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KT3Q/2 18-23/Dic 2018HF  K,W,N, AA-AK - United States of America NA-026 - New York State group5 15/Dic/2018
Bodo, DF8DX will be active as KT3Q/2 from Long Island (NA-026) on 18-23 December. QSL via DF8DX, bureau or direct. [TNX DXNL] ... [Leer mas]
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Z81D 15/Dic/2018 - 15/May/2019HF  ST0 - South Sudan34 15/Dic/2018
Diya, YI1DZ is again active from Juba, South Sudan as Z81D. Activity on 80-10m, SSB & Digi. Length of stay approx 6 months. QSL via OM3JW, OQRS.... [Leer mas]
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TO5A 2-3/Mar 2019HF  FM - Martinique NA-107 - Martinique8 14/Dic/2018
Al, F5VHJ will be active as TO5A from Martinique Island, IOTA NA - 107, in ARRL DX SSB Contest, 2 - 3 March 2019. He will operate in SOAB Category. QSL information: For USA amateur radio stations via WA6WPG. For others QSL via F5VHJ, LOTW, ClubLog OQRS.... [Leer mas]
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S79AA 5/Ene-2/Feb 2019H/V  S7 - Seychelles AF-024 - Seychelles, Inner Islands39 14/Dic/2018
Mike, OE6MBG will be active from the Seychelles as S79AA between January 5 to February 2, 2019. QRV 1st two weeks from Baie Lazare and last two weeks from Anse Boleau. QRV on 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 and possibly 6m; CW & SSB.... [Leer mas]
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FG/F6ITD 14/Ene-15/Mar 2019HF  FG - Guadeloupe NA-102 - Guadeloupe8 14/Dic/2018
Jean-Pierre, F6ITD will be active from La Desirade, Guadeloupe between January 14 to March 15, 2019 as FG/F6ITD. Look for him on SSB & Digi and also as TO7D during contests. QSL via H/c.... [Leer mas]
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VP2MUW 17-23/Nov 2018HF  VP2M - Montserrat NA-103 - Montserrat8 13/Dic/2018
Update Dec,13: Video available:
With exactly 50 days until we travel (and also so that we can publicise it at Newark and the Convention), now seems like a good moment to start spreading the news: From 17 – 23 November, Rob M0VFC, Dan M0WUT and Dom M0BLF will be active as VP2MUW from... [Leer mas]
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RI1ANV 24/Dic/2018 - 15/Feb/2019HF  CE9/KC4 - Antarctica AN-016 - Antarctica (Main Island)29 13/Dic/2018
Currently active from Vostok Station as RI1ANC during his spare time, Alexei RD1AV will sign RI1ANV from December 24th until mid-February 2019. (RI1ANC license expires on 24th). QRV on HF bands. QSL via RN1ON.... [Leer mas]
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TX0A 4-18/Dic 2018HF  FO - French Polynesia OC-113 - Actaeon group32 13/Dic/2018
Update Dec,12: We landed ok but it was a lot of work. Once we finished the transport, the rain started, and the night fell. Had finally put one tent up, but the extension cords, with the power strips had to open by force and cleaned. We wanted to install just one gen tonight, but couldn’t s... [Leer mas]
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C6A/DD0VR 21/Ene-2/Feb 2019HF  C6 - Bahamas NA-001 - Great Bahama Bank group8 12/Dic/2018
Helmut, DD0VR will be active as C6A/DD0VR from Bahamas, 21 January - 2 February 2019. He will operate on HF Bands from different Islands. QSL via home call.... [Leer mas]
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VP6_ 15-31/Oct 2019H/V  VP6 - Pitcairn I. OC-044 - Pitcairn Island32 12/Dic/2018
Update Dec,12_ Six of us spent last weekend in Peoria, IL doing preliminary staging of our DXpedition equipment. This involved unloading the ill-fated Bouvet DXpedition sea container; sorting items for disposal, sale, or use on Pitcairn; and then re-loading the items we will take to Pitcairn... [Leer mas]
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TX0M 4-18/Dic 2018HF  FO - French Polynesia OC-297 - Morane Atoll32 12/Dic/2018
Update Dec,10: TX0M QRT at 21:40 GMT Dec-10. Sailing to the OC-113 TX0A now.
Update Dec,8: Last night we stayed for EU on 20 until 11:30 UTC but worked only 2 EU… We will move tonight first to 30 and then to 20. Eu came vy strong on 40. But later in the night we had a vy strong ra... [Leer mas]
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P40W 18-25/Feb 2019HF  P4 - Aruba SA-036 - Aruba Island9 10/Dic/2018
John, W2GD, will once again be active as P40W from Aruba (SA-036) during the ARRL International DX CW Contest (February 16-17th) as a Single- Op/All-Band entry. He will be there between February 18-25th. Operations outside of the contest are usually on 160/80m and 30/17/12 meters as time permits. Wa... [Leer mas]
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3Y0I DesconocidasH/V  3Y - Bouvet AN-002 - Bouvet Island38 10/Dic/2018
Update Dec,10: The 3Y0I Team has decided to follow the new FT8 standards and change our software to WSJT-X Version 2.0 Expedition Mode (Fox /Hound) NOTE: We would like to remind you that older versions 1.8, 1.9 (or JTDX) WILL NOT decode signals sent from WSJT-X Version 2.0. Today, Decem... [Leer mas]
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ZK3__ 1/Oct-30/Nov 2019HF  ZK3 - Tokelau Is. OC-048 - Tokelau Islands31 10/Dic/2018
An international team led by Roman UR0MC and Alex UT5UY is planning a DXpedition to Tokelau (ZK3) which is currently lies #42 on the DXCC Most Wanted List and a very high rating on Low Bands and EME. Dxpedition dates: October-November 2019. All details will be announced later.... [Leer mas]
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PJ2/DK5ON 14-30/Mar 2019H/V  PJ2 - Curacao SA-099 - Curacao Island9 10/Dic/2018
Andy DK5ON will be active from Curacao between March 14 – 30, 2019 as PJ2/DK5ON. QRV on 80-6m; CW, SSB, RTTY, Digi, FT8. QSL via DK5ON (d/b), LoTW, Club Log OQRS.... [Leer mas]