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VU7W Jun 6-18, 2023H/V  VU - Lakshadweep Is. AS-106 - Minicoy Island Jun 5, 2023
Update June 5, 2023: Yuris started his journey to Minicoy in the Lakshadweep islands on June 2nd.
Update May 27, 2023: Dates for the new operation of YL2GM as VU7W set to June 6-18, 2023
Update May 20, 2023: DX-World publishes: With a significant financial support from 26 Japanese HAMs, Yuris will go to VU7 again in June 2023. The focus this time will be on the 6m band, however other bands will also be used. QTH this time will be on Minicoy Island, IOTA AS-106. All VU7W April QSOs are uploaded to LoTW alrea... [Read more]
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YJ0TT Oct 1-31, 2023H/V/U  YJ - Vanuatu OC-035 - New Hebrides32 Jun 5, 2023
Update June 5, 2022: Full information on the DX Obsessed website
Update December 23, 2022: They will be QRV on 160-10 in SSB, CW and Digital modes, and also on 23cm EME.
YJ0TT (NC7M), YJ0NA (K6VHF), YJ0UC (W6UC) and YJ0ET (NG7E) will be QRV from Port Vila, Efate Island, Vanuatu in October 2023. More information when available. ... [Read more]
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5UA99WS May 3-Jun 1, 2023HF  5U - Niger35 Jun 4, 2023
Update June 4, 2023: The 14,200 QSO have been uploaded to LoTW.
Update May 21, 2023: He must leave Niger before than expected, on June 1st.
Update May 5, 2023: Paolo, IK5SRF informs that Giorgio 5UA99WS solved a problem with his PC and now is also active on FT8. Signals are good on 15/17/20 to and from EU. Paolo also says please be patient and whenever he calls OUTSIDE EU be polite and LISTEN…path for Europeans is quite easy…not for NA and AS/OC. He has some electrical blackouts on and off in Niamey.... [Read more]
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CB0ZA Feb 13-20, 2024H/V  CE0 - Juan Fernandez Is. SA-005 - Juan Fernandez Archipelago (Robinson Crusoe Island)12 Jun 4, 2023
Nick XQ1KZ, Pablo CE1KV, Willy XQ3SA, Willy XQ3SK, Mike AB5EB, Ez HI3R, Otis NP4G, Zoli HA1AG, Trey N5KO and Marco CE1EW (Team Leader) wiil be QRV on February 13-20, 2024 asCB0ZA from Robinson Crusoe Island in the Juan Fernandez Archipelago. They plan to operate from Juan Fernandez National Park CA-0022, and to be active on 2m through 160m (60m included) using SSB, CW, RTTY, FT8 and EME (6m and 2m).  QSL via HA1AG. ... [Read more]
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ZC4RH Jun 1-8, 2023H/V  ZC4 - UK Sov. Base Areas on Cypru AS-004 - Cyprus Island (Main I)20 Jun 3, 2023
ZC4RH has been QRV again from Dhekelia (KM64vx),  UK Sovereign Base Areas on Cyprus, since June 1, 2023 and will remain there until  June 8th, with activity on the HF bands (maybe also 6m) in CW, SSB, FT4 and FT8. QSL via LoTW, Club Log's OQRS, or DK6SP. ... [Read more]
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JE7IZM/JD1 Jun 8-9, 2023HF  JD1 - Minami Torishima27 Jun 3, 2023
Teru, JE7IZM, will be QRV again from Minami Torishima on June 8-9, 2023. Mainly active on 15 & 17m (SSB) when time permits.  QSL via JARL buro. ... [Read more]
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MM0UKI May 26-Jun 2, 2023H/V  GM, GS - Scotland EU-189 - Isle of Rockall14 Jun 2, 2023
Update June 2, 2023: MM0UKI went QRT early today.
Update June 1, 2023: According to the infomation published by DX-World, yesterday evening they already had more than 3000 QSO in the log. 2m operation is possible today, check 144.352 MHz (MSK144) and 144.174 (FT8).
