Pending requests of modifications

These are some of the requests proposed by the registered users. I consider all of them interesting and I will do my best to include them in the future versions of the VQLog. If you have your own request please send it to VQLog's support (only registered users!)

Click here for requests already implemented

DL1ELY proposals:

DL6ZBN proposals:

DH6JL proposals:

EA3BTD proposals:

EA8AJ proposals:

GM4JJJ proposals:

IT9VDQ proposals:

YO4AUL proposals:

DF2ZC proposals:

PA3BWE proposals:

PE1OUC proposals:

PE1OGF proposals:

SM5WPW proposals:

ES1RF proposals:

G4IGO proposals:

K1UHF proposals:

VK6XLR proposals:

OH5YW proposals:

M0HEN/PC7CW proposals:

PE1LWT proposals:

EI3IO proposals:

DL6LAU proposals:

GU6AJE proposals:

OZ2Q proposals:

G0ISW proposals:

DG3GAG proposals:

PA3HEN proposals:

DL1KDA proposals:

IZ1CCD proposals:

G0ISW proposals:

OZ2M proposals:

VK4CP proposals:

F6ETI proposals:

H44PT / G8BCG proposals:

DG3GAG proposals:

KM5ES proposals:

PA3ECU proposals:

EI3IO proposals:

PA3GST proposals:

M0BKG proposals:

G1IOV proposals:

DK8VR proposals:

GW8IZR proposals:

G0RUZ proposals:

DM3ML proposals:

K0GU proposals:

G0MVP proposals:

HB9CRQ proposals:

PA3FYG proposals:

DK1CM proposals:

M1CNK proposals:

N9LF proposals:


G4CBW proposals:

G4BVE proposals:

K0KP proposals:

N3UYI proposals:

IK0WGF proposals:

KD5IUG proposals:

K4RLK proposals:

EA5FY proposals:

K4RLK proposals:

SP9SOU proposals:

9H1PI proposals:

K6EID proposals:

PE1AHX proposals:

G4DBX proposals:

M0KCM proposals:

K1DG proposals:

NW7U proposals:

EA5FY proposals:

ES2NA proposals:

KA1A proposals:

KA2LIM proposals:

WA2RZJ proposals:

DG5BD proposals:

GW3ZCF proposals:

SM7FJE proposals:

K0TV proposals:

DB5KN proposals:

N9BC proposals:

SV2BBO proposals:

CT1CBI proposals:

WK3C proposals:

KE4BMT proposals:

IZ2EWV proposals:

OH3HTU proposals:

WK3C proposals:

W5/DK1CM proposals:

S51U proposals:

ON6AA proposals:

9H1EI proposals:

M0ELS proposals:

PA3BZL proposals:

DK8XT proposals:

VE3XK proposals:

DG1CMZ proposals:

PA2WJZ proposals:

NW7U proposals:

M0BPQ proposals:

NA9D proposals:

ZR6D proposals:

VU2MHK proposals:

G8FXM proposals:

WA6TMJ proposals:

SM0TSC proposals:

DH4NWG proposals:

PY1RO proposals:

N1JFU proposals:

G4PEL proposals:

DL8EBW proposals:

W4WB proposals:

VK3KOS proposals:

N9DG proposals:

DJ7KG proposals:

OZ1PIF proposals:

VE3KLM proposals:

DL1EJA proposals:

W9KNI proposals:

OH3MBC proposals:

OH2LFM proposals:

PA5BM proposals:

PG2D proposals:

DG3FK proposals:

VE7YC proposals:

WB4MNK proposals:

DB9UH proposals:

IZ3CGD proposals:

WA6PYQ proposals:

Martin Groth proposals:

HB9PJT proposals:

OZ1O proposals:

G0KTN proposals:

DL2JWN proposals:

HB9WAH proposals:

NP4X proposals:

OE9ADW proposals:

OH7NRW proposals:

IK5QLO proposals:

N8FGX proposals:    

G1NIM proposals:    

CU3AK proposals:    

F4JRC proposals:    

K9DUR proposals:    

PA3C proposals:    

DJ5RE proposals:    

SM43XIH proposals:    

KC9GGV  proposals:    

SV8CS  proposals:    

DF7RG  proposals:    

SM7GVF  proposals:    

K2WO  proposals:    

WA2NXK  proposals:    

G4ZWY  proposals:    

F4EKV  proposals:    

OZ4PH  proposals:    

AG4AN  proposals:    

F4BKV  proposals:    

ZS2EZ  proposals:    

N9LF  proposals:    

HB9CRQ  proposals:    

SM2GCR  proposals:    

LA3ZA  proposals:    

G0ISW proposals:    

K4NNX proposals:    

WD0AKO proposals:    

DD0VF proposals:    

K8GUN proposals:    

CT1FJC proposals:    

SQ1K proposals:    

ON4BCB proposals:    

DG1NFS proposals:    

IW1QN proposals:    

IW3GOW proposals:    

G4RRA proposals:    

SM7GVF proposals:    

PA2KW proposals:    

ON6KE proposals:    

ZS1LS proposals:    

K0GU proposals:    

W7MEM proposals:    

W9AE proposals:    

VK2QH proposals:    

SQ6ISM proposals:    



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