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Stations in JN54BB

CallsignLocatorUpdateDeleteQSOCallbookGoogleMapLast update
I5DYIJN54BB            2022-01-01
I5OULJN54BB            1998-01-01
I5SKJJN54BB            2001-07-14
I5TDIJN54BB            2018-08-22
I5YDIJN54BB            2022-07-22
I5YDI/PJN54BB            2019-08-22
IK5ZWQJN54BB            2020-04-03
IR5MDCJN54BB            2009-05-16
IW5CLGJN54BB            2008-07-09
IW5DIBJN54BB            2020-04-03
IZ5ILXJN54BB            2022-06-03
IZ5NFCJN54BB            2009-03-28
IZ5NFD/5JN54BB            2009-05-09

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