Update May 31, 2023: They are QRV on 20m CW and 40m SSB.
Update May 30, 2023: This morning (UTC) they were about two miles away from the island. All going well their first signals could be expected this ... [Read more]
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T31TT May 31-Jun 12, 2023HF  T31 - C. Kiribati OC-043 - Phoenix Islands31 Jun 2, 2023
Update June 2, 2023: 25,000 QSO in the log. They often operate in F/H in the standard FT8 frequencies because they say that have no takers on the special frequencies.  (May be it would have been a good idea to publicy in advance those frequencies)
Update May 31, 2023: They are already QRV from Kanton Island. So far on 20,17,15,12 and 10m. FT8 Fox/Hound only.
Update May 27, 2023: They have left Samoa and are in the way to Kanton island.
Update May 25, 2023: They have arrived in Sa... [Read more]
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Z81D Starting Jul 15, 2023H/V  ST0 - South Sudan34 Jun 1, 2023
Update June 1, 2023: Diya, YI1DZ, will be QRV again as Z81D from Juba, South Sudan, starting in mid july. Lenght of stay is unknown. QSL via OM3JW, LOTW, ClubLog and eQSL.
Update May 15, 2023: Diya, YI1DZ, is QRV again as Z81D from Juba, South Sudan. Lenght of stay is unknown. He will operate on 40-6m Bands, SSB, FT8 and possibly 80 and 60m. QSL via OM3JW, LOTW, ClubLog and eQSL.
Update March 22, 2023: Diya, YI1DZ will be QRV on HF Bands, in SSB and FT8, as Z81D from Juba, So... [Read more]
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YJ0CA Jun 17-28, 2023HF  YJ - Vanuatu OC-035 - New Hebrides32 Jun 1, 2023
Chris, VK2YUS will be QRV again as YJ0CA from Vanuatu on June 17-28, 2023 He will operate on 40 - 10m, SSB.. He uses a 1/4 wave vertical with elevated radials for 40m, and various dipoles & verticals for other bands. QSL via VK2YUS. ... [Read more]
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8Q7HU Jul 11-18, 2023H/V  8Q - Maldives AS-013 - Maldive Islands22 Jun 1, 2023
CX3AN will be QRV on 40-6m as 8Q7HU from Dhaalu Atoll, Maldive Islands, on July 11-18, 2023. QSL via CX3AN. ... [Read more]
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5X7O UnknownHF  5X - Uganda37 May 30, 2023
Thomas, DL7BO will be QRV on 160 - 10m (CW, SSB and Digi) as 5X7O from Kampala, Uganda. Dates are still unknown. QSL via DJ6TF. ... [Read more]
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SA6G/7 Jun 5-11, 2023HF  SA-SM - Sweden EU-137 - Skane County groupe14 May 30, 2023
Lars, SM6CUK will be QRV again on 40 - 10m (CW) from Ven Island, EU-137, on June 5-11, 2023, as SA6G/7. QSL via SM6CUK, LOTW and ClubLog OQRS. ... [Read more]
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CE0Y/XQ3PCN Jun 12-18, 2023HF  CE0 - Easter I. SA-001 - Easter Island12 May 30, 2023
CE0Y/XQ3PCN, Manuel CE0Y/CA3YMR and Leonardo CE0Y/CE3KEY will be QRV on 20-10m on June 12-18, 2023 from Hanga Roa, Easter Island. They will use delta-loops and 4 el beam. QSL via Home calls and LoTW. ... [Read more]
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EZ/DL7ZM May 28-Jun 3, 2023H/V  EZ - Turkmenistan17 LM97May 29, 2023
David, DL7ZM, is QRV from Ashgabat, Turkmenistan as EZ/DL7ZM. Activity will be on 10m CW until June 3, 2023. There is some possibly of 6m activity too, but not confirmed at the moment.  ... [Read more]