There are currently 1040286 stations and 31681 squares in the database

Stations in KM64OX

CallsignLocatorUpdateDeleteQSOCallbookGoogleMapLast update
5B/HA5SIEKM64OX            2021-09-24
5B/UR0MCKM64OX            2020-10-01
5B4AQCKM64OX            2020-05-21
5B4ASKKM64OX            2020-04-03
5B4NYKM64OX            2020-04-03
5B4YOTAKM64OX            2021-12-05
5B60AHOKM64OX            2020-04-03
5B60AJGKM64OX            2020-04-03
C4WKM64OX            2020-11-29
C4XMASKM64OX            2019-12-11
H25AKM64OX            2022-03-27
H25JEKM64OX            2020-04-03
P33WKM64OX            2014-10-25

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