IWD/5 Oct 9-11, 2021HF  HL - South Korea AS-081 - Kyongsang-bukto/-namdo Prov.25 Sep 28, 2021
Lee, HL1IWD/5 will be QRV on the HF bands in CW and FT8 from Saryang island, AS-081, on October 9-11, 2021. He will use an IC-706MK2 with Buddistick and end-fed wire antenna. See for QSL instructions. ... [Read more]
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3B8__ Oct 2-15, 2021HF  3B8 - Mauritius AF-049 - Mauritius Island39 Sep 28, 2021
After having to cancel his trip to the Maldives (8Q7CQ), Nobby G0VJG will go Mauritius and be QRV on October 2-15, 2021. It will be a Holiday-style operation using a FT-857 barefoot. Callsign still not known. ... [Read more]
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JW/I3TGW Sep 27, 2021HF  JW - Svalbard EU-026 - Spitsbergen Island (Main I)40 Sep 28, 2021
Massimo JW/I3TGW was QRV on September 27 on 20m SSB from the JW5E club station. It was a one day activity only. QSL via Homecall, direct only. ... [Read more]
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5R8HK Starting Sep 17, 2021HF  5R-5S - Madagascar AF-013 - Madagascar (Mainland)39 Sep 28, 2021
Hide JH0OXB, is QRV from Antananarivo, Madagascar as 5R8HK. So far he has been on 20m SSB. Lenght of stay is not known, QSL via Homecall. ... [Read more]
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W7LG Oct 24-29, 2021HF  K,W,N, AA-AK - United States of America NA-067 - North Carolina State East gr5 Sep 27, 2021
Mike, W7LG, is expected to be QRV on 80-40-20m in CW and SSB from Outer Banks, NA-067 (North Carolina) on October 24-29, 2021. QSL via Homecall, LoTW and eQSL. ... [Read more]
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ZL9_ UnknownHF  ZL9 - New Zealand Subantarctic Is. OC-037 - Campbell Island32 Sep 27, 2021
Update September 27: Gene, K5GS informs via DX-World that this DXpedition is not going ahead during the first quarter of 2022. New Zealand is still closed to international visitors and the landing permit application is on hold.
For Immediate Release Press Release #1 May 13, 2020 New Zealand Sub Antarctic Islands DXpedition (OC-037) The Perseverance DX Group (PDXG) has some unfinished business. Several members participated on the 2012 ZL9 activation that was cut short by weather. After their successful VP8PJ South Orkney Islands 2020 DXpedition, PDXG is pleas... [Read more]
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S9OK Oct 3-16, 2021H/V  S9 - Sao Tome & Principe AF-023 - Sao Tome Island36 Sep 26, 2021
Update September 26: The  band plan and  the FT8 Operation Guide  for the  S9OK DXpedition  to Sao Tome  can be found at their web page
Update June 21: Possible operation also on 60m band.
The Czech DXpedition Group will be active as S9OK from Sao Tome Island (AF-023). Operators mentioned are Petr/OK1BOA, Petr/OK1FCJ, Palo/OK1CRM, Pavel/OK1GK, Ruda/OK2ZA, Ludek/OK2ZC, Karel/ OK2ZI and David/OK6DJ. The team will arrive on October 2nd and depart on October 16t... [Read more]
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XW0LP UnknownH/V  XW - Laos26 Sep 26, 2021
"My XW0LP licence comes up for renewal  on 1 October", Simon posted to on 23 September, "and I applied to renew for all existing HF bands, but also 472 KHz, 60m (denied last time), and 6 metre band. However, it seems that the police/military have been in touch with the licencing department, and instructed that  I should not be allowed to operate on any bands where ham radio is not  the primary user. What does this mean? Well, I am denied to operate on  472 KHz,  60m and 6 metre bands. But additionally, I will no longe... [Read more]
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WA5LFD/P Oct 2-Nov 30, 2021H/V  K,W,N, AA-AK - United States of America NA-092 - Texas State West group5 Sep 26, 2021
Rich, WA5LFD  will be operating  portable  from  North Padre Island (NA-092) from October 2 to November 30. His "bands of interest" are 6 and 2m,  but he will also be on 80-10 metres.   QSL preferably via LoTW. ... [Read more]
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SV2RSG/A UnknownHF  SV/A - Mount Athos20 Sep 26, 2021
Update September 26, 2021: "George, SV1RP and others are going to  Mount Athos to install  antennas for  30 and 15 metres for  Monk Lakovos",  DX World reports. "Look for renewed SV2RSG/A activity at the end of this month".
Update July 23: Monk Iakovos will be active on 40, 30 and 20m in CW and SSB until the end of this week.
Update June 10: DXNews publishes the following information: "The QTH of SV2RSG/A experienced a strong storm and was flooded.... [Read more]
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ID9/IK2ANI Sep 25-Oct 1, 2021H/V  I - Italy EU-017 - Eolie (Lipari) Islands15 Sep 26, 2021
Aldo, IK2ANI will be active holiday style as ID9/IK2ANI from Panarea Island (EU-017) from September 25 to October 1, operating in SSB, CW, RTTY and some FT8 on 30-6 metres.   QSL via LoTW, eQSL or  via home call (direct and bureau). ... [Read more]
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8Q7CQ UnknownHF  8Q - Maldives AS-013 - Maldive Islands22 Sep 25, 2021
Update September 25: Operation cancelled.
Update May 25: His equipment will be a FT-450D or FT857 with a JUMA 1000 watt amp into HF6V Butternut vertical for the HF bands and a link dipole.
Update February 13: Operation rescheduled to September 29 to October 13, 2021.
Update December 27: Operation planned between March 6 to 22
Update December 25: The planned expedition to the Maldives has now been postponed with a start date of March 5, 2021 i... [Read more]
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Z6/DL7UCX Sep 24-Oct 3, 2021HF  Z6 - Kosovo15 Sep 25, 2021
Ben, DL7UCX, will be QRV from Kosovo  on 80-10m in CW,FT4 and FT8 from September 24 to October 3, 2021. QSL via LoTW, buro, direct. ... [Read more]
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3D2CR Sep 17-30, 2021H/V  3D2 - Conway Reef OC-112 - Conway Reef (Ceva-I-Ra)32 Sep 25, 2021
Update September 24: Dom, 3D2USU inform via that he is ok. He was active today using FT4 mode. Its still very windy there and also strong rains. Its possible that he will leave Island on Monday, 27 September 2021. There is very little chance that he will be able to setup antennas on 80 and 160m.
Update September 23: Due to very strong winds 3D2CR have to stop his operation. More info later. [TNX DXNews]
Update September 22: 24300 stations in the log. Last night he installed the 80m vertical and worked ... [Read more]
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ZA/HA8PX Sep 20-26, 2021HF  ZA - Albania EU-169 - Albania group15 Sep 24, 2021
Update September 24: Fingers crossed permission from the military has been given, Zsolt announces he plans to operate from Sazan Island EU-169 on 24th Sept between 8:00 am to 6:00 pm CET.
Zsolt, HA8PX will be active as ZA/HA8PX from Qerret, Albania on September 20-26, 2021. He also plans to be QRV from Sazan island, EU-169, although military permission may still be required to operate from there. QSL via Homecall ... [Read more]