El Burguillo - 2010

EG3EME/1 Photo Gallery

Callsign: EG3EME/1.

Date: 2-5/September/2010.

Rig: 144 MHz: 2x2M12 +  Kw + MGF-1308
        435 MHz: 20 el. cross yagi + 50w (for satellites)

Frequencies/Modes: 144.134 MHz on EME, JT65B. EG3EME/1 first.   Depending on QRM other frequencies could be used. We'll have Internet and will announce it in N0UK's EME chat.   If any big guns are interested to try in CW we could arrange a time slot for CW, but due to our small setup JT65B will be the main operating mode.

Due to the restrictions of the location in a valley it's going to be difficult to work MS and other terrestrial propagation modes, but we'll see when we are there. When there is no moon we'll try to be on the satellites as much as possible.

Operating times: Our intention is to be QRV most of the time from Moonrise to Moonset, but the QTH is in a valley, so we expect to get/lose Moon at about 20 degrees or so. This will restrict the operating times a little.

Skeds/operating policy:  No skeds will be taken for digital modes. Just call us when you can copy our CQ. Please DO NOT call if you don't copy us.

Operators: EA3CEC, EA3CBH, EA6SA, EA6VQ

Location: The location is EA3CEC's radio QTH in El Burguillo (province of Avila). Locator IN70QK.

QSL info: QSL via EA3CEC to his address in Madrid:

    Cesar Diaz del Real
    C/Chumbera 12, 3
    28039 Madrid

    Also OK via Buro (via EA3CEC)

QSL status: Cards already ordered to be printed. We expect to have in hand three weeks from now, the latest. All QSOs have the stickers printed and ready. We will send direct QSL for the stations we already got his card and will keep answering direct until January, when we will send remaining QSLs via buro. Up to now we have received QSL from OH4LA, DJ9MG, IK1UWL, JR3REX, JE1TNL, K9MRI, JM1WBB, K2BLA, DL7FF, PY2SRB, DK3WG, RV9UV, RX1AS, RW3WR, UA3PTW. Thanks for nice EME time!

Operation status:

Log of stations worked via EME :

Log of stations worked via Satellite:

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