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VK5AVB UnknownHF  VK - Australia OC-139 - SA State East Centre group30 Jul 28, 2021
From Tony's QRZ.COM page: "I am the only current operator on Kangaroo Island and just set up my station a few days ago.There has been no permanent operators here for at least 20 years and the DX here is amazing with very little QRM.I can work from the East to the West and love my DX as Im on a hill with a 16m.tower and plenty of ocean around me." ... [Read more]
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OA7/DD5ZZ Jul 30-Aug 17, 2021H/V  OA-OC - Peru10 Jul 28, 2021
Update July 28: Alex updates at QRZ.COM: "I finally have my license in hand. It was hard work and an adventure in itself. Peru did NOT implement CEPT TR61-01 so you can NOT just go there with your CEPT license and bring your equipment. Even if all the CEPT lists tell us otherwise. You NEED a temporary operating permit (unless you are a citizen of a Citel country). I wish i knew that earlier.. But i got some great help from the ham community, especially by Daniel OA9DVK and Hans OE3NHW (OA6Q). Without them and the help of my wonderful YL it would have been absolutely impos... [Read more]
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CT8/IZ2DPX Aug 14-29, 2021HF  CU - Azores EU-175 - Central group ex=00314 Jul 28, 2021
Giovanni, IZ2DPX, will be QRV in SSB and digital modes from several islands in Azores as CT8/IZ2DPX on August 14-29, 2021. August 14-19: Terceira Island, EU-175 August 19-23: Faial Island, EU-175 August 23-29: San Miguel Island, EU-003 QSL via IK2DUW. ... [Read more]
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B4T Jul 24-28, 2021H/V  BY,BT - China AS-135 - Jiangsu Province group24 Jul 28, 2021
Update July 28: According to DX-World the team is still on Kaishan Island due to the typhoon In-Fa, with limited power and internet access.
BA4TB, BD4TS, BD4XI, BH4TVU and others will be QRV during the IOTA contest (M2 HP category) as B4T from Kaishan Island, AS-135. Before the contest they will be active as BI4SSB on 40-6m in CW,SSB and FT8. Depending on the ferry schedules the team may instead activate Qinshan island. QSL via BA4TB.   ... [Read more]
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4X100AI PostponedH/S  4X, 4Z - Israel AS-100 - Israel group20 Jul 27, 2021
Update July 27: The expected operation from the Akhziv Islands had to be posponed due to bad weather. They expect to be QRV for two weeks in mid August. 
A group of operators is expected to be active as 4X100AI from the Akhziv Islands, AS-100, during the RSGB IOTA contest (July 24-25, 2021),. Outside the contest they will be in FT8 and QO- 100 satellite. QSL via LoTW and eQSL. ... [Read more]
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RI0FF Jul 28-Aug 3, 2021HF  UA-UI8,9,0,RA-RZ - Asiatic Russia AS-025 - Kuril'skiye Islands19 Jul 27, 2021
Update July 27: The team arrived in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk yesterday. After spending the night in the city of Korsakov, this morning (July 27) they will take the ship to Iturup island.
Russian Robinson members RZ3EC, R6MG, M0MSV RX3F, RN3BL and R6LGT plan to be active from Iturup island AS-025 as RI0FF from July 28 to August 3. See their web site for more info.   ... [Read more]
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JW0W Jul 21-26, 2021HF  JW - Svalbard EU-063 - Spitsbergen's Coastal Islands40 Jul 27, 2021
Update July 27:  Yesterday they went QRT.  They say: "We did it! What an exciting expedition that we will not forget. We had a lot of fun and we hope you did too. Setting up camp in the Arctic is not an easy task and the changing weather reminded us of this on several occasions. We had to put a lot of effort into maintaining the antennae and a large female polar bear with her cub visited us from far away. We will return with more details about the contacts and our impressions. Thanks for the pile up."
Update July 12:... [Read more]
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OY/DF8AN Jul 31-Aug 8, 2021H/V  OY - Faroe Is. EU-018 - Faeroe Islands14 Jul 27, 2021
Michael,DF8AN will be active on 80 - 6m from Faroe Islands as OY/DF8AN from July 31 July to August 8, 2021. QSL via home call. ... [Read more]
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E51AAO Aug 7-19, 2021HF  E5 - S. Cook Is. OC-083 - Aitutaki group32 Jul 26, 2021
Bruce, ZL1AAO, will be QRV holiday style from S.Cook as E51AAO on August 7-19, 2021.  He will use 100w in SSB with dipole antenna. First couple of days he will be in Atiu Island (OC-083) and later from Rarotonga (OC-013). He hopes for some activity most days.  Check his page for a log after he gets back home. ... [Read more]
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KH9/KK4WZI UnknownHF  KH9 - Wake I. OC-053 - Wake Island31 Jul 26, 2021
Stacy, KK4WZI, will be heading to Wake Island in a few weeks for work. There is NO exact date set yet. He says "I should have 3-4 days of downtime around work. It looks like this will be an every 6-month working trip. I am planning on taking a Yaesu FT-891 matched up with a Yaesu ATAS-25 MICRO Portable Antenna and possibly a homebrew 40-10 meter vertical. At this time, my plan is to only work FT-4 & FT-8 (my CW skills are beyond weak) and I am not sure about having enough “power” to be doing a lot of SSB, so at this time I am only planning for low power o... [Read more]
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PJ7/K9GVK Jul 24, 2021 - Jul 1, 2023H/V  PJ7 - Sint Maarten NA-105 - St.Martin(Sint Maarten)8 Jul 24, 2021
"The Daily DX" reports that Gevork, K9GVK, will be active as PJ7/K9GVK from Sint Maarten Island (NA-247) through the first half 2023. Activity will be on 160-6 meters using SSB (some difficulty with interference) and the Digital modes.  ... [Read more]
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UR1G Jul 24-25, 2021HF  UR-UZ, EM-EO - Ukraine EU-179 - Mykolayiv/Kherson Oblast gr16 Jul 24, 2021
Operators Vladimir/US0GJ, UT3GB/UT3GB, Vlad/UT3GF and Ivan/UR8GX active as UR1G from Kalanchakskiye during the RSGB IOTA Contest as a Multi-Op entry. QSL via UR8GX. ... [Read more]
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5Q5CW Jul 24-25, 2021HF  OZ - Denmark EU-172 - Jylland East & Fyn gr ex=02914 Jul 24, 2021
Operators Uwe/DK4WW and Holger/DL7AU will be active as 5Q5CW from Hjarnoe Island during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 24-25th) as a Multi-Single entry. QSL via DL5CW. ... [Read more]
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OZ9V/P Jul 24-25, 2021HF  OZ - Denmark EU-171 - Jylland North group14 Jul 24, 2021
Poul, OZ9V, will be active as OZ9V/P from Fur Island during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 24-25th). QSL via LoTW. ... [Read more]
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9A/DL3NCI Jul 24-25, 2021HF  9A - Croatia EU-136 - Kvarner group15 Jul 24, 2021
Marcus, DL3NCI, will be active as 9A/DL3NCI from Ilovik Island during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 24-25th) as a Single-Op/CW-Mode/High-Power/Assisted entry. Activity will be holiday style. QSL via DL3NCI. ... [Read more]